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Exclusive to Laserdisc - help compiling a comprehensive list!

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#1 of 127 OFFLINE   Adam_S



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Posted September 02 2003 - 05:46 PM

For work study this year I got on at USC's cinema-library. This is a fantastic place to be working, we got over 12,000 VHS, 2500 laserdisc, and 1400 DVD (including all of the DVD criterion collection through March 03, and I do mean ALL). However, one thing I've discovered working there is that the librarians don't know what they have in their laserdisc materials. I had a conversation with one of the head librarians today about the need to preserve much of the laserdisc collection because of the materials available on laser that will never find their way to DVD. He asked me to see if I could compile as comprehensive a listing as is possible of 'rare' materials that are currently exclusive to laserdisc.

So I naturally turn to the one place that probably has more people with vast knowledge about Laserdisc than anywhere else on the planet, HTF. I know there are many old collectors here that have been with lasers since the early eighties, maybe as far back as the seventies. Your information would be vastly appreciated, and there is the future possibility that a laserdisc archive of sorts will be established at the cinema-library.

I know about this laser disc thread in the software archives, but that listing is quite old, plus there are probably many criterion materials that are not listed on there. Certainly there are probably many more laserdiscs than that list shows

I'm looking for 'exclusive' special features (will probably be mainly criterion), extensions of special features (like the Jaws documentary debacle), titles only available on Laserdisc (like Robinson Crusoe on Mars), titles only available in OAR on laserdisc, cuts only available on laserdics, and audio only available on laserdisc.

Thanks very much in advance, any information contribution will be greatly appreciated and shared with many others.


#2 of 127 OFFLINE   Adam_S



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Posted September 02 2003 - 05:46 PM

I'll be using this thread to track the titles acknowledged so far:

Most of the initial listings will be from the software archive linked above Listings updated through post 21 of this thread and post 2 of archived thread:

