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legal MP3 download impressions

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#1 of 25 OFFLINE   dan fritzen

dan fritzen

    Second Unit

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Posted February 22 2004 - 12:34 PM

Anyone use itunes or realrhapsody? I want to download mp3's leagally but want something that I can burn to CD, I don't think iTunes will do that, and it better than 128 bitrate. Any one have a recommendation or are these online services too new yet.
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#2 of 25 OFFLINE   SethH



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Posted February 22 2004 - 02:16 PM

Go for iTunes. You can burn CD's and though the bitrate is 128 it is AAC instead of MP3, so it is supposedly a little bit better quality.

#3 of 25 OFFLINE   Brian E

Brian E


  • 1,636 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 12 2000

Posted February 22 2004 - 03:32 PM

What I want is full quality files, then I'll pay for downloads. Posted Image

From what I've found talking to folks iTunes is probably the best of what's out there right now. iTunes, Rhapsody & Napster all use formats other than MP3.

#4 of 25 OFFLINE   Scott L

Scott L


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Posted February 22 2004 - 04:41 PM

Musicmatch's download service has the best quality with 160kbps WMA's but the selection isn't there. I do iTunes when I don't want to buy the whole CD. On the plus side 128kbps AAC sounds noticably better than MP3 at the same bitrate, but if you use decent sound equipment you'll be craving for the CD after a while.

#5 of 25 OFFLINE   ThomasC


    Lead Actor

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Posted February 24 2004 - 09:55 AM

I just downloaded a song from iTunes thanks to the Pepsi promotion and the sound quality wasn't bad at all.

#6 of 25 OFFLINE   Erik.Ha


    Supporting Actor

  • 697 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 24 2003

Posted February 24 2004 - 11:49 AM

Ive downloaded from Napster and whatever Yahoos service is... Quality sounds fine, no problem burning to CDs and Im not at all technically inclined...
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#7 of 25 OFFLINE   MikewL



  • 23 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 14 2003

Posted March 10 2004 - 06:32 AM

I've downloaded close to 100 songs from iTunes, and have yet to come across a sound quality issue. I'm sure if I sat in my home theatre and just listened with no other distractions I could hear problems, but that's when you buy the CD. As for using the files, easy to burn to CD.

#8 of 25 OFFLINE   Kraig Lang

Kraig Lang

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 200 posts
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Posted March 10 2004 - 07:08 AM

If you're going to burn them to CD, how do you handle tagging when you rip them back to another format? I have a Zen Xtra and have yet to find a service that is particularly friendly to that unit.
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#9 of 25 OFFLINE   Pamela


    Supporting Actor

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Posted March 10 2004 - 07:28 AM

I use iTunes and I burn CDs from my downloaded tunes.

#10 of 25 OFFLINE   Rob Gardiner

Rob Gardiner


  • 2,950 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 15 2002

Posted March 10 2004 - 04:14 PM

Kraig, This is not recommended when using lossy formats. Re-ripping and transcoding into another format will eat into the sound quality. Itunes seems like a huge rip-off anyway. At $1 per song, a 16 song album costs as much as a new CD (or twice as much as a used one), has lower quality than the CD, no artwork, etc. It's also a rip-off for the artist (who get a dime per song) and for Apple (who loses money on the site, which they make up with their grossly overpriced Ipods!). The record companies must be laughing on their way to the bank.

#11 of 25 OFFLINE   Patrick_S



  • 3,156 posts
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Posted March 10 2004 - 05:37 PM

Isn't there a price break when you purchase an entire album? I thought I noticed that entire albums generally went for $9.99. Besides the main marketing point behind these sites is the fact that the consumer has the freedom to purchase only the songs they want off of an album. Thus given the consumer the ability to skip the unwanted tracks and saving money in the long run.

#12 of 25 OFFLINE   Jon.M


    Stunt Coordinator

  • 60 posts
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Posted March 11 2004 - 01:14 AM

Those poor artists. They might have to lay off a butler or two. I'll try not to lose any sleep over it. Posted Image

#13 of 25 OFFLINE   Rob Gardiner

Rob Gardiner


  • 2,950 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 15 2002

Posted March 11 2004 - 02:08 AM


You are, of course, correct on both points. It still doesn't appeal to me, based on the other disadvantages. I don't consider a compressed download to be a suitable substitute for a factory pressed CD.


Why the sarcasm? The traditional recording industry is corrupt because the bulk of the $$$ goes to the record company rather than the artist. The artist provides the talent and the creativity and the music itself. The record company provides packaging and distribution. Who do you think deserves a larger portion of the pie?

Now, with Itunes, the record companies no longer provide packaging (there is none) or distribution (handled by Apple) yet they still take the lion's share of the cash! How is this, in any way, fair?

Besides, I can assure you, the VAST overwhelming majority of recording artists do not live a lavish lifestyle with multiple butlers.

#14 of 25 OFFLINE   Kraig Lang

Kraig Lang

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 200 posts
  • Join Date: May 28 2000

Posted March 11 2004 - 05:44 AM

Thanks Rob, I figured there would be quality problems. I've pretty much given up on on-line MP3 purchasing. Like I said before, none of them are really user friendly or work well with the Zen. What I've pretty much started doing was buying used CDs. At 8 to 10 bucks a pop it's much better.
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#15 of 25 OFFLINE   Rob Gardiner

Rob Gardiner


  • 2,950 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 15 2002

Posted March 11 2004 - 05:51 AM

Kraig, You're in a good spot for it too. I remember lots of good CD shops in Beaverton as well as Portland.

#16 of 25 OFFLINE   StevenFC


    Second Unit

  • 481 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 23 2003

Posted March 11 2004 - 07:36 AM

The very first song I bought off of Itunes had one of those typical mp3 glitches in it. And the general sound quality was not too impressive. I won't be buying anymore until they produce glitch-free files with better sound quality.
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#17 of 25 OFFLINE   Kraig Lang

Kraig Lang

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 200 posts
  • Join Date: May 28 2000

Posted March 11 2004 - 07:53 AM

They're all over the place.Posted Image
MOISTURE...*Silica Absorbs It*

#18 of 25 OFFLINE   MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

  • 12,013 posts
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Posted March 11 2004 - 08:43 AM

You do know that they compress the audio (and video) on almost every DVD. Posted Image

#19 of 25 OFFLINE   Sathyan


    Second Unit

  • 298 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 16 2002

Posted March 11 2004 - 09:14 AM

If this were actually true, why would the artists continue to sign such contracts? The primary thing the label provide is *capital*. If they could "artists", would just go public to raise capital - but they can't. Unknown artists are a bad investment. Since the labels invest, they deserve to receive a return. Once they have a hit record, maybe artist can just list themselves. And of course there is a long list of people who need to be compensated: songwriters/arranger recording engineers mixers mastering engineers studio musicians producers To the main question: Itunes pros: buy only the tracks you want instant gratification cons: sound quality is much inferior no cover art

#20 of 25 OFFLINE   Shawn C

Shawn C


  • 1,434 posts
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Posted March 11 2004 - 09:33 AM

I like iTunes for listening to songs on my PC and in the car. I don't buy too many full albums. I just pick and choose the songs I like and the will burn a CD to take into the car or something. I hate how iTunes assumes that everyone owns an iPod and how it starts up the ipodservice.exe service application in the background. It's not a big deai to disable it, but there should be an option in the iTunes setup that will disable it.

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