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Pierce Brosnan out as Bond? (UPDATE: Daniel Craig confirmed)

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#1 of 680 OFFLINE   JustinCleveland



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Posted February 11 2004 - 02:03 AM

Just heard this report on CBS radio. Interesting, I really liked him, thought he did great.

#2 of 680 OFFLINE   James T

James T


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Posted February 11 2004 - 02:30 AM

Do you mean after the new Bond movie? That's common knowledge and the producers have been looking for a new Bond as they want to showcase him when they announce the new movie instead of waiting afterwards. EDIT: Okay, I found out the producers don't want him back for this movie. Christian Bale would have been a good replacement, but the Batman films(of course more than one) will keep him busy.

#3 of 680 OFFLINE   Will K

Will K


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Posted February 11 2004 - 03:26 AM

If true, it's been surprising they're dumping him already, unless it means after the next entry. The last few has been very successful.
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#4 of 680 OFFLINE   James T

James T


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Posted February 11 2004 - 03:53 AM

From the story I read,(sorry don't have the real link, only the link from a link which has no address), they were considering it when Britney Spears approached them about a role in the new movie. Then they realized that she's young enough to play Bond's daughter, not love interest.

#5 of 680 OFFLINE   Joseph Grieco

Joseph Grieco


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Posted February 11 2004 - 03:58 AM

Since when did that ever stop Bond? Posted Image

#6 of 680 OFFLINE   ThomasC


    Lead Actor

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Posted February 11 2004 - 04:05 AM

Sorry, I just have to do it, but I wanted him to Die Another Day. Posted Image

Here's the scoop from the Melbourne Herald Sun:


Even though Bale is from Wales, I've never heard any sort of British accent from him and he's already Batman. Jude doesn't seem suave enough, Orlando doesn't seem tough enough, Colin is more of a punk than a professional, but I could maybe see him in the role, and Hugh is Australian. But, seeing as there's an Australian playing a NSA agent from England on Alias, anything's possible. Posted Image My vote would have to go to Hugh.

#7 of 680 OFFLINE   Kevin Grey

Kevin Grey


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Posted February 11 2004 - 04:22 AM

I'll be surprised if this is true. I always had the impression that it was Brosnan that wanted to leave after one more film, not the producer's desire. After all, each of Brosnan's films has grossed more than the previous one. He's a guaranteed hit and I wouldn't expect the producers to think about change until the grosses start to decline. Of the list I would vote for Jackman, and think he is the most marketable. I doubt he'd want to do it though- He's already involved in one franchise (X-Men) and another franchise hopeful (Van Helsing).

#8 of 680 OFFLINE   Anthony Neilson

Anthony Neilson

    Tony N

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Posted February 11 2004 - 04:23 AM

This story is appearing everywhere but, with so many contradictory elements, it sounds like typical chicanery from the Broccolis. This happens everytime they're trying to negotiate a price with the main actor. Given that the last film did $500 million worldwide, Brosnan's probably asking for a bigger slice of the pie. So they leak a rumour that they're looking for someone else and sit back to watch the gossip fly.It's their way of reminding the actor that the character of Bond is bigger than the man who plays him. They did the same thing with Roger Moore ; and it's not the first time it's happened with Brosnan either. Brosnan will now release counter statements making out that he doesn't care and is ready to move on. Eventually, they'll come to an arrangement. At least I hope so. Brosnan's a terrific Bond, but I still don't think any of his movies have done him justice. I'd love to see him make one as perfectly tuned to his persona as GOLDFINGER was to Connery's or THE SPY WHO LOVED ME was to Moore's. Ludicrously, the quoted sources are saying that they think Brosnan, at 51, is "too old" for Bond, and they're citing their desire to bring in a MUCH younger Bond next. This is odd, because it's always been part of their philosophy that Bond should be in his mid-forties at least. But, whether or not Brosnan does the next one, I can see how this would make financial sense to them. The prospect of a more MTV friendly Bond is pretty horrifying. That said, whilst they're touting names like Orlando Bloom and Colin Farrell, the firm favourite at the moment seems to be Hugh Jackman ; though whether he's likely to play ANOTHER franchise character on top of Woverine and (possibly) Van Helsing is debatable. Back on the worrying side, the stories do seem to be a bit more boldly stated than usual ; some say quite definitely that they will not be " renewing (Brosnan's) option". If this is true - with the new one due to start shooting this year - it would hint at an enormous bust-up between Brosnan and the Broccolis (again, not unheard of). Another eason cited for this non-renewal is that DIE ANOTHER DAY did so well, they don't see how Brosnan can top it. Which is a prety strange reason, I would say. Firstly, there's no reason why he wouldn't - each Bond he's made has done better than the last (I think). Secondly, at $500 mill, does he really NEED to top it ? If there's any truth in this - and it sounds unlikely - then it's another sign that the Broccolis are becoming more and more obsessed with just raking in as much cash as possible. This will lead to the further Americanisation of the series, a move that can only damage the franchise by eroding its individuality. I'll place a (small) bet that Brosnan will return one more time. And here's how a younger Bond could work ; set it in the 60s. And bring back Blofeld !
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#9 of 680 OFFLINE   Qui-Gon John

Qui-Gon John


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Posted February 11 2004 - 04:37 AM

I hope he stays on. I like the JB movies with him.