Confirmed with exclusive to laserdisc material (including OAR only on Laserdisc)
    [*]12 Monkeys - complete commentary (Keith Paynter)[*]The African Queen Boxset - not on DVD and packed with supplementary material[*]Alice in Wonderland - Exclusive Archive Collection Boxset - special features[*]American Graffiti - Original opening shot of film kept intact on THX widescreen laserdisc, no CGI sunset.
    Original theatrical trailer in original widescreen aspect ratio. (Thanks to Bill Williams)[*]Armageddon - DTS - DTS not available on R1 DVD[*]Bad Day at Black Rock - Criterion - not on DVD[*]Bambi 55th Anniversary Edition - not on DVD, special features[*]Beauty and the Beast: Work in Progress Version - Original/different edit from DVD; trailer (Thanks to Bill Williams) CORRECT OAR of 1.66:1 only on LD (Jo_C)[*]Beauty and the Beast (disney) - CORRECT OAR of 1.66:1 only on LD (Jo_C)[*]Blade Runner - Criterion CAV - Theatrical cut, special features[*]Boogie Nights - Criterion - John Holmes Documentary[*]The Boys From Brazil (Pioneer SE) - LD exclusive Jerry Goldsmith Isolated score[*]Cat's Don't Dance - OAR only on LD - (Patrick McCart)[*]Cinderella - Exclusive Archive edition - not on DVD and tons of supplementary material[*]Citizen Kane - Criterion CAV - exclusive features can anyone elaborate?[*]Clean and Sober - OAR only on LD (JayE)[*]Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Criterion - only OAR theatrical version (one small alteration) (Thanks to Bill Williams)[*]Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 1998 Special Edition - different edit of the film, supplemental features (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]Dances with Wolves: extended cut - artwork and a book about the movie[*]Desk Set - only available on ld (Thanks to George Kaplan)[*]Dr. No - Criterion - audio commentary and vintage 1960s TV spots advertising Bond Bread and other toys (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]Dr. Strangelove... Criterion - Duck and Cover short, 'My Teenage Fallout Queen' (Keith Paynter) -- first pressing had early screenplay draft (Damin J Toell)[*]E.T. Signature Collector's Edition (1996?) - complete documentary includes: interviews with Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore, deleted scenes with Harrison Ford; complete isolated film score (Keith Paynter)[*]Fearless - OAR only on LD (JayE)[*]Frighteners SE - A very long (six hours!?) docu[*]From Russia With Love - Criterion - exclusive audio commentary (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]The Game - Criterion - Alternate Ending[*]Gator - OAR only on LD (JayE)[*]Gettysburg Boxset - extended edition, civil war bullet (Jo_C)[*]The Godfather Trilogy Boxset - not on DVD; three movies re-edited in chronological order and includes numerous previously-deleted scenes; also has a supplementary LD about the making of the movies, and includes fascinating original screen tests of various actors who did not get the part[*]Golden Age Of Looney Tunes Vol 1-5 - Many uncensored shorts unlikely to be released in politically correct era, such as Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips (Keith Paynter[*]Goldfinger - Criterion - exclusive commentary and vintage TV advertising for Bond bread (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]A Goofy Movie - OAR only on ld (Thanks to George Kaplan)[*]Great Santini, The - OAR only on LD (Jay E)[*]Grumpy Old Men - OAR only on ld (thanks to George Kaplan)[*]Grumpy Old Men - OAR only on ld (thanks to George Kaplan)[*]Hunchback of Notre Dame Boxset - Deleted Scenes, musical numbers and other supplemental material (thanks to RafaelB)[*]In the Good Old Summertime - only available on ld (Thanks to George Kaplan)[*]Independence Day - DTS - DTS not available on r1 DVD, can view the alternate ending without commentary (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - longer cut and proper titles only available on ld (thanks to George Kaplan)[*]Jaws - Signature Collector's Edition - original mono and complete documentary[*]Jungle Book 30th Anniversary Edition - special features and artwork[*]King Kong Criterion CAV - commentaries and other special features?[*]Lifeboat - only available on ld (Thanks to George Kaplan)[*]The Long, Long Trailer - only available on ld (thanks to George Kaplan)[*]Mary Poppins (Image THX CLV edition) - isolated score[*]My Fair Lady - Documentary and stills (thanks to RafaelB)[*]The Nightmare Before Christmas Boxset - Henry Selick shorts, full documentary (thanks to RafaelB)[*]Napolean - extensive stills gallery (Patrick McCart)[*]Pink Floyd - The Wall (1997 Image/MGM edition) - LD exclusive Alan Parker commentary (Keith Paynter)[*]Pinnochio Boxset - barebones DVD OOP, extra features and artwork[*]Pocahatas Boxset - supplemental material[*]Raging Bull - Criterion CAV - Commentary Anything else?[*]Ransom - Director's cut only on LD - (David Pagura)[*]Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Criterion - not on any other HV format[*]The Silver Streak - OAR only on LD (Jeff_HR)[*]Sling Blade - Criterion - Billy Bob Thorton Commentary[*]Song of the South - Japanese LD only HV official release[*]Star Wars Trilogy: The Definitive Collection - commentaries, special features, original theatrical versions[*]Star Wars Trilogy: THX remastered individual titles - original theatrical versions[*]Superman: The Movie - Original theatrical cut with original audio tracks I presume this is OAR as well? (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]Superman IV: The Quest For Peace - extended edition on Japanese laser with different aspect ratio: 2:1. (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]Taxi Driver Criterion - LD exclusive Scorsese commentary[*]Titanic - DTS - No DTS on DVD[*]T-2 Special Edition - Guns&Roses video; select the script option. Pressing Play on the remote will allow you to access the entire script at warp speed, along with an accelerated image of the fiery playground and T-800 endoskeleton accompanied by Brad Fiedel's music, all from the main title sequence. (thanks to Bill Williams)[*]The War of the Roses - Script available on laser disc[*]
    [*]Titles needing confirmation of unique material on the laserdisc[*]20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Does the recent 2 disc set cover all the laser materials?[*]The Al Jolson Collection - Jazz Singer not on DVD, can anyone else specify what makes this unique?[*]Aladdin - not on DVD, and supplemental material?[*]Amadeus: Special Edition Boxset - Mozart CD and book possibly different supplemental materials, can anyone confirm?[*]The Day the Earth Stood Still - Autographed Collector's Edition - Does the Studio classics release make this obsolete?[*]Halloween - Criterion - Exclusive commentary? anyone confirm?[*]Ghostbusters - Anyone confirm unique deleted scenes?[*]The James Dean Collection - East of Eden not on DVD, documentary may not be on DVD, confirm anyone?[*]The Lion King Boxset - upcoming Platinum release may or may not incorporate all material[*]The Magnificent Ambersons - Criterion CAV - not on DVD any significant extras?[*]Mary Poppins - Exclusive Archive Collection I don't believe either release has covered all supplemental material from this laser, anyone confirm?[*]Microcosmos - not on DVD, but available in other HV formats, any special features set this apart?[*]Peter Pan - did supplementary material make it to DVD?[*]Se7en - Criterion - exclusive supplemental material?[*]Sleeping Beauty Boxset - Does anyone know if the new 2 disc DVD covers all the laser material?[*]Showboat - Criterion RafaelB listed this, but I can't find it on IMDB to see if it has a VHS release...[*]Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Does the platinum DVD cover all the laser material?[*]Star Wars Trilogy 1997 Speical editions - not on DVD Any special features unique to laser?[*]Swiss Family Robinson - Did the two disc version incorporate all the laserdisc material?[*]Tombstone: Director's Cut - I believe this cut is different from the Vista series cut[*]Tron - Exlusive Archive Collection -Does anyone know if the two disc release covered all laserdisc supplemental material?[*]Wyatt Earp: Special Expanded Edition - regular or extended edition are not on DVD is either not available on other HV formats, and are there any special features?

