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Uneducated clerks

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#1 of 142 OFFLINE   ChrisBEA



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  • Join Date: Jul 19 2003

Posted November 04 2003 - 02:08 PM

I thought you all would like to hear an interesting encounter I had earlier today: I was purchasing Finding Nemo, the price rang up higher than I had expected (I misread their flyer) I asked if the price matched because 2 competitors had a lower price. She replied that they(the competitor) could sell them cheaper because they had lower quality disks that break easier. I said that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. SHe said it's true, her store uses higher quality disks that last longer. Well we went back and forth for a bit, I didn't want to become as obnoxious as I know I can, so I just took my purchase and left. I will return for a price adjustment later this week. Anyway, this store has a consistently low education level among employees, but this just topped it all. Enjoy!

#2 of 142 OFFLINE   Lev-S


    Second Unit

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Posted November 04 2003 - 02:13 PM


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#3 of 142 OFFLINE   John_Berger



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Posted November 04 2003 - 02:13 PM

There are just absolutely no words to describe that. I would have immediately located a manager, although I doubt that I would have been able to keep my temper.

#4 of 142 OFFLINE   JasonJason


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 04 2003 - 02:16 PM

You almost have to admire the gall at how adamant a stance the clerk took on such a dumb argument. Emphasis on almost.

#5 of 142 OFFLINE   ChrisBEA



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  • Join Date: Jul 19 2003

Posted November 04 2003 - 02:25 PM

Oh, yeah, almost forgot her last words to me: "I'm not gonna argue with you." And there were 2 other 'clerks' there that looked at me like I was an idiot while walking out. I never like to complain too much about people working in these chains, I did that job for many years. But I have noticed over the last few years, the quality of help has been on a serious decline, to the point I wonder how they even have a job. Another point of reference I am a senior leader on a helpdesk that supports retail chains.

#6 of 142 OFFLINE   Raymond_H


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Posted November 04 2003 - 02:27 PM

My Finding Nemo experience was the other way around, the people in the waiting line. I don't see how getting the disc maybe 30 seconds faster then somebody else is that much to get angry about. I was hassled because I didn't move up in the line to fully exploit that the line was moving, I was also (sarcastically) chastised for buying Finding Nemo because I was by myself with no kid next to me and that I used my charge card to purchase the movie, evidently the extra couple of seconds to make a signature is really provoking. I found it quite amusing. Raymond

#7 of 142 OFFLINE   ChrisBEA



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  • Join Date: Jul 19 2003

Posted November 04 2003 - 02:36 PM

Wow. I've never been hassled for my purchases. The store I usually shop at (large national chain) usually recognizes me as a DVD buff and let me slide on "questionable" purchases. Also at this store, the employees may not be at my level, but they aren't idiots like all the people I have had contact with at the other chain with the "better" disks. I don't know about naming the chains involved, not sure if that is frowned on around here, so I have left them out. If anyone is curious and it is Ok to mention here, I'll post them...

#8 of 142 OFFLINE   Rhett_Y



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Posted November 04 2003 - 02:49 PM

Sorry... But what a freaking idiot........ Good lord, can you say Darwin award for just plain stupidity... Good lord this takes the freaking cake..... Ok sorry rant over...

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#9 of 142 OFFLINE   Will_B



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Posted November 04 2003 - 02:58 PM

Maybe she doesn't own a DVD player, you consider that possibility? So if someone tells her that some discs are better than others, she has no personal experience to know otherwise. Indeed, it sounds like she may have been attempting to refer to those DIVX discs that are designed not to last. She probably read about those and thought that is what it was.
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#10 of 142 OFFLINE   Neil M

Neil M

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 04 2003 - 03:00 PM

That's just about as great as the time I tried to price match in a major retail store. I showed them the ad of a competitor that is located across the street and the cashier told me they don't compete with them so they don't have to accept the price. I laughed my ass off. I got the manager and luckily he wasn't dumb.

#11 of 142 OFFLINE   Jim Rakowiecki

Jim Rakowiecki

    Stunt Coordinator

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  • Join Date: Sep 02 2003

Posted November 04 2003 - 03:55 PM

I don't know where you were at and I guess it doesn't matter but for me it wouldn't even be worth the argument. It's a pretty safe bet that retail clerks don't know much about the products they are ringing up and they don't really have to know much about them to do thier jobs. Honestly I count myself as lucky when they know how to make change. My guess is that she was just repeating what someone told her to say and probably 75% of the people she says it too accept it and move on without question. I guess if I knew it would be cheaper elsewhere I just would have gone there rather than go through the hassle.

