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Samsung HLN507W

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#1 of 17 Charles Bell

Charles Bell


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Posted May 20 2004 - 03:31 PM

Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't buy this set.. it will be set up in my new home theater used for DVD, XBox, some good old fashioned regular TV watching and I will be building a media server with ATI Radeon 9800XT for some real gaming. I was set on buying this but I keep reading comments on how DLP is not there yet. If I wait for the new chipsets(3rd generation?) to come out, do you think they will solve some of the problems associated with the first 2 gens?

CRT's are too big and bulky and not sure if they even come in 50".

Front Projection doesn't make sense for my set up.

Thanks for any comments

#2 of 17 MikeKaz


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Posted May 20 2004 - 05:37 PM

one reason is they will be coming out with the "P" models (comes after N) in the summer/fall which have a HD2+ chip which many reviewers have said really solves most of the black level problems, and brings DLP technology much closer to "there". Here is a review of a front projector using that chip:


They just did a review of front projectors with the HD2+ chip in Sound & Vision recently also.

#3 of 17 WilliamPC



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Posted May 20 2004 - 09:25 PM

I just bought the HLN507W and absolutely am in heaven. We can always wait for the "next" model but somepoint you have to jump in!

#4 of 17 Charles Bell

Charles Bell


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Posted May 21 2004 - 12:23 AM

Here's a snippet from another thread that I have been following. Same question?

My biggest concern is your bashing of the Samsung DLP. ... I guess that leaves LCD and LCoS. Do you like any of these? If so why.
1-Samsung is cheap. 2-Samsung is cheap. 3-Rainbow effect (it drove my friend nuts, and he went with sony lcd projection (NOT WEGA THOUGH) and loved it, just not quite as black). 4-I have seen/heard of numerous problems with the color wheel and it has been out how long? 5-Fan failure (i know of one that popped, sizzled, and smoked) 6-DLP is best with 3 chip; samsung does not offer that yet 7-1st generation available to consumer 8-Did I already mention that Samsung is cheap? Well they spend more money on developing new techs. rather than implementing what they have correctly. They are cutting edge, but at all costs, which means low quality workmanship. I can go on and on, but basically they make junk. LCoS is too much for your budget I would think. I saw the Mitsu when it came out and it is nicer than LCD, but not as much as I thought it would have been. I dont think it justifies the price... However compare the two side by side somewhere and see for yourself. I dont know of who exactly offers LCoS, but a bunch of companies make LCD with Sony being best (i dont care for Sony and they make turds from time to time, and i know of a lot of problems with their LCD projection too, but still better than Samsung DLP)

Comments? Anyone?

#5 of 17 Shane Morales

Shane Morales

    Second Unit

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Posted May 21 2004 - 01:12 AM

Yeah, I have a comment: Who ever wrote that is an ass.

I have the 56" Samsung DLP. I only have two issues with it. Black levels are a little weak. On *some* sources, usually tv shows on DVD, there is a bit of 'sandiness'.

Other than that I'm very happy with the TV. Great PQ, especially with HD. The Faroudja deinterlacer is great. It looks really good. It is NOT cheap (did I mention that guy is an ass?). It's relatively thin (17"). It's awesome for xboxing. It's an awesome TV. IMO, for the price it would be very hard to do better. For twice the price I would have gone with either a Pioneer Elite or a Sony plasma.

Did I mention that guy is an ass?

#6 of 17 Charles Bell

Charles Bell


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Posted May 21 2004 - 04:43 AM

Yeah I kind of agree. The Samsung has been at the top of my list for quite a while. The only things I've heard were possible audio/video synch problems in certain situations. Not sure about the "rainbow effect" thingy. Have you noticed anything like that. I'm not going to purchase until around Sept of this year so I think the next generation stuff will be out by then.

Checked out your wish list and we agree on two thing. Here is my system line up as of today. Budget is $12K. Right now I am happily under budget. Posted Image

Samsung HLN507W
Outlaw 950 Pre/Pro
Outlaw 770 Amp
Axiom M60 Front Speakers
Axiom VP150 Center
Axiom QS8 Surrounds
Axiom EP350 Sub(or possibly the Outlaw LFM-1 sub)
Denon 2900

Let me know how the DLP holds up. Oh yeah, how long have you owned the set?

