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Well, isn't anyone here excited about _Citizen Kane_?

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#1 of 87 OFFLINE   Jack Briggs

Jack Briggs

    Executive Producer

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Posted September 22 2001 - 12:47 PM

I mean, guys, c'mon: Citizen Kane is widely considered the greatest film of all time. And it's finally arriving on DVD next week. My pre-order is in transit.

Now, howzabout the rest of you? Aren't you excited about this release? Advance word has it that the disc looks marvelous. Can't wait, I tell ya.

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#2 of 87 OFFLINE   Paul_D



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Posted September 22 2001 - 12:57 PM

I must admit, I'm finding very difficult to get buzzed for this release. It's a superb ground-breaking film given, and the film's restoration work along with the great extras including the legendary documentary make for a classic DVD. Yet still I can't get excited!

My pre-order is also on its way, but I think the fact that I've seen Citizen Kane so often hasdampened my anticipation for this release.

Still an ABSOLUTLE MUST for the collecion though. Posted Image
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#3 of 87 OFFLINE   Greg_Y



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Posted September 22 2001 - 01:01 PM

Heck, we haven't even seen a thread complaining about the lack of DTS and no double-alpha case. What's wrong with you people? Posted Image

I'm excited for this one. I've only seen it a handful of times, all on VHS, and it will be nice to get one that I can watch over and over.

But not as excited as I would have thought. In a season with personal favorites like The Godfather films and The Terminator, my adrenaline is already on reserve.

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#4 of 87 OFFLINE   Greig Forbes

Greig Forbes


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Posted September 22 2001 - 01:12 PM

Jack, Oddly, my copy arrived here in Scotland yesterday and I watched the movie today with Roger Ebert's very interesting commentary. Nice packaging, great extras, a simply terrific looking print (to my non-technical eye). The movie never looked better to me. Ebert mentions that he once listened to the soundtrack, without visuals, and it still stood up as entertainment. I felt the same way when I read the screenplay. It amazes me that ANY film could be so intensely thought through and meticulously constructed and still be so full of life. (It's an interesting contrast with Casablanca, which seemed to achieve greatness almost by accident.) It almost defies belief that this could be someone's first film. If anyone has not seen Kane and still has the pleasure of a first viewing to come, the perfect moment has just arrived. A good day for DVD as a medium, a very satisfying one for Welles fans. I'm sure you'll find your excitement is justified. Greig

#5 of 87 OFFLINE   Fred_Krampits


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 22 2001 - 01:15 PM

I think the excitement was probably dampered by the August release of Maniac. Maniac is such a hard act to follow that not even Citizen Kane can compete. ------------------
The Man who coined the phrase "Maniac: The Citizen Kane of Horror Movies"


#6 of 87 OFFLINE   ScottR



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Posted September 22 2001 - 01:15 PM

I am excited, but I am also a little disappointed by The Big Picture's observation about a moment in the DVD in which it appears that the digital restoration mistook raindrops for grain and accidentally erased them. I know it is not a big deal, but the scene in question is one of my favorites. Check out the Big Picture website for more info on this. I hope the reviewer is partially wrong, and maybe the grain in the original sort of mixed in with the rain to become more pronounced. Maybe without the added grain, it is just harder to see the other details. I would like everyone to post their thoughts, preferably after Tuesday, when you have a chance to check this out for yourself.

#7 of 87 OFFLINE   Walter Kittel

Walter Kittel


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Posted September 22 2001 - 01:26 PM

Since I have the Criterion CAV LD release ( and B&W LDs still look pretty decent on my projector ) it is a little difficult to get too jazzed up about this release; but it will be the first title streeting this week that I view. If I didn't have the LD, I'm sure my anticipation would be much higher; although I expect great things from this set, image and content-wise. - Walter.
Fidelity to the source should always be the goal for Blu-ray releases.

#8 of 87 OFFLINE   Douglas R

Douglas R


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  • Real Name:Doug
  • LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Posted September 22 2001 - 02:00 PM

I received this yesterday and the picture quality is absolutely magnificent - I've never seen the film look so good. Add the documentary, two audio commentaries by Peter Bogdanovich and Roger Ebert as well as other extras and this is a must have. Well done Warner Bros (for a change) who have done Welles' masterpiece proud. ------------------

#9 of 87 OFFLINE   ScottR



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Posted September 22 2001 - 03:50 PM

Okay, disregard my earlier post with any questions about this release...it is absolutely gorgeous! And I am very happy to see that Warner Bros. re-instated the original RKO opening logo credit at the beginning of the film (It was missing on the 50th anniversary edition.) For all film lovers everywhere, this is a must buy!

#10 of 87 OFFLINE   Peter Apruzzese

Peter Apruzzese


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  • Real Name:Peter Apruzzese

Posted September 22 2001 - 04:20 PM

Jack: I can't wait. Citizen Kane sits - alongside 2001 - at the top of my favorite films list. I've deliberately avoided seeing it recently (other than a private screening in 35mm a few months ago) in anticipation of a DVD release. Tuesday morning, I'll be at my favorite local retailer picking it up. Tuesday night, I'll be revelling in it.