    [*]Titles available on Laser and other HV formats but not DVD
    For now I'll just link to JayE's post and will add others below this.[*]Schindler's List - Limited Edition - not on DVD


#3 of 127 OFFLINE   george kaplan

george kaplan

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Posted September 02 2003 - 10:09 PM

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - longer cut and proper titles only available on ld The Long, Long Trailer - only available on ld In the Good Old Summertime - only available on ld Lifeboat - only available on ld Desk Set - only available on ld A Goofy Movie - OAR only on ld Grumpy Old Men - OAR only on ld Grumpier Old Men - OAR only on ld
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#4 of 127 OFFLINE   Dave Simkiss

Dave Simkiss

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Posted September 03 2003 - 01:01 AM

One you may have missed is Ghostbusters. According to IMDB a few of the deleted scenes from the Criterion CAV didn’t make it to the Columbia DVD. I don’t actually have the LD, so can anyone confirm? • The ``green slimer'' ghost is discovered by two newlyweds at the Hotel Sedgewick. Also cut was a Ghostbuster inspection of the room. (the newlyweds discovering slimer is on the DVD, but I don’t remember seeing a Ghostbuster inspection of the room) • A policeman tries to ticket the Ectomobile, but the car won't let him. • Ray and Winston inspect Fort Detmerring, where Ray dresses in an old General's coat and falls asleep. When he awakes, he sees a female ghost above his bed. This part of the sequence was kept and used in the montage in the middle of the film.

#5 of 127 OFFLINE   RafaelB


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Posted September 03 2003 - 01:20 AM

RE: Disney's Hunchback Laser Boxset

I can confirm that the current DVD doesn't have all the supplements, esp. deleted scenes/musical numbers

RE: Nightmare Before Xmas Laser Boxset

Again, the DVD, although pretty comprehensive and with DTS, doesn't have the full documentary and the Henry Selick short films.

Some other Laser Boxsets with unreleased stuff:

My Fair Lady- documentary and loads of stills not on current DVD

King Kong: Criterion CAV set- still not available

Showboat (1936): Criterion- not available

Hope this helps. Posted Image


#6 of 127 OFFLINE   Bill Williams

Bill Williams


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Posted September 03 2003 - 01:32 AM

Some other laserdisc-exclusive features that I have in my own collection that aren't on DVD:

1. Beauty and the Beast: Work in Progress Version - The edit is different from the version that appears on the DVD. In addition, there is also a trailer to the film that's not on the DVD.

2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Criterion Collection - The original theatrical cut of Spielberg's film is preserved, with the exception of a brief insert shot from the Special Edition, on the bulk of the each disc. SE scenes are after the theatrical cut, followed by trims that didn't make either the original or SE. Two trims, of the audience's applause to Lacombe's speech, and of Roy, Jillian, and another fellow fighting the Army officers and escaping out of the helicopter, are on the laserdisc and not on the DVD. In addition, the supplements that appear on the final side are not on the DVD.

3. Superman: The Movie - Original theatrical cut with original audio tracks, not included on the DVD. Original aspect ratio.

4. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace - 93-minute extended version released on Japanese laserdisc by Tohokushinshu Home Video from a Cannon Films print of the film. It has a slightly different main title sequence with the Cannon logo and the credits "The Cannon Group Presents / A Golan-Globus Production", followed by the rest of the film as is. The two scenes of the tornado and of Superman saving Red Square are maintained in this print and not on the U.S./Canadian print on the WB DVD. Aspect ratio of the film is different from the WB DVD, I would estimate 2:1.

