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How many movies have you seen?

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#1 of 33 OFFLINE   Joe_Begos



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  • Join Date: Jan 30 2004

Posted March 31 2004 - 10:28 AM

This is a very hard question to answer but I vote for all the movies I've seen over at IMDB to help keep a running total. I feel I've voted for almsot everything I've seen, though am missing a few. I figure I've seen somewhere in the area of 1400-1600. You guys?

#2 of 33 OFFLINE   Steve Christou

Steve Christou

    Long Member

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  • Real Name:Steve Christou
  • LocationLondon, England

Posted March 31 2004 - 12:12 PM

Well Joe I own more films than you've seen, 2430 films not inc doubles.Posted Image
At a wild guess I've probably seen about 10,000 films since the late sixties.

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#3 of 33 OFFLINE   Chad R

Chad R


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  • Real Name:Chad Rouch

Posted March 31 2004 - 01:00 PM

I wouldn't want to try to calculate because then I might run across some movies that I wanted to forget, and thankfully have. Posted Image

#4 of 33 OFFLINE   Matt Stone

Matt Stone

    Lead Actor

  • 9,070 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 21 2000

Posted March 31 2004 - 03:05 PM

Wow, damn near 20 years of constant film watching...that's gotta be quite a few movies. I'd say on average I see about 200 total new films a year, so that would be roughly 4000. That's probably a little low though...maybe I'll start going through IMDB alphabetically Posted Image
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#5 of 33 OFFLINE   Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg

    Lead Actor

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Posted March 31 2004 - 04:33 PM

A whole. freaking. lot.

6,000? That sounds like a good estimate.

I'm only 32 after all. Posted Image

#6 of 33 OFFLINE   george kaplan

george kaplan

    Executive Producer

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  • Join Date: Mar 14 2001

Posted March 31 2004 - 10:24 PM

I've tried estimating this before, but depending on how I do it, my estimates vary by a few thousand films. I have no idea really, but considering how many freaking movies I watch, it's probably a lot. Posted Image
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#7 of 33 OFFLINE   RodneyT


    Stunt Coordinator

  • 138 posts
  • Join Date: Nov 17 2003

Posted April 01 2004 - 01:03 AM

Who needs to count? All i know is that between the opening titles, and the closing credits, i am not of this world. I am in somebody elses......
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#8 of 33 OFFLINE   ChrisBEA



  • 1,657 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 19 2003

Posted April 01 2004 - 02:29 AM

Wow, I have no idea, I have started watching a lot more over the past coupla years. I think I could guestimate around 5,000.

#9 of 33 OFFLINE   chris winters

chris winters

    Second Unit

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  • Join Date: Nov 12 1999

Posted April 01 2004 - 09:58 AM

lets say for the sake of easy math the average home theater forum reader has seen 5000 movies. Thats about 10,000 hours. Or 417 days. thats about 1.25 years of nonstop moviewatching. A year of our lives. If we have an average age of 30, then by the time we are 60 we would probably have spent somwhere between 2 and 3 years watching films. Would you have rather be spending the time doing somthing else? working out? picking up girls, and or guys. Travelling. reading. Now if you include television, I know I avaerage about 3 hours a night. thats 21 hours a weeks, and of course 1092 hours a year. Thats 45.5 days per year of nonstop tv watching. over 30 years thats 1365 days, and over 60 years thats 2730 or 7.5 years. So between television and movies we will probably spend 10 years of our adult lives with our eyes glued too some type of screen. Thats is either scary, or an excuse to upgrade your home theater system, ormaybe both. I also play video games, add that to the equation and it could be more like 13 years. probably a 6th of your life and if you subtract sleeping, its more like a fourth. A FOURTH OF OUR LIVES. Man i have to go make some memories rather then living vivariously through fictious characters. NAAA, Maybe tomorow, apprentice is on tonight.
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#10 of 33 OFFLINE   Pete-D



  • 1,746 posts
  • Join Date: May 30 2000

Posted April 01 2004 - 10:14 AM

Also do you mean individual films or how many times I've watched a movie period. Because I've seen the original Star Wars trilogy dozens of times each (ditto for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Terminator 2, and Back to the Future).

#11 of 33 OFFLINE   Matt Stone

Matt Stone

    Lead Actor

  • 9,070 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 21 2000

Posted April 01 2004 - 11:02 AM

Definitely just individual films.
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#12 of 33 OFFLINE   Chucky P

Chucky P

    Supporting Actor

  • 767 posts
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  • Real Name:Charles Paulsen
  • LocationMound, MN

Posted April 01 2004 - 11:51 AM

How many movies have I seen?

Not enough. Posted Image

Edit: Maybe 2,500- 3,000.

#13 of 33 OFFLINE   Ben_@


    Stunt Coordinator

  • 217 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 31 2004

Posted April 01 2004 - 10:34 PM

According to the post that I've spent approximately 1.25 years of my life watching movies. I have to say that I actually don't regret what I've done with my time. The good news is that there are still thousands of movies I have yet to see.

#14 of 33 OFFLINE   Lew Crippen

Lew Crippen

    Executive Producer

  • 12,060 posts
  • Join Date: May 19 2002

Posted April 02 2004 - 01:49 AM

I have no idea—but I’ve began with my Mom taking me before I was in grade school and since I grew up in a small town, I have been going on my own since my early school years. But it has to be a lot.
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#15 of 33 OFFLINE   Kristin O

Kristin O


  • 5 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 31 2004

Posted April 03 2004 - 10:46 AM

Wow....I know I have tried to name all of the movies I have ever seen...and it was dang hard. I would say at least 2000 probably more...I am only 21...so I think that is quite a bit to say the least Posted Image

#16 of 33 OFFLINE   Tony-B



  • 3,768 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 30 2002

Posted April 04 2004 - 05:42 AM

I know it's gotta be in the thousands, but I don't know exactly how many.
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#17 of 33 OFFLINE   Garrett Lundy

Garrett Lundy


  • 3,764 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 05 2002

Posted April 04 2004 - 05:50 AM

Eh, five or six.
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#18 of 33 OFFLINE   Francois Caron

Francois Caron


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  • Real Name:Francois Caron

Posted April 04 2004 - 04:47 PM

Maybe 7,500. I used to watch a lot of old movies on TV when I was a kid.

#19 of 33 OFFLINE   MattGentry


    Second Unit

  • 257 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 22 2003

Posted April 05 2004 - 02:31 PM

If I spend five years of my life watching movies, and five years of my life watching TV...then that is time well spent to me. Oh, I'm 18. I've probably seen anywhere in the range of 700 to 1000 movies.

#20 of 33 OFFLINE   ZacharyTait



  • 2,187 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 10 2003

Posted April 05 2004 - 06:20 PM

I'm almost 25 and I've seen about 2000 movies. If I was to write down all the ones I've seen, I think I would have to go to therapy to forget the ones I've forgotten. Posted Image

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