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Denon DVD-5900 and interference on my tv screen

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#1 of 9 OFFLINE   Rod#S



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Posted January 20 2004 - 01:34 PM

I recently purchased the Denon 5900 and when viewing DVD's there is obvious interference on the tv screen. The best way to describe it would be waves continually rolling down the screen. Some are small (a bit bigger than the scan lines) and some considerably larger in size (about 1-2 inches I guess). It almost looks like interference one might see when using rabbit ears and getting a really poor reception on the tv. I have a satellite dish and the picture it produces on the tv, both standard and high def pictures are just fine, no interference at all so the problem is obviously coming through the DVD player. I also have a VCR and the picture it produces is just fine as well. Has anyone encountered this type of problem with their 5900? I know there are a lot of issues with this player but after a search of the threads no one mentioned the problem I am having. Where does everyone keep their player in relation to other equipment? I'm thinking the player may be picking up the interference from a near by component and the result is visible on my tv. Due to the weight and build quality of this player you wouldn't think it would be susceptible to interference from other devices but I guess it is possible. I have a six shelf audio stand that is directly beside my tv. In it, from bottom to top are the following: Anthem MCA-50 Furman IT-Reference (Discrete Symmetrical Power unit) Denon 5900 Bryston 4B- SST Lexicon MC-12B Technics SL-MC7 (CD Mega changer), Panasonic VCR, Express Vu Model 6000 Satellite receiver (these last 3 units are stacked on the top shelf) On the opposite side of the stand is one of my front speakers, a Paradigm Studio 100. Since I just got my MC-12 yesterday the Anthem and Bryston amps have never been turned on, not even plugged in as I had nothing to connect them to. The only real active components the DVD player was next to was my Furman power unit, the tv and the speaker. Even my old receiver sat where I have the Bryston now so it was two shelves away which should be more than enough room so as not to pick up interference but the problem existed then as well. I should also mention that the maximum clearance between components in the rack is no more than 3 inches. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rod

#2 of 9 OFFLINE   Ken Custodio

Ken Custodio

    Second Unit

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Posted January 20 2004 - 02:01 PM

Have you tried the obvious things like trying other component cables. I remember someone describing a similar interference pattern and it was a bad cable.

And are you feeding the video thru the Lexicon or straight to the tv.

Nice setup btw Posted Image
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#3 of 9 OFFLINE   John S

John S


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Posted January 21 2004 - 03:06 AM

This sort of interference usually comes from the Component Video cables.. Quite common, but I would assume you switched them with your HD source and it was still there.

#4 of 9 OFFLINE   Simon Ngan

Simon Ngan

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Posted January 21 2004 - 05:23 AM

I actually have a similar effect on my TV and I have the same 5900 player but through DVI connection. I don't remember seeing it when I tried component and my Sony 985 DVD changer looks fine through component. However, I have ATI AIW 9700 hooked up to the TV through component and that I get the same type of interference. Not sure if it's related to the high resolution? I already tried different component cables for the computer hook up and now I'm using Monster Ultra but still the same. I have Sony 34XBR800 HDTV. Thanks, Simon

#5 of 9 OFFLINE   dan-0


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Posted January 21 2004 - 06:35 AM

Well I to am oppressed with the same problem. I had a horrible buzzing from my sub. I re-routed the system, seperating the power cords from everything else. While I was at it I hooked up the VCR, via cheap-0 RCA cable to the video in on the TV. Well the buzzing went away and the system sounds great! But now I have the same problem as posted above. Lines, one to two inches thick, that scroll at random vertically and horitzontaly across the screen. Even worse, when I select video 2 on the TV (for DVD) but don't turn the dvd on so I have just a blank screen, I can actually see a televison show bleeding through to the screen. Kinda like ghosts. I don't have cable but use some rabbit ears for the local stations (4). I assume its either interference with the antenna or newly hooked up VCR. I'm leaning towards the VCR, as I did not have this problem prior to hooking up the VCR. I will be experimenting this weekend. I'm interested in seeing how the above people or others have resolved this problem. Perplexing indeed.

#6 of 9 OFFLINE   Rod#S



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  • Real Name:Rod

Posted January 21 2004 - 09:21 AM

I accidently listed the wrong order of the components. It should have been, from bottom to top: Anthem MCA-50 Denon 5900 Furman IT-Reference (Discrete Symmetrical Power unit) Bryston 4B- SST Lexicon MC-12B Technics SL-MC7 (CD Mega changer), Panasonic VCR, Express Vu Model 6000 Satellite receiver (these last 3 units are stacked on the top shelf) I noticed I also forgot about the tv. It is old (so to speak), just over 3 years, it is a Hitachi 53FDX01B. My video cables consist of 1 Monster component, 2 Acoustic Research component cables, a cheap component cable used for my Xbox (the one that came with my satellite receiver) and an Acoustic Research S-Video cable. The Monster and Acoustic Research component cables are not dirt cheap but certainly not high end, they were all about $100.00 each. The following is what I tried today. I tried all of my component cables running from my DVD player (set to progressive scan mode) both directly to the tv and through my MC-12. No affect on the signal. I tried the above using the interlaced mode in the DVD player and used my S-Video cable. Possibly a slight reduction in interference but it was still there. I pulled the DVD player out of the rack and set it on the floor about 1.5 feet in front of the rack and did the same component cable experiment, and switched back to progressive mode. No affect on the signal. I tried the S-Video cable again while the unit was on the floor and switched back to interlaced mode. The same very slight improvement in the signal was present. I unplugged the DVD player from the Furman and plugged it into my old power bar and ran all of the above experiments again and all produced the same results. When using the same component cables to watch HDTV (or SDTV for that matter)from my satellite receiver the picture is perfect, no signs of any interference at all. Honestly I don't know what else to try.

#7 of 9 OFFLINE   Mort Corey

Mort Corey

    Supporting Actor

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Posted January 21 2004 - 11:07 AM

Have you tried the DVD player on another display? Mort

#8 of 9 OFFLINE   Garrett Adams

Garrett Adams

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Posted January 21 2004 - 11:23 AM

I have an interference problem but less severe than yours. Sony KD-34XBR2 Denon DVD-1600 3 different component cable sets (inc. my DIY all Canare) I never had a problem with above TV and my Toshiba 3109 but when I upgraded to the Denon 1600 I noticed occasional OTA TV signals while watching a DVD. These "bleed-thoughs" only last for 1/10 to 1 second and perhaps only four or five times during the movie. Sometimes none. Not the end of the world but still a PITA. I traced the problem to the OTA antenna signal which means the Denon is more sensitive in this area than my other DVD player. The fix: my Sony TV has two tuners, antenna and cable. I found that if I switch to the cable (Aux) input first before starting my DVD viewing there are no "bleed-thoughs".

#9 of 9 OFFLINE   Rod#S



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  • Real Name:Rod

Posted January 21 2004 - 12:09 PM

I haven't tried using the player with a different tv but when I get a chance I will get my old DVD player back and see how that looks. I suspect the picture will be just fine. I gave my old player to my parents (Hitachi 505 model) and they live some distance away so I'm not sure when I'll be able to test it. I actually had the Denon hooked up to my parent RCA 27" tv over the Christmas holidays. The tv is really bad but there was no evidence of the problem I'm experiencing (I was using interlaced mode with a composite cable) so that makes me think the problem is something in my system (some where, some how).

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