5. Terminator 2 Pioneer laserdisc - In addition to the Guns 'n' Roses music video, select the script option. Pressing Play on the remote will allow you to access the entire script at warp speed, along with an accelerated image of the fiery playground and T-800 endoskeleton accompanied by Brad Fiedel's music, all from the main title sequence.

6. Dr. No Criterion Collection - Exclusive audio commentary through the film, different from the DVD. Vintage 1960's TV spots advertising Bond bread and other 007-related toys, not on the DVD.

7. From Russia With Love Criterion Collection - Exclusive audio commentary through the film, different from what is on the DVD.

8. Goldfinger Criterion Collection - Exclusive audio commentary through the film, different from what appears on the DVD. Vintage 1960's TV spots advertising Bond bread, not on the DVD.

9. Independence Day SE - No theatrical cut present on the laserdisc, only the SE cut. Audio option in the deleted original ending allows you to choose viewing the scene with or without Roland Emmerich's audio commentary, whereas on the DVD you can only view the scene with the audio commentary present.

10. The War of the Roses - The entire script is present and viewable on the laserdisc. Danny DeVito's introduction to the deleted scenes specifically mentions the bonus features for the laserdisc buff.

11. American Graffiti - Original opening shot of film kept intact on THX widescreen laserdisc, no CGI sunset.
Original theatrical trailer in original widescreen aspect ratio. My copy of the SE has the trailer in fullscreen format (why did they screw with that?).

Those are the ones I can think of at this early time in the morning. I'm sure there are probably a few others that will come to me later on.
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#7 of 127 OFFLINE   Jay E

Jay E


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Posted September 03 2003 - 01:50 AM

Titles released OAR on Laser but not on DVD:

The Great Santini
Clean & Sober
White Lightning

Here's just a small list of titles available on Laser but not yet on DVD (region 1):

