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New trend? Having specs/features on a piece of paper glued to dvd box?

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#1 of 16 Harold Wazzu

Harold Wazzu

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Posted April 20 2004 - 10:54 AM

I kind of find it annoying how some movies have a piece of paper glued/adhered to the box with the specs, extra features and whatnot. Some movies that come to mind are:

Master and Commander Giftset
The two LOTR EEs
Indiana Jones Set
Schindler's List
Alien Quadrilogy (Not sure if it was glued or just shrinkwrapped with the set)
Scarface Giftset

What do you guys think? Do you like it being glued like it is, would you guys just like them to shrinkwrap it with the set, print it on the box itself or what?

Does anyone else keep these like me or throw them away?

#2 of 16 ChrisV


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Posted April 20 2004 - 11:22 AM

I don't mind them as long as they use the kind of glue that is really easy to remove like they went to on the third volume of Futurama. That other stuff is a royal pain in the ass.

And I always throw them away.

#3 of 16 Jay Mitchosky

Jay Mitchosky


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Posted April 20 2004 - 11:28 AM

Not new - I have some Fox S.E.'s from some time ago that did this. And they used real glue, not the temporary stuff, so there was residue left over. Very frustrating to someone who keeps their stuff in pristine condition.
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#4 of 16 Shane Martin

Shane Martin


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Posted April 20 2004 - 01:28 PM

The glue on the Master and Commander set is fine IMHO. I always keep these for whatever reason I don't know. I put the one with the M&C set inside the box since it fits well.

#5 of 16 dannyB


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Posted April 20 2004 - 03:42 PM

Schindler's List was the worst. That glue left nasty residue. Thanks, Universal. Posted Image Posted Image

The paper on the back of the LOTR and M&C sets came off real easily.

#6 of 16 jason:g


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Posted April 20 2004 - 03:51 PM

yucky paste Posted Image
LOTR EEs come with a slip of paper that I keep inside the case.

Alien Quadrilogy: has a slip of paper stuck on the bottom as well. yuck

#7 of 16 Anthony Connor

Anthony Connor

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Posted April 20 2004 - 05:02 PM

Mine came off easly. Actually I do not think they were stuck down. I might throw em out. ( region 4 version )

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#8 of 16 Casey Trowbridg

Casey Trowbridg

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Posted April 20 2004 - 06:36 PM

I don't mind them as long as they use the kind of glue that is really easy to remove like they went to on the third volume of Futurama. That other stuff
is a royal pain in the ass.

Yeah this is nothing new and if it is using this glue I don't have a problem with it, I just remove it. I had no trouble getting the paper off the LOTR sets either.

I usually keep them, inside the box I just took it off.

#9 of 16 Rob T

Rob T


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Posted April 20 2004 - 06:43 PM

I really don't like the glue or having remove the paper. I find that I end up tearing it (at least a bit) and that kind of makes me mad because I'd like to keep it looking nice.
and the glue takes me quite a while to get off. I don't know what I'd do without useful products like Goo Gone and Windex.

#10 of 16 Shane Roach

Shane Roach

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Posted April 20 2004 - 11:31 PM

The only piece of outside paper that I've had problems removing was the original Men in Black 2-discer in the black box. It had a pretty aggressive glue that pulled some of the paper off the box, but fortunately it was solid black so I was able to disguise it with a pen. I'm with the others who keep the sheet; there's usually a pocket inside where it fits just fine.

The thing that bugs me is the placement of anti-theft tags on digipaks. Cast Away had it on the outer face of a disc tray, where it was easy as pie to remove. Most others stick it underneath the tray, and since this area is almost always uncoated paper for better adhesion of the tray it inevitably pulls a bit of the paper away if you can even get to it.

Does anyone remember the first pressing of the Tomorrow Never Dies SE, the one with the brushed-metal looking cover art? There was a separate back sheet shrinkwrapped with the keepcase, and underneath the cover was printed with a bare brushed-metal background and nothing else. I tucked the backing sheet into the clear wraparound, and it looks like one piece.

#11 of 16 Darren Haycock

Darren Haycock

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Posted April 21 2004 - 12:56 AM

The only problem I had was with Indiana Jones. There was too much glue, and it was hard, not soft like the glue used with Master and Commander and LOTR. I ended up chipping off part of Indy's face. Bah!
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#12 of 16 Shaughan


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Posted April 21 2004 - 01:28 AM

LOL My MIB box still has that slip attached to it because I just KNOW it will wretch the box if I pull it off. This trend started before DVD was even around. I have about 8 LD box sets with this same paper attached to them.

I always save em - I liked the ones for the LOTR sets - They came off easily and fit in the front pocket just fine.

#13 of 16 Dave_P.


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Posted April 21 2004 - 02:27 AM

I think the first time I saw this was on the T2 Ultimate Edition. I ended up sticking it in the case and "unrolling" the glue off it. I can't bring myself to throw these things out!

#14 of 16 Ron-P



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Posted April 21 2004 - 02:37 AM

As long as it is done like the M and C SE I have no issues with it at all. It peels off very easy without damaging the case. Just tuck the spec sheet inside and it's all good.
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#15 of 16 Tony Whalen

Tony Whalen


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Posted April 21 2004 - 02:40 AM

I had a problem with the Alien Quad. Couldn't get that paper thing off the back of the box without damage. Piss me off. Posted Image

#16 of 16 Ray H

Ray H


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Posted April 21 2004 - 07:37 AM

The only DVD that I've had problems with was Schindler's List which left some residue on its hard cover.
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