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How are the Dick Van Dyke sets?

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#1 of 198 OFFLINE   Brian W

Brian W

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted October 22 2003 - 05:04 AM

I know Indiana is front and center this week, but no enthusiastic postings for this other highly anticipated release also out this week? Plan to pick both up later this week...anxious to hear about the quality!

#2 of 198 OFFLINE   Michael Gage

Michael Gage


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Posted October 22 2003 - 05:36 AM

Absolutely incredible sets! Season 1 and Season 2 look excellent. Several epidodes on each set have a commentary and interviews with cast members and other special features. So far I think season 2 special features are better...but either way, both sets are EXCELLENT .. now if only Mary Tyler Moore show would continue with season 2....

#3 of 198 OFFLINE   Michael Reuben

Michael Reuben

    Studio Mogul

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Posted October 22 2003 - 05:41 AM

I haven't even made it to season 2 yet, but based on what I've seen so far, I agree that they're excellent sets. M.
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#4 of 198 OFFLINE   Craig S

Craig S


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  • Real Name:Craig Seanor
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Posted October 22 2003 - 05:50 AM

I just had time to watch the 1st episode last night, but I did skim through some of the other discs. The series looks fine, and there are a fair amount of extras. It's obvious that some care went into these sets. Well worth buying, especially with the Best Buy $20 gift card deal which, in combination with the in-box $20 rebate for buying both sets, brings the price down to $35 for each set!
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#5 of 198 OFFLINE   Brent Bridgeman

Brent Bridgeman

    Second Unit

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Posted October 22 2003 - 06:12 AM

Craig, what is the Best Buy $20 gift card deal? I'd like to get both of these sets, but hadn't heard of this.

#6 of 198 OFFLINE   Dane Marvin

Dane Marvin


  • 1,490 posts
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Posted October 22 2003 - 06:18 AM

The care that went into the packaging of these sets is astounding. The pictures on each case and disc are beautiful. It's one of the most well-designed sets I've seen (love the Thin Pak cases, too). I've only gotten to watch the pilot so far, which is far funnier than I remember it being. Looks great, everything is in tact ... and the special features I've seen just on disc one so far are great. Can't wait to own all 5 seasons. Every classic show deserves to be treated this well.

#7 of 198 OFFLINE   ScottDombrowski


    Stunt Coordinator

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  • Real Name:Scott
  • LocationMichigan

Posted October 22 2003 - 06:24 AM

I have quite a bit of tv on DVD but I've never been as excited as I am over these sets!! The episodes have never looked this good on TV, the packaging is great, and the extras sound incredible! This is my choice as THE classic tv show on DVD package to beat! I agree that it would be so great if all classic tv on DVD had this much care put into it. Now where's my Bewitched??

#8 of 198 OFFLINE   Scott Kimball

Scott Kimball


  • 1,500 posts
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Posted October 22 2003 - 06:49 AM

These sets are awesome! I LOVE the packaging. I LOVE the thin cases. I LOVE this show! This is my all-time favorite sit-com. I've only watched the pilot "Head of the Family" and the first 2 regular episodes, so far. The pilot shows its age, but the series has cleaned up very nicely. Brent: buy seasons 1 & 2 in the same purchase at Best Buy, and get a free $20 gift card good on future purchases. There is no indication of this on the shelves, but it should ring up. I think you have to purchase THIS WEEK to get the gift card. Add the $20 in-box rebate, and these sets are a steal. -Scott

#9 of 198 OFFLINE   Paul_Scott


    Lead Actor

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Posted October 22 2003 - 08:04 AM

WHOA! another inside-the-box rebate i wasn't aware of. damn! looks like i will be buying yet another box set this week (or two as it is) this week. ok. i this this has officially become the most expensive dvd purchasing week EVER for me.

#10 of 198 OFFLINE   BarryR


    Supporting Actor

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  • LocationEarth

Posted October 22 2003 - 08:27 AM

My order is backordered at DVDEmpire. Posted Image But at least it indicates the long lasting popularity of this series.

#11 of 198 OFFLINE   Brandon



  • 40 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 29 1999

Posted October 22 2003 - 08:58 AM

The commentary with Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner was great. You can tell that these guys have remained friends through the years, and they share some great anecdotes. The only complaint I have (and the pros defintely out weigh the cons on this) regards their use of the 1995(?) remembrance special. I had hoped to have this in a complete form, rather than the small clips included on each disc. Regardless of that minor complaint, this is without a doubt one of the best DVD purchases I've made. Can't wait for the remaining seasons now.
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#12 of 198 OFFLINE   Mark Zimmer

Mark Zimmer


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Posted October 22 2003 - 09:19 AM

I posted in the Coupons & Bargains section that the packaging is pretty darn nifty too. I love lenticular covers, and these are clever and well done: on season 1, Rob trips over the ottoman; on season 2 he opens the closet releasing millions of walnuts and Laura. I was going to buy them anyway, but the packaging and the $20 gift card (hey, it's lenticular too!) really sealed the deal.Posted Image

#13 of 198 OFFLINE   BrianP


    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 22 2003 - 11:09 AM

I was wondering if the discs provide a play all episodes feature?