7-Ups, The
7 Women
10 Rillington Place
11 Harrowhouse
27th Day, The
49th Parallel, The
84 Charlie Mopic
Abbott & Costello Meet Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Abbott & Costello Meet the Invisible Man
Abbott & Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff
Accidental Tourist, The
Across the Pacific
After Hours
African Queen, The
After the Thin Man
Agony & the Ecstasy, The
Alexander the Great
Alias Jesse James
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
All Over Me
Alleghany Uprising
Americanization of Emily, The
Angels With Dirty Faces
Anna Christie
Anna Karenina
Anne of the Thousand Days
Another Thin Man
Around the World in 80 Days
Asphalt Jungle, The
At the Circus
Atlantis, The Lost Continent
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Baby, The Rain Must Fall
Bachelor & the Bobby Soxer, The
Back to Bataan
Bad Day at Black Rock
Ballad of Cable Hogue
Band of Angels
Bandwagon, The
Battle of the Bulge
Beast of Hollow Mountain
Beast With Five Fingers
Beau Geste
Bellboy, The
Berlin Express
Best Man, The
Beyond Rangoon
Big Steal, The
Black Cat, The (Ulmer)
Black Room, The
Blackboard Jungle, The
Blonde Crazy
Blonde Venus
Blood & Wine
Blood on the Moon
Blow Up
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Bobby Deerfield
Body Snatcher, The
Boom Town
Borrower, The
Boy With Green Hair
Boys in the Band
Brewster McCloud
Brides of Dracula
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Bringing Up Baby
Broken Lance
Brother Orchid
Bullets or Ballots
Bullfighter & the Lady, The
Buona Sera, Mrs Campbell
Burn, Witch, Burn
Butcher Boy, The
Calling Northside 777
Captain Blood
Career Girls
Cat People (Lewton)
Cemetery Man
Charley Varrick
Chase, The (1966)
Child is Waiting, A
Children of the Damned
Christmas in July
Clash By Night
Climax, The
Clock, The
Cobweb, The
Cold Turkey
Colossus: The Forbin Project
Come Back Little Sheba
Command Decision
Coogan's Bluff
Counterfeit Traitor
Court Martial of Billy Mitchell, The
Creature Walks Among Us, The
Creeping Flesh, The
Criss Cross
Crossing Delancey
Crucible, The
Curse of the Cat People
Curse of the Faceless Man
Curse of the Werewolf
Daddy Long Legs (1955)
David & Bathsheba
David Copperfield
Day at The Races, A
Day of the Triffids
Days of Wine & Roses
Dead, The (1987)
Dead End
Deadly Friend
Deadly Mantis, The
Deep in My Heart
Delicate Delinquent, The
Design for Living
Desire Under the Elms
Detective, The
Devil Doll, The
Dial M For Murder
Diary of Anne Frank, The
Dinner at Eight
Doctor Cyclops
Doctor X
$ (Dollars)
Down to Earth (1947)
Drum, The
Drums Along the Mohawk
East of Eden
Egg & I, The
El Cid
Electra Glide in Blue
Enforcer, The (1951)
Errand Boy, The
Evil of Frankenstein
Executive Suite
Eyewitness (1981)
Facts of Life
Fallen Idol, The
Fancy Pants
Far From the Madding Crowd
Fearless Vampire Killers, The
Fistful of Dyanamite, A
Five Came Back
Five Fingers
Flesh & the Devil (Garbo)
Follow the Fleet
Fool for Love
Force of Evil
Foreign Correspondent
Fountainhead, The
Four Feathers, The (1939)
Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, The
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Freebie & the Bean
From Beyond the Grave
Front, The
Fugitive, The (John Ford)
Fury (Fritz Lang)
Gabriel Over the White House
Gay Divorcee, The
Georgy Girl
Ghost Ship
Giant Behemoth, The
Glass Key, The
Go West
Good Earth, The
Goodbye Mr Chips (1939)
Gorgan, The
Grand Hotel
Grand Prix
Grapes of Wrath, The
Great Lie, The
Great McGinty, The
Great Moment, The
Green Mansions
Gumball Rally, The
Gunfighter, The
Gunga Din
Hail the Conquering Hero
Hangin With the Homeboys
Heaven Can Wait (1943)
Heiress, The
Hide in Plain Sight
High Anxiety
Hill, The
Hit the Ice
Home From the Hill
Honky Tonk
Hour of the Gun
House of Dark Shadows
House of Dracula
How I Won the War
How to Steal a Million
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang
I Confess
I Could Go on Singing
I Died a Thousand Times
I Love You Alice B Toklas
I Married a Monster From Outer Space
I Never Sang for my Father
I Remember Mama
I Walked With a Zombie
Ice Follies of 1939
Ice Palace
Ice Station Zebra
I'll Cry Tommorrow
Illustrated Man, The
In This Our Life
Incident, The
Incredible Shrinking Man, The
Informer, The
Innocents, The
Invisible Boy, The
Invisible Man Returns, The
Invisible Man's Revenge, The
Invisible Ray, The
Island of Lost Souls
Islands in the Streams
Isle of the Dead
It Lives Again
It Should Happen to You
It's Alive
It's Always Fair Weather
Jane Eyre
Jazz Singer, The (1927)
Jesse James
Johnny Angel
Johnny Guitar
Journey Into Fear
Judgment at Nuremburg
Julius Caeser
Kansas City
Keys of the Kingdom
King Kong
King of the Hill
Kiss of Death (1995)
Krays, The
Ladies Man, The
Lady in Cement
Lady Killer
Land of the Pharohs
Land Unknown, The
Last Exit to Brooklyn
Last Voyage, The
Late Show, The
League of Gentleman, The
Leech Woman, The
Leopard Man, The
Les Miserables (1936)
Let Him Have It
Letter, The
Letter From An Unkown Woman
Letter to Three Wives, A
Life is Sweet
Life of Emile Zola, The
List of Adrian Messenger, The