#7 of 17 Shane Morales

Shane Morales

    Second Unit

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Posted May 21 2004 - 05:40 AM

The rainbow effect... I haven't noticed it. And, despite being warned not too, I tried looking for it. When the screen is bright/white there is an 'effect'. I don't know what to call it. Not a rainbow thing. Sorry, I can't describe it. Best thing to do is take a look at a store yourself. I think it's something you might see on any tv in such a situation.

I've owned my set since last August.

#8 of 17 bruin


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Posted May 21 2004 - 07:27 AM

My brother now has the Samsung 507W after returning the Philips 55" LCOS. We both favor the Samsung DLP. Much better color, smoothness. We don't notice any rainbow effect at all.

#9 of 17 Alex-F-V


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Posted May 21 2004 - 10:50 AM

I have the 43 inchers and its great.... but Like the person who posted before me said.

"at one point you have to jump in"

If you wait for it to be there.... You will never have a TV.

#10 of 17 Bob McElfresh

Bob McElfresh


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Posted May 22 2004 - 05:37 AM

(I have to comment on this as I have been struggling with a similar issue/decisions).

At several different Best Buys I have seen the Samsung DLP and Plasma's loose video sync for a few seconds while other brands continue working fine. (This is how I discovered "Sampo" plasma share electronics with Samsung DLP). People who dont split their video 20-30 times at home say they have not experienced this problem.

I love the size/weight of the Samsung units, but few other companies produce a DLP unit at this price point. This does make me suspicious that some corners were cut. Several other companies have abandoned DLP as well.

Samsung does not have a great reputation for quality. The DLP units sold through Best Buy has been their shining-star/gotten them notice, but I have not heard good things about ANY other samsung television or electronics. Nor do they have any reputation for well engineered, well-thought-out products. The DLP units have gotten buzz, and the Faroudja chip was smart (why roll your own?), but this seems the exception to a otherwise mediocre product line.

(I'm an Engineer so the existance of an experienced design and manufacturing system is important to me.)

So I am torn between a 50" DLP or a 61' F series Hitachi RPTV. The price difference looks like this:

Samsung 507: $3200
Samsung 61": $4200
Hitachi 61" F Series: $2700

I love the total-digital path of the Sammie and the tech of the Faroudja chip (as we do watch a lot of network programming). But the $500 difference in price is half the price of a HD Sat reciever or 10 months of HD cable service - neither of which I currently have.

Note: I have seen the 61" Hitachi for as low as $2300, but not at a dealer near me. I do insist on a local dealer for one of these units.

#11 of 17 Charles Bell

Charles Bell


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Posted May 22 2004 - 08:47 AM

What I'm getting out of all this is that maybe rear projection is the way to go since it is a technology that has matured and there are many players. Just not sure if I have the space for one.

Is there any reason you want to go with 4:3 aspect ratio vs 16:9? It seems like you are looking at 2 totally different types of product. What I would call regular screen vs. wide screen. Either way you are going to have to squash something(either regular tv programming or DVD's). Or am I wrong about that? That brings up another question. If ESPN is broadcasting in HD, is that viewed with 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio?

I'll be purchasing my set in September and maybe some of these issues will be ironed out with DLP. It just seems like every time I've gone in a store, DLP has looked as good as any of the other sets and has some definite advantages over all the other technologies and a decent price point. It seems like no matter what, you have to compromise on something. My plan is, not matter what I get, to buy the maximum warranty to protect my investment.

#12 of 17 Bob McElfresh

Bob McElfresh


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Posted May 22 2004 - 09:51 AM

maybe rear projection is the way to go

It's not the technically best, but its the best for the money. They have been making "Big Screens" for years so the manufacturing technology is mature as is the consumer acceptance.

(My room has a fireplace with a hearth that sticks 18" into the room. The couch is in front so I loose 1.5 feet. That hearth is too short to put a RPTV on it, but it would make a dandy stand for a Samsung. Grrrr)

#13 of 17 Eric Samonte

Eric Samonte


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Posted May 22 2004 - 01:37 PM

Hey Bob...I may be in a similar situation with a big ass fireplace with a mantle about 18 inches deep, these DLPs sure look like a nice fit. We currently have a gigantic 65 inch RPTV that seems to dominate the room and the wife wants it out.