#12 of 142 OFFLINE   Joseph DeMartino

Joseph DeMartino

    Lead Actor

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Posted November 04 2003 - 04:25 PM

[quote] Maybe she doesn't own a DVD player [quote]

So what? She should still know that her store doesn't manufacture DVDs and that the studios wouldn't be shipping "better" and more expensive discs to her store and cheaper ones to the competition. That's like the cashier at my local supermarket telling me that their Cheerios are better than those sold by the guy down the street. You don't have to know much about either product to understand that this simply makes no sense. This girl is an idiot, pure and simple.



#13 of 142 OFFLINE   RISUG


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 04 2003 - 05:39 PM

[quote] She replied that they(the competitor) could sell them cheaper because they had lower quality disks that break easier. [quote]

.................................................. ...

#14 of 142 OFFLINE   Ric Bagoly

Ric Bagoly


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Posted November 04 2003 - 05:54 PM

The real problem here(as it is with all clueless store employees) is that the people who work at these outlets are the furthest thing imaginable from what we know as "home theater enthusiasts" and thus cannot relate when we say we want widescreen and such. Of course, they most likely can't afford to be, given the slave wages retail stores are known to pay...Posted Image
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#15 of 142 OFFLINE   Darren Gross

Darren Gross

    Supporting Actor

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Posted November 04 2003 - 06:33 PM

What's the name of the store? 'I got's to know!'

#16 of 142 OFFLINE   Dan Rudolph

Dan Rudolph


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  • Join Date: Dec 30 2002

Posted November 04 2003 - 07:18 PM

That goes beyond the usual cluelessness and into slander. At BB today, the usual people in the DVD department weren't there and were replaced with a coupel clueless yokels. The bad part though was that I had a return and stood in line more than 15 minutes before it even moved forward one person. Lots of employees walked by, apparently not doign anythign urgent, but no one jumped in to help. When I got to the front, the clerk insisted on causing further delays by caliling a movie person up to answer my question (and waiting about 5 min) when I told him I could just do my return and deal with other issues elsewhere in the store.
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#17 of 142 OFFLINE   Nick T Robot

Nick T Robot

    Supporting Actor

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Posted November 04 2003 - 11:53 PM

[quote] usually recognizes me as a DVD buff and let me slide on "questionable" purchases. [quote]

You're the customer. There is no such thing as a questionable purchase. If a clerk does give you trouble over what you choose to buy at their store, you should bring it up to a manager and if I was that manager would strongly consider firing that clerk. It's a store! The clerks works FOR that store and should be there to help, not pass judgement on a purchase made there and possibly stop a sale.

that is ridiculous.

When I purchased my Playstation 2 at a Large Chain I was told by a clerk that I should get the vertical Stand for it, as playing the Disc while the player is horizontal is bad for the PS2 and the Discs. He went on and on about the balancing of the player's mechanism and how I really need to buy the $20 plastic stand.

In this case We both knew he was lying. I let him go on and on for a few minutes and then quickly explained that I don't need it.

I actually do have my PS2 placed vertically, but it's in between my TV and Hometheater Shelving and can't fall over.

#18 of 142 OFFLINE   Nick T Robot

Nick T Robot

    Supporting Actor

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Posted November 04 2003 - 11:57 PM

Oh, and I purchased Finding Nemo yesterday, lots of people were as well, no kids in sight. I don't understand why people would expect everyone buying the DVD to have their Kids with them. Also, if they actually saw that or any other Pixar film why wouldn't they think an adult would enjoy it?

#19 of 142 OFFLINE   paul_austin


    Second Unit

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Posted November 05 2003 - 12:08 AM

Posted Image I really think I would have bailed.....hitting a wall of stupid at full force like that is just demoralizing! Posted Image
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#20 of 142 OFFLINE   DavidS


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 05 2003 - 12:56 AM

I hate rude, poorly trained clerks, with names like Dante and Handal... oops... Randal! (sorry, couldn't resist)


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