#10 of 680 OFFLINE   Doug:Li


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted February 11 2004 - 04:44 AM

Brosnan is great as Bond and I would miss him if he left the series, but how about CLIVE OWEN, anyone? Just watch the BMW films and you can see him pullin' off Bond.

#11 of 680 OFFLINE   Dave Poehlman

Dave Poehlman


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Posted February 11 2004 - 05:03 AM

I like Brosnan. He's my second favorite bond next to Connery. I think Ewan McGregor would make a great bond as well. Seeing him in 'Down With Love' (although a comedic role..) he can really pull off that suave look. And he's got that original Connery-esque Scottish accent.
I can't see him in there at all. I could see why he would be considered, in a marketing attempt to attract a younger, more hip, Bond following. Also, I think Bond films need an overhaul in writing and directing. I would like to see a darker, more edgy Bond flick, personally.

#12 of 680 OFFLINE   Patrick Sun

Patrick Sun

    Studio Mogul

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Posted February 11 2004 - 05:16 AM

Well, the first 15 minutes of the last Bond film was pretty edgy and dark.
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#13 of 680 OFFLINE   JonZ


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Posted February 11 2004 - 05:44 AM

While they arent my favorite Bond movies, Brosnan is probally my favorite Bond. I hate to see him go. My pick from those mentioned would be Ewan McGregor.

#14 of 680 OFFLINE   Richard Travale

Richard Travale


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Posted February 11 2004 - 06:12 AM

I would love to see a new Bond film set in the sixties with a just starting out Bond. Not as cool and suave as we are accustomed to seeing him. Raw and edgy to start and then throughout the film his classic style starts to come through. I think this would be pretty cool. At the very least we would not be bombarded with silly CGI. Hell, break out the old jet pack. Of course, every character would have to be recast. M, Ms. Moneypenney, Q, and of course Bond.
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#15 of 680 OFFLINE   Andy Sheets

Andy Sheets


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Posted February 11 2004 - 06:23 AM

I remember Quentin Tarantino expressing a desire to do somewhat of an early period Bond film. IIRC, the idea was to do a serious version of Casino Royale, except set it right after On Her Majesty's Secret Service, with Bond still in mourning over Tracy. Keep it moody (I'm sure Tarantino would salivate over the chance to film the torture scenes) and with the gadgets more grounded in reality. Of course, this'll never happen since Quentin's an American, and it would be perceived as too much of a stunt, but, hell, at this point I wouldn't mind seeing something like that done.

#16 of 680 OFFLINE   Paul_Scott


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Posted February 11 2004 - 07:17 AM

never seen him in a film, but i happend to catch him being interviewed somewhere, and i agree. he looks like a real mans man and i think he is just under the radar enough now, that he could really slip into the part and make it his own. i had high hopes for PB, and was looking forward to his turn, but i never warmed up to him. its like i just see PB playing the character and not the character. for iconic roles like this or something like a superhero, i much prefer unkowns than established movie stars. Clive would be a killer choice and bring back a lot of juice to the series...if only they could get some better writing. Dick Maibaum is missed. Andy, i'm not a big Quentin fanboy, but that really sounds like what this series needs.

#17 of 680 OFFLINE   Nelson Au

Nelson Au

    Executive Producer

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Posted February 11 2004 - 07:45 AM

It would be a pity if Brosnan doesn't do a 5th. I read a report on ianfleming.org that they are considering a younger Bond as already mentioned above. They want to attract a younger audience. Why does Hollywood continue to feel it has to pander to teenagers. It doesn't smell right, like it didn't sound right to do a Star Trek film with young Kirk and young Spock as Starfleet Academy. As what could be wrong with the current Star Trek franchise, the Bond series could be straying too far away from the source material. Going back to the novels may not be doable. But I always thought Brosnan can do On Her Majesty's Secret Service as a swan song. And if he was paired with a strong leading actress, and a strong Blofeld, it could be good. On the other hand, it could be as said above, a negotiating ploy for Brosnan's salary.

#18 of 680 OFFLINE   Chuck Mayer

Chuck Mayer

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Posted February 11 2004 - 07:49 AM

Greed. They feel they can "grow" the audience by appealing to a brand new one. Implied is that the entire current audience will trundle to the new film like sheep.

I was terribly let down by DaD, but I have enjoyed Brosnan in the role. Clive Owen would be a great choice, so fat chance of that happening Posted Image

They'll dick it up, and wait a few years to go back to the basics. It's a cycle. We're on the shitty part.

Take care,
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#19 of 680 OFFLINE   Patrick Sun

Patrick Sun

    Studio Mogul

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Posted February 11 2004 - 07:51 AM

I don't know if Clive Owen has the right amount of charm to pull off the role. Plus hasn't he already stated that he isn't interested in the role?

How about casting the actress that plays "Moneypenny" on "Keen Eddie" for the big screen Moneypenny? Posted Image
"Jee-sus, it's like Iwo Jima out there" - Roger Sterling on "Mad Men"
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#20 of 680 OFFLINE   Danny Tse

Danny Tse


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Posted February 11 2004 - 08:01 AM

From Chicago Sun-Times.
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