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#11 of 87 OFFLINE   Dwayne


    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 22 2001 - 04:31 PM

The first time I saw this film was in my buddy's film class on a projector (about eight years ago). Before and afterwards, there were interesting discussions about the film and it's history. The film is incredible with it's creative use of angles, lighting, and set design. One of my my favorite shots in the film is the one where we see the two adults talking about the child's fate in the foreground while he's seen playing outside in the snow, through the window, in the background. The performances from the Mercury Theater players were solid throughout. The narrative is compelling. The behind-the-scenes history about the making of the film is just as interesting as the film itself (Ex: the inspiration or idea for using the word "Rosebud" for instance). Welles' pioneered alot of techniques in film making that we take for granted these days. And all this from a guy that was one year younger than I am now (26). Absolutely insane. I will definately be picking up this title and am exciting about doing so. ------------------ -Dwayne

#12 of 87 OFFLINE   Edwin Pereyra

Edwin Pereyra


  • 3,501 posts
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Posted September 22 2001 - 08:05 PM

Signed, sealed and delivered. I am ecstatic that this film is finally getting released.


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#13 of 87 OFFLINE   SteveGon


    Executive Producer

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Posted September 22 2001 - 08:26 PM

Count me in among the excited. I haven't seen CK for a couple of years so I'm really looking forward to this release. ------------------ He thought on homeland, the big timber, the air thin and chill all the year long. Tulip poplars so big through the trunk they put you in mind of locomotives set on end. He thought of getting home and building him a cabin on Cold Mountain so high that not a soul but the nighthawks passing across the clouds in autumn could hear his sad cry. Of living a life so quiet he would not need ears. And if Ada would go with him, there might be the hope, so far off in the distance he did not even really see it, that in time his despair might be honed off to a point so fine and thin that it would be nearly the same as vanishing. -- Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain

#14 of 87 OFFLINE   Joseph Bolus

Joseph Bolus


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Posted September 22 2001 - 08:35 PM

I've had this title on pre-order for about a month-and-a-half. While I've experienced this classic many times, I've never had the pleasure of allowing Roger Ebert to walk me through the groundbreaking camera techniques and the pioneering non-linear story telling. That's the portion of the disc that I'm looking forward to the most. Personally, I'm really looking forward to Tuesday! ------------------ Joseph --------------- "As a matter of cosmic history, it has always been easier to destroy, than to create."

#15 of 87 OFFLINE   Sam E. Torres

Sam E. Torres

    Second Unit

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Posted September 22 2001 - 09:08 PM

i am buying it on tuesday even though i have not seen it, nor do i have any clue what its about. last time that happened to me, it resulted in memento becoming my favorite movie of the year. Posted Image

Posted Image

#16 of 87 OFFLINE   Jeff Kleist

Jeff Kleist

    Executive Producer

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Posted September 22 2001 - 09:28 PM

I have never seen the film as a whole, only bits and pieces and stills in film books. I am so psyched to finally experience what I'm sure is a masterpiece! Jeff Kleist

#17 of 87 OFFLINE   Michael Lee

Michael Lee

    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 22 2001 - 10:21 PM

I think the DVD looks great-I have seen this film numerous times, but it will be a first for my wife.

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#18 of 87 OFFLINE   Bill McA

Bill McA


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Posted September 22 2001 - 10:26 PM


I think the excitement was probably dampered by the August release of Maniac. Maniac is such a hard act to follow that not even Citizen Kane can compete.


Fred_Krampits....you're hilarious!!!!

Looking forward to the DVD also....especially so, as it is the 2nd DVD to receive the John Lowry digital treatment.
The 1st was North By Northwest.

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#19 of 87 OFFLINE   Jon Robertson

Jon Robertson


  • 1,568 posts
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Posted September 22 2001 - 11:30 PM

Am I excited? Damn straight! This disc has got me all in a lather. Although it must be said I'm equally excited about Criterion's Haxan and The Ruling Class. Any good studio knows the best way to create anticipation and a buzz for a release is to continually delay it, week by week...

#20 of 87 OFFLINE   andrew markworthy

andrew markworthy


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Posted September 22 2001 - 11:38 PM

It's curious, but for once Brits appear to have got copies of a DVD before the USA - is this part of the aftermath of the WTC atrocity? However, to get back on topic - the DVD is magnificent. True, there are a couple of moments where the image appears a little *too* clean, but if you'd seen the travesty of a DVD release of CK we've already experienced in R2, you'd weep at the improvement in quality. So far I've watched the movie itself, the movie with Ebert's commentary and the documentary on disc 2 (which keeps the preamble it presumably had when it was on American TV, which is fascinating to a Brit). All superb.

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