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should i go with the axiom's?

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#1 of 16 OFFLINE   MikeBo



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Posted May 20 2004 - 12:26 PM

I have been looking for a pair of floorstanding speakers and a center chanel for a couple months now, as i am on a limited budget i have to make sure what i get is what i really want, after looking around for a long time i seem to be favoring axioms, they get good reviews, they looks great and are in my price range. i was thinking about getting the M50ti towers and the vp100 center, (surrounds and sub down the road), they will be going into a room roughly 11x17, and will see time with action movies, video games, and music ranging from clapton to vagner. So i guess all i am asking is, is this i good choice, or should i look at something else before i sink my hard earned money into these speakers? Ps. reciever is low end 5.1 panasonic 100 watts per channel, but upgrade in the near future, ( hey you could give suggestions for that too if you like i guess) thanks-mike

#2 of 16 OFFLINE   Oachalon


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 20 2004 - 12:43 PM

i have the m60ti's vp150 center and 4 qs4s with the new style tweeters. I built a sub using a tempest. I love the system. I have everything running off a yamaha 1400. If you dont like them you could always return them. You will have to pay to ship them back though. Axiom has a 30 day return, and if i were u try and get their factory outlets and save some money that way if you get them. If you want to u could get the m22 instead of the m50ti and upgrade the center to the vp150. Just an option.

#3 of 16 OFFLINE   MikeBo



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Posted May 20 2004 - 12:55 PM

yeah, i suppose i could go with the 150, its only about $120 more so it wouldn't be to big of a hit to the wallet. well so far one thumbs up....

#4 of 16 OFFLINE   eric_berg



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Posted May 20 2004 - 02:37 PM

I have the Axiom M22's, VP150, and QS8's to go along with an Outlaw LFM-1 sub. My room is somewhat large (combo kitchen and family room - 13x26) and the speakers really fill up the place. If your use leans more towards HT then stepping up to the VP150 may be worth doing. Probably want to think about your seating positions - if seating spread off center then the VP150 will probably give you a wider dispersion for those sitting more towards the sides. I can't comment on the M50's but if you search Axiom's boards you can find a number of references to them being a little more laid back than some of the other models like the M22's, M60's, and M80's which apparently are all a little more forward sounding. My experience so far with their products has been great. Wonderful customer service and fast delivery if you order from their regular store (you have to wait if you order their factory 2nds). Are you planning on getting a sub as well?

#5 of 16 OFFLINE   MikeBo



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  • Join Date: May 03 2004

Posted May 20 2004 - 03:22 PM

yeah, after looking around a little bit it does seem that many people are not to fond of the m50's, so now i am thinking about going with ether the m22's or m40's, and put the extra money into a nicer sub.

#6 of 16 OFFLINE   Matt_Smi


    Second Unit

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Posted May 20 2004 - 04:13 PM

I was wondering what would make a better front speaker the M40 floorstanding or the M22 bookshelve?

#7 of 16 OFFLINE   TimMc


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Posted May 20 2004 - 04:44 PM

Mike - You might want to check a thread just started by Chu Gai over in the Receivers/Separates section on suggestions for a $2K (firm) system. I'll admit I suggested Axioms for my list - I went w/ M22ti's for the budget reason, but would personally eat dirt for lunch for a couple of weeks if it meant I could get M60ti's (outlet price, of course ;~). I tried a pair of 3ti's just to see what they sounded like (& because I had spare electronics avail. for the 'puter loft) and my outlet-priced pair arrived very quickly. It looks like you might wait longer now for 60's but I'd guess they might be worth the wait. This also gave me the luxury of being able to A/B several different speakers. Quick bottom line is that the 3ti's were awfully darned close to Paradigm Monitor 7s (v3) but seemed to be (very slightly) less strong or full in the mid-range (shocking). The 7s were a used buy but still twice the price of the 3ti's - I kept the 7s in the den, but could have been very happy w/ the 3ti's there, too. YMMV, etc., etc. The 60's are calling to you...

#8 of 16 OFFLINE   Dan Mastro

Dan Mastro


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  • Join Date: Dec 17 2002

Posted May 20 2004 - 11:35 PM

mike, you can visit the axiom board to see if there is anyone close to you where you could go listen. i've an axiom set up, and love it; of course i'm biased. dan

#9 of 16 OFFLINE   ChadLB



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Posted May 21 2004 - 01:47 AM

Here is a take on the M50s:


IT all depends on what you like. You could email Axiom if you haven't already and see what they suggest.

#10 of 16 OFFLINE   George_W_K



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Posted May 21 2004 - 04:46 PM

I recently listened to an Axiom set-up of M60s, V150, and 2 QS8s. I was very impressed with how well they sounded. I was just curious as to how the QS8s sounded, but I might have to order a whole set-up sometime for a second system. Very nice sounding speakers and especially for the price. The sub was a HSU, but I don't remember the model. Anyway, I'd say give them a try even if you have to eat the shipping if you don't like them. I'm sure you will, though.