Little Caeser
Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane, The
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Lonely Are the Brave
Long Day's Journey Into Night
Long, Long Trailer, The
Long Voyage Home, The
Lorenzo's Oil
Lost Patrol, The
Loved One, The
Lust for Life
Lusty Men, The
Mad Love
Madame Sousatzka
Magnetic Monster, The
Magnificent Ambersons, The
Major Dundee
Man of No Importance, A
Man Who Could Work Miracles, The
Mannequin (1937)
Manny & Lo
Mary of Scotland
Mask, The (1961)
Mark of the Vampire
Mask of Fu Manchu
Meet Me in St Louis
Meeting Venus
Men, The
Men Don't Leave
Merril's Marauders
Mickey One
Mighty Joe Young
Milagro Beanfield War, The
Miracle of Morgan's Creek
Missouri Breaks, The
Mr & Mrs Smith
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
Mr Lucky
Mr Skeffington
Modern Romance
Mole People, The
Molly Maguires, The
Monolith Monsters, The
More the Merrier, The
Moulin Rouge
Monster on the Campus
Mrs Parker & the Vicious Circle
Murder Ahoy
Murder at the Gallop
Murder Most Foul
Murder My Sweet
Murder She Said
Murders in the Rue Morgue
Music of Chance, The
Mutiny on the Bounty - both versions
My Darling Clementine
My Own Private Idaho
Naked Jungle, The
Naked Prey, The
Narrow Margin, The (1952)
Naughty Nineties, The
Neanderthal Man, The
Never So Few
New York, New York
Night at the Opera, A
Night of the Iguana
Night Moves
Night of Dark Shadows
Nightcomers, The
Nightmare (1963)
Northwest Passage
Nun's Story, The
O Lucky Man
Old Maid, The
On Dangerous Ground
One Million B.C.
One Million Years B.C.
One Trick Pony
Operation Crossbow
Out of the Past
Palm Beach Story, The
Panic in Needle Park
Panic in the Streets
Panic in Year Zero
Party Girl (1958)
Passage to Marseille
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
Patsy, The
Pawnbroker, The
Penn & Teller Get Killed
Permanent Record
Petrified Forest, The
Phantom of the Opera (1962)
Picture of Dorian Grey
Point Blank
Possessed (1947)
Postman Always Rings Twice, The
Power, The (1968)
President's Analyst, The
Prick Up Your Ears
Prisoner of Second Avenue, The
Prodigal, The (1955)
Public Enemy
Quatermass Xperiment, The
Queen Christina
Quiet Earth, The
Quo Vadis
Racket, The
Rainbow, The
Rainmaker, The (1956)
Raintree Country
Rancho Notorious
Raven, The (Karloff/Lugosi)
Razor's Edge, The
Red Dust
Red Planet Mars
Red Tent, The
Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The
Retuen of Frank James
Revenge of the Creature
Ride em Cowboy
Ride the High Country
Rise & Fall of Legs Diamond, The
Rita, Sue & Bob Too
Ritz, The
Roaring Twenties, The
Rose Tattoo, The
Ruggles of Red Gap, The
Ryan's Daughter
Sammy & Rosie Get Laid
Sadie McKee
San Francisco
Scared Stiff
Sea Chase, The
Sea Hawk, The
Secrets & Lies
September Affair
Set-Up, The
Seventh Veil, The
Seventh Victim
Shadow of the Thin Man
Shall We Dance
Shock to the System, A
Singing Nun, The
Snapper, The
Some Came Running
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Son of Kong
Song of the Thin Man
Snake Pit, The
Sometimes a Great Notion
Spanking the Monkey
Spy Who Came in From the Cold, The
Stage Door
Stage Fright
Stanley & Iris
Starting Over
Stay Hungry
Stolen Life, A
Story of Louis Pasteur, The
Strange Affair of Uncle Harry, The
Strange Door, The
Stranger on the Third Floor
Study in Terror, A
Sugarland Express, The
Summer & Smoke
Summer Place, A
Sunshine Boys, The
Sweet Bird of Youth
Swing Time
Sylvia Scarlett
Tale of Two Cities, A
Tall Story
Tarzan & His Mate
Tarzan Escapes
Tarzan Finds a Son
Tarzan's New York Adventure
Tarzan's Secret Treasure
Tea & Sympathy
Teahouse of the August Moon
Tell Them Willie Boy is Here
That Sinking Feeling
That's Entertainment
That's Entertainment II
That's Entertainment III
There Was a Crooked Man
They Live by Night
They Won't Believe Me
Thieves Like Us
This Could Be the Night
This Gun for Hire
Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies
Those Magnificent Men in Their Fllying Machines
Thousand Clowns, A
Three Little Words
THX 1138
Time of Their Lives, The
To Be or Not To Be
Tom, Dick & Harry
Tomorrow is Forever
Tony Rome
Top Hat
Torch Song
Travels With My Aunt
Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A
True Confessions
Tunes of Glory
Tunnel of Love
Turning Point, The
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Twin Town
Two for the Road
Two for the Seesaw
Two Rode Together
Two Weeks in Another Town
Unfaithfuly Yours (Sturges)
Unholy, The
Uninvited, The
Valley of the Dolls
Vanishing Point
Village of the Damned
Vincent & Theo
Viva Zapata
Walking Dead, The
Waterloo Bridge
What's New Pussycat
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
When Ladies Meet
White Heat
Wild at Heart
Wild in the Streets
Wild Rovers
Wish You Were Here
Woman in the Window
Woman' Face, A
Words & Music (1948)
World of Suzie Wong, The
World, the Flesh & the Devil, The
Wrong Box, The
Wrong is Right
Wrong Man, The
Yakuza, The
Young Man With a Horn
Young Mr Lincoln
Young Poisoner's Handbook, The
Young Savages, The
Young Stranger, The
You're a Big Boy Now
Zabriskie Point