#14 of 198 OFFLINE   JoeyNelson



  • 16 posts
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Posted October 22 2003 - 11:58 AM

they sure do, as well as a much-appreciated chapter stop after the opening credit sequence (why do so many tv shows on dvd leave this out?)
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#15 of 198 OFFLINE   David Von Pein

David Von Pein


  • 5,736 posts
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Posted October 22 2003 - 01:47 PM

These sets are indeed FABULOUS! In every respect. Cool "3-D" graphics card on the slipcase....individual ThinPak cases for each disc, with GREAT vintage publicity photos included on every ThinPak! (Sensational!) .... A Play-All feature....Stellar extras, including commentaries, Photo Galleries, commercials, cast interviews, featurette about the "Walnut" episode, CBS promos, Emmy Award clips, and text bios. Whew! WHAT A GREAT PACKAGE for such an old TV program!!

Plus: 20 clams off via rebate! It's a No-Brainer! These are THE ultimate TV-on-DVD sets on the market now!

I just wish there was more interest in this show (and MTM!). But, these posts in this thread give me hope. Posted Image Glad to see I'm not alone in my "I love D.V.Dyke / MTM" camp. Posted Image

Great menus too.....the original theme music plays when entering a disc. Then...silence! Which is nice IMO. No annoying/lengthy music transitions. And: great sub-menu design as well...with an "Extras" area on each ep. sub-menu.

Like said above: The amount of care that went into these DVDs is unparalleled in this writer's view. Can't be any better. (Except to maybe have included the wealth of available "outtake/blooper" material.) I heard that Mr. Reiner vetoed the blooper
reel(s) for these DVD sets because he didn't want the viewers to see the cast "out of character" while on the show's set. We must defer to his decision, quite naturally. But those bloopers (which I DO have via an old VHS tape--about 35 minutes' worth there) would have put icing on an already well-frosted DVD-on-DVD cake! Posted Image Posted Image

Has anybody gotten to the intriguing extra where the cast appears on the game show "Stump The Stars" yet? I haven't watched that part yet. Obviously, Carl Reiner did NOT object to his cast being shown out of character OFF his V.Dyke set...otherwise I'm guessing this "Stump The Star" extra would not have been included.

You guys might want to check out the personal comments added to the www.dvdondvd.com website today by Doug Denoff (son of show writer Sam Denoff).

Looking forward already to Seasons three thru five. They are supposed to all appear throughout 2004. Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

And remember Buddy Sorrell's motto .....
"A minute with you [Mel] is like a year with an angry mob!" Posted Image

#16 of 198 OFFLINE   Casey Trowbridg

Casey Trowbridg

    Lead Actor

  • 9,209 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 22 2003

Posted October 22 2003 - 01:53 PM

I am going to pick these up tomorrow, I ordered them last week, and I can't wait to start watching these DVDs. A play all feature, chapter stops, some quality special features, it has the makings to be 1 of my favorite TV boxes, and I can't wait for the rest of the series. David VP, i'm with you in the love for DVD and MTM, I'm still holding out hope for the remaining seasons of that show, even without extras. DVD, MTM, I feel like I'm writing an eye chart or have useless letters in scrabble.

#17 of 198 OFFLINE   David Von Pein

David Von Pein


  • 5,736 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 04 2002

Posted October 22 2003 - 02:08 PM

Packaging note: Keep in mind, DVD-on-DVD fans, that the Season 2 package states (incorrectly) that there are "32" episodes included. There are actually 33. With #33 being *filmed* but not aired during S.2. Filmed in April 1963; aired as the 5th episode of Season 3 in Oct. '63. But, since it was filmed during the S.2 cycle, it's included in the S.2 set.

#18 of 198 OFFLINE   george kaplan

george kaplan

    Executive Producer

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Posted October 22 2003 - 02:57 PM

I can't say that I was more excited about these than the Indy trilogy, but I was as excited, which was very much so. This is my favorite tv show of all time. I like MTM, but I love the Dick Van Dyke Show. I haven't had a chance to watch these yet, but you can just tell from the packaging that these were put together with love, and that means a lot. Extremely cool.
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#19 of 198 OFFLINE   David Von Pein

David Von Pein


  • 5,736 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 04 2002

Posted October 22 2003 - 03:14 PM

[quote] David VP, I'm with you in the love for DVD and MTM, I'm still holding out hope for the remaining seasons of that show, even without extras. [quote] Indeed.
When you stop to think about what other "extras" could be used on a Season 2 MTM boxed set, I'm doubting that there would be an overwhelming amount anyway. S.1 already had a great Making-Of (87 minutes!), which not only covered the making of S.1, but, really, covers the whole 7-year series' run. So, there's certainly no need for a lengthy documentary on any S.2 set. As for commentaries...That's something I'd gladly forego if it meant seeing MTM-2 being released. There were only a couple on the MTM-1 anyway.

So, it seems to me (if logic prevailed) that MTM-2 WOULD indeed probably be a "bones" type of release. (Hopefully with the same *perfect* PQ as S.1 however. Posted Image)

Another thought on MTM .... Do you think it's occurred to FOX Home Entertainment to possibly sell its video rights to a show like MTM (which didn't generate grand sales in its DVD debut release) to a company who would like to take the risk of releasing subsequent seasons? Has this ever occurred with a major DVD release? Or a minor one?

Heck...I'd, at this point (well over one year after the initial MTM-1 release on September 24, 2002) be happy to settle for a GoodTimes Home Video release of MTM-2 (with the discs wrapped in Reynold's Wrap and tossed into Glad Sandwich Bags, if it'd save on production costs). Posted Image Posted Image

#20 of 198 OFFLINE   Casey Trowbridg

Casey Trowbridg

    Lead Actor

  • 9,209 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 22 2003

Posted October 22 2003 - 03:49 PM

I agree with everything you said David VP. I want subsequent MTM sets, in some form or another. We need "Chuckles bites the dust," on DVD.

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