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DVD Reviews

HTF REVIEW: "Cops: Caught In The Act" (with screenshots)

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Posted February 20 2004 - 08:26 AM

Posted Image

COPS: Caught In The Act

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Year: 2003


Film Length: 50 Minutes

Aspect Ratio: Full Screen 1.33:1

Audio: Stereo

Bonus features:
- 17 minutes of exclusive "TOO HOT FOR TV" VAM you won't see anywhere else!

Release Date: March 23rd, 2004



Man O” Man! The show that we have practically grown up with in the 1990’s, the show that taught a nation a new theme song that is quoted over and over again in movies and TV. “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” As we know, some of the run, some of them hide, some of them climb, some of them fall, but mostly, they get their “crack-sellin” asses beat down and arrested by “THE MAN”.

These DVD’s are great! They include some of the best arrests from COPS episodes, all rolled into one DVD. There are actually three of these cops “too hot for TV” DVD’s coming out. They are “Caught In The Act”, “Girls Gone Bad”, and “Shots Fired”.

I like Caught In The Act because like the title, these are all arrests that take place after you see the crime take place. It’s kind of a nice twist. Usually all of the Cops episodes are taking care of something after it’s already happened, and it’s “Joe Blow’s” story against “Mary Jane’s” story.

We start off in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and holy cow, what chaos that is!. After watching some of the footage, I sometimes wonder what the draw it to go down there. Nine thousand drunken idiots crammed into four blocks! This is footage from Mardi Gras 1995 I believe, and we see multiple fisticuffs throughout the crowd. One is of a mob of A-holes tearing apart the front of a bar that has kicked some rowdy people out. Finally the Cops have to call in the horse-mounted officers to clear the block and restore the peace. "Hey Mr. Ed, you forgot something!" (look for breasties from this segment in the "too hot for TV" extra)

Up next we are with cops in Fort Worth, TX., where they come up on a guy in a car in an alley way. As they approach, the damn guy nearly runs them over with his car. The guy can’t quite make the quick turn, and so he plows into the building in front of him. The Cops get on him quick, pull him out and arrest him. Then they find his buddy who slipped into someone’s apt, and slipped a box of crack in her pasta box. “Wow Honey, this spaghetti really has a zip to it tonight! What’s your secret?”

Still in Fort Worth, we ride with another officer who notices a Camero and Mustang taunting each other at the light. The office is convinced that they see him behind them and that they wont race. WRONG! They take off speeding down the street, and the Cop manages to get both drivers to pull over. A young punk in the Camero, and an old man in the Stang! “Naughty, naughty boys! Next time try arm wrestling… it’s much cheaper!”

In the next segment, we ride with Cops in Philly! OMG, this one is kinda crazy! Apparently there is this punk that is driving around and crashing into all of these cars. The cops we are riding with turn the corner, and BLAMMO, the punk runs into this car stopped right besides the Cops car. They pull him out of the busted up heap and the dude is so high, we doesn’t even know up from down. Turns out the guy smoked four bags of Angel Dust. (Me on Angel Dust)…. “The sky is BLEEDING on me, man……… I see dead people!”

We then go to Harris County, TX. (what in the hell is up with TX?) This female office is pulling over a truck that failed to yield for an emergency vehicle. While she is talking with him, this drunk driver slams into the back of the cop car, then into the back of the truck that was pulled over. Dangerous stuff, man! The drunk driver is given the “walk the line” test. Halfway through when he can’t pull it off, he throws his hands in the air and says “F**k it! Turns out the guys has already had two DWI’s before and has no insurance. He also had weed on him as well. “Hey occifer, can joos hold my Coors Light *hiccup* and my bong while I do my field sobriety test?”

Up next, we ride with Cops from Kansas City (Boo Chiefs, go Broncos!) We have the dastardly duo of dumb and dumber. These morons conspire to steal four cartons of Camels. The cops get there, watch the tape, end of story. Two hicks get arrested and the Camels get to gum up someone else’s sticky lungs. “Hey Billy Joe, do these 4 cartons of cigarettes up my shirt make me look fat!?”

What else is next but, New York City! (get a rope!) I love these types of episodes! One cop goes into the subway area acting like a fall down drunk. That in turn lures the crooks in to rob the poor sap. Bada bing, badda boom. NYPD Blue rushes in and takes their asses DOWN! “Hey, that’s MY jock strap, how’d THAT guy get it?”