#14 of 17 Jason GT

Jason GT

    Second Unit

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Posted May 23 2004 - 12:51 PM

Don't you all hate big dollar decisions sometimes?

Full disclosure: I own a samsung DLP set. I'll chime in a bit with my experiences/words of pseudo-wisdom. I'm not trying to get anyone to buy a DLP set (it certainly doesn't affect my experience of enjoyment, but hope I can be of help.

Samsung is the volume leader for DLP. RCA has a DLP set too, and it's more feature-laden at the same (or lower) price. It's slightly gimped by a curious decision about 720p input, but that's another topic.

Samsung's success has prompted announcements (and development plans, afaik) from Toshiba--who ditched LCoS-- and some others (IIRC, including Panasonic, again IIRC, who tried DLP the first go-round and din't like it). You can get premium DLP from Optoma and super-premium DLP from Loewe.

A/V sync; I have experienced this in some cases. Nothing to the extent that Bob seems to mention; the most severe case was with Samsung's HD931 DVD player over DVI connect, though I'm uncertain if it was TV or source in this case.
Regular DVD - sometimes minimally noticeable sync delay, seems to get better through a movie though this is almost certainly perception.

On cable HD, I have also experienced some av sync problems but it's at least in part the fault of the source (and may be entirely -- I've got good 1/2 sec sync delays with timeshifted HD Leno before, and this is NOT the fault of the TV).

Rainbows - I can see them in very specific situations. A nonissue to me.

Samsung - indeed Samsung has not had a particularly stellar reputation for quality electronics. The DLP sets definitely have some quirks which are being ironed out on the fly; this is to be expected of most any "new" technology. My DLP set has been okay though, and there will always be stories of the lemon TV set, no matter what technology is employed.

I'm not too old but I'm certain there was a time when Sony or Panasonic meant "el-cheapo" products. This could be Samsung's "springboard" product ... or not.

I understand that Samsung makes a huge chunk of the world's LCD panels.

Finally and perhaps most importantly Posted Image if you do go for DLP, make sure that you buy it from somewhere that has a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy. In those 30 days make sure that you, and those that will watch the TV regularly, get plenty of exposure to the set.

In this time period you should be able to determine if rainbows are an issue for you or headaches or what not.

At this point in time every technology is a compromise. PQ, price, size; pick two. IMO DLP is a pretty good balance of all three. In some ways DLP picks all three of the three, except it's only maybe... 75-90% of the maximum score in each category Posted Image

#15 of 17 Charles Bell

Charles Bell


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Posted May 24 2004 - 04:39 AM


Well said my friend. I agree with everything you say. More often then not when you read a really negative review, it is someone that has a lemon. I tend to review more things that don't work well than things that work well(I also tend to review things that I really love but that doesn't happen much).

I went and looked at sets again over the weekend and still like the DLP's best for the money.

Curious as to which model you have.

Thanks again for your input.

#16 of 17 Jason GT

Jason GT

    Second Unit

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Posted May 24 2004 - 07:17 PM

Charles -- I have a HLN-5065.

To your original question: do have a look at AVSForum's display device area; there are literally tonnes of information on the new Samsung models (and frankly I haven't been keeping up too much with the latest developments).

From what I understand Samsung's new DLPs will be split between those with the new chip and those with what is essentially the old chip.

If you're not in a rush and can't bear to stand the fact that you missed the latest and greatest, then by all means do wait for the new models. On the other hand, if you don't really "care" then you may be able to get a solid price on current DLPs.

#17 of 17 BenC



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Posted May 25 2004 - 08:17 AM

After alot of research between the Sony Grand Wega LCD KF50WE610 and the Samsung HLN507W, I've decided to go DLP over LCD. 2 days ago I'm literally ready to go to the store and buy it when I read that Samsung has the 3rd gen DLP coming out or is already out, the Samsung HLP5063W.

Can anyone please tell me the differences between the 2nd gen HLN507W and the 3rd gen HLP5063W? What does the new chip/tv offer? Thanks in advance.