#11 of 16 OFFLINE   JackRI


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 22 2004 - 03:48 AM

It was an STF-2, George. :P) It was nice having you over. I could tell you liked the QS8s, but I'm surprised, and delighted, that you were "impressed" by the M60s and VP150 as well.

Mike, I wouldn't give up on the M50s too quickly. Over at the Axiom forum (I'm Ajax over there), we don't seem to get a lot of info on them, and sadly, I've never heard them. Everybody seems to own the M22s, M3s, M60s, or M80s, although several have the 50s on order (kcarlyle for one).

The general consensus seems to be that the M40, M50, M3 line is a bit more "laid back" than the "brighter" M2, M22, M60, M80 line. Follow the link that Chad provided and you'll find a decent amount of info about the 50s.

However, I DO love my M60s. Posted Image

#12 of 16 OFFLINE   MikeBo



  • 4 posts
  • Join Date: May 03 2004

Posted May 22 2004 - 03:50 AM

as much as i would love to go with the 60's they are slightly out of my price range, and since i am already eating dirt i see no practical way to make my price range higher at this time. would it be out of the question to use the m40s as surrounds, that way if i got them, liked them, but wanted more i could eventaully ugraded to the 60's and move the 40's to the rear. Or do the QS's make that much of a difference for surround sound?

#13 of 16 OFFLINE   JackRI


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 22 2004 - 04:17 AM

Tough question for me, because I've never heard the 40s. I can only tell you, and I think George will agree, that the QS (4 or 8) series speakers are awesome surround speakers.

My favorite way of explaining why I like them, is to say "the thing I've noticed about my QS8s is that I don't notice them." With my former surround speakers, during a movie, more than once, the surrounds would catch my attention; I'd NOTICE a sound, or effect coming from them. With the QS8s, I'll watch a whole movie and never NOTICE the speakers even once. I'm just enveloped by the surround effects, and thus drawn into the movie.

I really hate recommending a given course of action to anyone. Tastes differ, rooms differ, hearing ability differs. There are just too many variables. If you were thinking of getting something to use as mains now, with the possibility of moving them to surround duty later, I'd think of the M22s. I had the 22s, before I moved to the 60s, in a room almost exactly the same size as yours (11.5 x 18), and they had no trouble at all filling my room. You might even like them so much, you'd just stick with them as fronts and get a couple of the QS speakers for surrounds. The 22s definitely need a sub though. If you're on a tight budget, don't hesitate to go with the QS4s. Axiom recently started putting the same tweeter used in the QS8 into the 4s, so they sound very similar. The 8s will fill a larger room, though.

One final thing which is recommended very highly by everyone at the Axiom forum. Spend the money and give Axiom a call. Explain your situation (room size, budget, etc.) and the courses of action you've been considering. Like so many online vendors (Axiom, av123, SVS, HSU), their customer service is fantastic, and they won't try to talk you into a more expensive setup. In fact, more often than not, they talk you down, not up. They'll just give you good advice. They are real nice, down to earth people who will genuinely try to be helpful.

Sorry for being long winded. When you get old, you tend to be that way. Posted Image

#14 of 16 OFFLINE   ScottCHI



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Posted May 22 2004 - 05:37 AM

i'll just sneak in this thread and then sneak back out. i'm not a fan of surround specific speakers, myself, but i'm more concerned with music than ht. my $0.02
"All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it."

#15 of 16 OFFLINE   Oachalon


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 22 2004 - 04:09 PM

i would go for the m22s and the vp150 for the front. The m22 supposedly sounds like the m60s but has a little less bass. The qs series surrounds are just amazing. I just got finished watching Master and Commander and they are just sounded incredible. Its your money so its up to you. Most people on the axiom board dont talk much about the m40s or the m50s.

#16 of 16 OFFLINE   Jason Bell

Jason Bell

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 22 2004 - 05:05 PM

Hi MikeBo, I have M60's upfront a VP100 center and M22s for surrounds. I love them for hometheater. I would get the towers and the VP100. The VP100 has no problem keeping up with my M60s they sound perfect together. I was initially worried about the VP100 because it seems like everyone is always saying to skip it and go with the VP150. I'm glad I tried it. I use to have the M22s upfront before I got my M60s and they were nice. I just prefer to have towers upfront so that I can run them large. Towers in my opinion just provide a bigger sound especialy in soundtrack heavy movies then bookshelfs crossed over to the sub. Another reason to get towers is you need stands for bookshelfs and by the time you bought them you could have just got the towers. I wouldnt worry about your receiver a whole lot as long as you dont go crazy with the volume. Because the Axioms are very easy load I was driving my M60s with a 30x2 tube amp for a few months and they didnt have a problem. Check out the forums at axiomaudio.com for more opinions. Also you could call there toll free number and ask them any questions you might have. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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