Lee County, FL is last. Cops are called to a robbery, and when cops are looking for the suspect, they find a house in the back area with the door open. The yard is full of pot plants. They go into the house and find a full on Marijuana growing, drying, selling operation. Basically, this dude is screwed. I hope he likes being Big Bubba’s new bitch! “Puff puff, give! Puff puff, give! Man, you’re messing up the rotation!”

Here is the synopsis from the back cover:
From the producers of the hit Fox TV series COPS comes an awesome array of bad guys getting caught red-handed and red-faced in the act of committing real crimes. Dangerous take-downs, high-speed pursuits, adrenaline-charged confrontations--this is wild action and excitement that will leave you breathless. CAUGHT IN THE ACT is gritty, graphic, raw and real!



Picture quality for this DVD is well, its video, what do you expect? Hopefully not much! Posted Image Actually, the video is not all that bad. I know it for sure looks better on my Sony Wega than it does in the screen shots. The screen shots look pretty crappy compared to what your TV will look like. We have all seen Cops, we know the picture is grainy, with not much detail, and pretty blah as far as colors go, right? Well, pretty much the same deal with the DVD, only slightly better. Cable TV does look like crap, generally, and the DVD versions of these Cops episodes at least clean them up a bit. But, we watch Cops for the pure entertainment value, and not to critique the picture quality.

SEE FOR YOURSELF!: (click on the picture for a bigger version of the screen-shot)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

More screen shots here *Be careful* Some pics are almost nekkid!

Picture Quality Rating:
Picture: 3 / 5
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image



The DVD is only stereo! Posted Image

Oh well. At least the sound is bold and strong (for the most part). I didn’t notice any crackle or hiss. Due to the content however, this isn’t really something you want to crank up loud. It’s just completely annoying after a certain threshold. Sound was decent stereo, overall.

Sound Quality Rating:
Sound: 2 ½ / 5
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


This DVD has only one extra! Posted Image But it’s a doosey! [/b]

Too Hot For TV

My favorite part of the entire DVD is this one. This is where, as the song goes… “The freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at night!” This section is really quite entertaining. We start off with lots of ripe round boobage, courtesy of Mardi Gras. Of course, the people that do get caught flashing are escorted off to jail. That is what I call, tragic. A woman bares her breasts for a few seconds, and then is carted off to the paddy wagon? Hmm, seems like we all lose with that rule! Posted Image

Basically after that, you get all sorts of F-words and insults and fights. All of it directed at our men and women off law enforcement. I got another pair of words for you… “Damn entertaining!”

Extras / Bonus Features Rating:
Extras: 2 / 5
Posted ImagePosted Image (Actaully, I'd like to give it a 3, purly based on the nekkidness alonePosted Image, but I should be fair! )




Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


"Cops: Caught In The Act” is some darn fine entertainment. If you are a fan of the Cops TV show, try the R rated version for a spin.

Whether it’s a buy or not…. If you are a fan, yes. If you are curious… definitely at least rent it.

This has been,
[/b] Posted Image

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Posted February 20 2004 - 08:51 AM

Linky no worky:

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"If you’re lucky, people like something you do early and something you do just before you drop dead. That’s as many pats on the back as you should expect." - Warren Zevon 1993, R.I.P.

#3 of 4 OFFLINE   Adam_Reiter


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Posted February 20 2004 - 09:08 AM

Ooops! Sorry about that. Try it now. Bring on the BOOBAGE!!

#4 of 4 OFFLINE   LaMarcus



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Posted February 23 2004 - 10:42 PM

Adam, I love your reviews, your the only one that does screen shots. I think a review is boring without something to look at to back it up. This is a Home Theater forum, which means we're very visual and auditory people, give me a freaking pop-up book.Posted Image

Anyway,I think I'll give this one a rental and enjoy. Screen shots were primo!Posted Image Posted Image

Bad boys, bad boys, what cha gonna do,
What cha gonna do when dey come for you?!

Na body na get do break,
Police naw give ya no break.
Sey dey souljah mon na give ya no break,
Sey look in my eyes, me naw give ya no break hey hey!

(Thought I'd put that out there for anyone who wanted to know what they actually said. I've been listening to reggae since I was 10, so I have a ear for it.Posted Image)