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Where is Greatest American Hero!!

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#1 of 16 OFFLINE   Matt Butler

Matt Butler


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Posted September 13 2003 - 08:35 AM

Anyone remember this? One of my favorite shows from the 80's. Everyone has to have their guilty pleasures!! :b Any news on who has rights?
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#2 of 16 OFFLINE   EricW



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Posted September 13 2003 - 09:02 AM

i think this topic has been discussed here before; you can search it. yeah, i've always wanted this too, and have also wondered why this show hasn't been remade into a featurefilm; with CG these days, it'd be a perfect summer underdog/moderate-budget movie
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#3 of 16 OFFLINE   Joey Gunz

Joey Gunz

    Second Unit

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Posted September 13 2003 - 11:59 AM

There has been some strong talks in Hollywood about turning this 80's TV show into a feature film. I suspect that once they decide to make it, the studio will release the series on DVD to conincide with the movie release.

#4 of 16 OFFLINE   WilliamG


    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 13 2003 - 02:25 PM

Oh,yeah!I can hear that theme song now Posted Image

#5 of 16 OFFLINE   ChrisMatson



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Posted September 13 2003 - 03:47 PM

Here are some links that may be of interest to fans of the show:

http://www.greatesta...ro.com/main.htm (A fan site)

http://tvshowsondvd....cfm?showID=1981 (TV Shows on DVD site, currently listing "DVD Rights owned/licensed by: Stephen J. Cannell Productions")

http://movies.yahoo....v&id=1808404269 (info about the movie that was almost made by Touchstone)

I enjoyed the show and agree that it may make a good movie, but could it compete against the onslaught of recent superhero movies like X-Men & X2, Spider-man, Daredevil (sequel/Electra spin-off) Hulk, the upcoming Punisher and the recently announced Batman sequel? Other superhero projects I have heard about include Iron Man and Ghost Rider.

#6 of 16 OFFLINE   Eric F

Eric F


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Posted September 13 2003 - 04:04 PM

Since the concept has always been a parody of "superheroes" now would be the perfect time to do a movie.

#7 of 16 OFFLINE   Mickey P

Mickey P


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  • Join Date: Sep 05 2003

Posted September 13 2003 - 04:38 PM

I used to love this TV series! I never missed it! I would pickup a DVD set in a heartbeat! I could turn my kids onto it as Im sure they would like it as much as I did. I just recently was thinking about this series for some reason, and downloaded the Theme song for it a few weeks ago!! I wonder how many of us on this forum saw this Tv show and liked it as much as I did ? Might be nice to find out who has the rights and get a petition going to ask them to put this out, but Im betting the target audience would be pretty small...thats why Im curious how many of us there are out there?
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#8 of 16 OFFLINE   Ric Easton

Ric Easton


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Posted September 13 2003 - 05:04 PM

I liked the show. But I always wanted it to be better. I never got into those "sweathogs" he was teaching, and I always thought, "Why doesn't he go into some big open space and practice flying until he gets it right?" I mean crashing into all those garbage cans was getting old. I did enjoy the comraderie between Katt, Selleca and Culp though. I just kept waiting for the show to fulfill its potential. I wanted it to be great! Ric

#9 of 16 OFFLINE   MartinTeller



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Posted September 13 2003 - 06:14 PM

I remember it fondly. I had the first episode on tape and I must have watched it every day for two weeks. But, there was a lot of popular music on the show. If they release it at all, they'll probably do it with replacement music.

#10 of 16 OFFLINE   Xenia Stathakopoulou

Xenia Stathakopoulou


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Posted September 13 2003 - 10:12 PM

Id buy this in a second, but somehow with the music rights , this has as much chance to come to dvd as miami vice.Posted Image
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#11 of 16 OFFLINE   Richard Ruffner

Richard Ruffner

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 14 2003 - 01:55 AM

This is one of the few shows that I wouldn't mind being released with out original music. It has been so long since I've even seen the show, I wouldn't know the difference anwyay. Miama Vice, et al, that's different. MV was almost a music video.
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#12 of 16 OFFLINE   David Lambert

David Lambert

    Executive Producer

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Posted September 14 2003 - 02:26 AM

Stephen J. Cannell is the creator of this show, and he's had a couple of interviews about his various shows appearing on DVD. This property hasn't been mentioned once. He's expressed an interest in getting his lesser-known shows out first, like "Profit".

I would be first in line to buy it, though!
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#13 of 16 OFFLINE   Mark Bendiksen

Mark Bendiksen


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Posted September 15 2003 - 02:47 AM

Oh, man...this thread brings back memories. Back in my junior high days I actually owned the 45 RPM single of the theme song to this show. Does that make me a total geek or what? Posted Image

#14 of 16 OFFLINE   Todd_B


    Second Unit

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Posted September 15 2003 - 03:21 AM

"Flying a way, on a wing and a prayer....
Who could it be???
Believe it or not, it's just me!"

Posted Image

Must buy. definitely.

Todd B
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#15 of 16 OFFLINE   Tom Brennan

Tom Brennan


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Posted September 16 2003 - 10:53 AM

How cool is this? A Greatest American Hero thread! This was my favorite show all time when I was a kid. Actually, who am I kidding...it still is! I would love to see it on DVD. The show still holds up. ABC billed it as a comedy, but it really wasn't. Sure it had it's comedic moments, but this show had heart. The characters were so well written, and the casting was dead on. The stories ranged from funny, to clever, to action filled, to dramatic, to down right scary (Beast in Black anyone?). ABC made a huge mistake cancelling it back in '83. They switched the schedule around far too much. NBC should have had the brains to pick it up at least. We really should have been able to enjoy a lot more of Ralph's adventures. However, I am happy that we have 44 episodes to enjoy at least. If they were ever to do a movie, I would want it to be a continuation of the series, or at least acknowledging it. The show is too good, and the characters too strong and well written to be erased in favor of a new continuity. The show airs in Canada now and my friend recorded them for me on DVD from a digital satellite feed. From what I can tell, they air it uncut. The shows look excellent overall. Much better then I have seen in previous syndication runs. Maybe they were resmastered for a possible DVD release? Who knows... The DVD's I have look really great, if they were done by Cannell Studios, they would be perfect. I want to have all the episodes in season sets; including the shows that never aired on ABC and the pilot for The Greatest American Heroine. Music rights shouldn't be much of an issue. Most songs heard in the show were songs that were re-recorded by Joey Scarbury, who sang the opening theme. Are rights an issue if the original songs aren't used? One thing I would like them to fix (if they ever did release them on DVD); would be to remove any mentions of the name Mr. Hanley as opposed to his proper name, Mr. Hinkley. Hanley was dubbed over in some season one shows, due to the fact that the guy who shot President Reagan was named David Hinkley. It just sounds silly now, and makes no sense. It would be an easy thing to remove. The mentions only occur in a few episodes. It would be easy to remove them, or just dub it over or use the original tracks. Just nitpicking really. Another great extra would be to include the original teasers. The teasers used to air before the episodes began, and then at the end for next week's episode. I would like to see an extended branching feature where you could choose to watch the teasers attached to the episodes or on their own. Should be easy enough to do. I have written Stephen Cannell about a GAH DVD release, but never heard a reply back. I wonder if it would make a difference if a bunch of us wrote to Cannell Studios via regular mail and request to have the series put on DVD...
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#16 of 16 OFFLINE   Eric F

Eric F


  • 1,810 posts
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Posted September 16 2003 - 11:01 AM

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