#8 of 127 OFFLINE   JohnDG


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Posted September 03 2003 - 02:05 AM

I saw a listing on Ebay for "Steppenwolf." jdg

#9 of 127 OFFLINE   Chris


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Posted September 03 2003 - 02:05 AM

"Until the End of the World" (Wim Wenders) the four hour cut was only ever distributed by NHK/Sony in Japan, and included the film "Dream Island" .. neither has been released on DVD (at all)
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#10 of 127 OFFLINE   Dave_P.


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Posted September 03 2003 - 02:21 AM

Ransom on LD is the Director's Cut.

#11 of 127 OFFLINE   Jeff_HR



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Posted September 03 2003 - 03:00 AM

WS "Silver Streak". Posted Image
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Posted September 03 2003 - 03:03 AM

There are no laserdisc supplements - only a copy of the paperback novel and a soundtrack CD

Now here's a few that I can think of off-hand (since they are still in my collection)

The Flintstones - The First Fourteen Episodes - not on DVD
Dr. Strangelove (Criterion CAV) - includes the infamous 'Duck And Cover' short plus 'My Teenage Fallout Queen'
12 Monkeys - complete commentary (cut off on DVD)
E.T. (1996 Box Set) - 1996 making-of documentary includes interviews with Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore; alternate-audio John Williams original score; Gold soundtrack CD
Golden Age Of Looney Tunes Vol 1-5 - so many of the historic shorts are unlikely to be issued on DVD , especially Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips from Vol. 1
Pink Floyd - The Wall (1997 Image/MGM edition) - commentary by Alan Parker not on DVD
The Boys From Brazil (Pioneer SE) - Jerry Goldsmith isolated score
Paul McCartney & Wings: Rockshow - unavailable on DVD
Hearts Of Darkness - m/o Apocalypse Now, unavailable on DVD
Mary Poppins (Image THX CLV edition) includes isolated score
Talking Heads - Storytelling Giant - not on DVD
Metropolis (1984 Moroeder edition) - not on DVD, now more unlikely than ever
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Posted September 03 2003 - 03:08 AM

Chris: You'll be happy with this piece of info on Until the End of the World, from DVD Savant.
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Posted September 03 2003 - 03:12 AM

[quote] Dr. Strangelove (Criterion CAV) - includes the infamous 'Duck And Cover' short plus 'My Teenage Fallout Queen' [quote]

And the first pressing also had an early screenplay draft, which was subsequently removed at Mr. Kubrick's request.


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Posted September 03 2003 - 03:28 AM

Taxi Driver CC Laser has a Scorsese commentary track which isn't on the Columbia DVD

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Posted September 03 2003 - 04:42 AM

The VHS special edition has the LD workprint version and a trailer. The earlier edition which was letterboxed only at 2:1 had the documentary. (For It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World)

Also worth noting... the laserdisc of Abel Gance's Napoleon has a lengthy stills gallery at the end of the film.... and it has slightly different shots in terms of framing. Some shots during the 3-panel ending are a lot bigger (since some parts are only middle panel) rather than letterboxed all the way through on the tape.

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Posted September 03 2003 - 05:10 AM

[quote] # Halloween - Criterion - Exclusive commentary? anyone confirm? [quote]
The DVD has the same commentary.

As with Taxi Driver, the Raging Bull LD has a Scorsese commentary that is not present on the DVD.

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Posted September 03 2003 - 05:19 AM

[quote] Chris: You'll be happy with this piece of info on Until the End of the World, from DVD Savant. [quote]
I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Bis Ans Ende Der Welt is one of my favorite Wim Wenders film, and I would contend it has one of the most elegant scores of any movie in recent era.. the story is drifting, complex, and very "open" instead of feeling like a push from point A to point B. It's good to see it released. Posted Image
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Posted September 03 2003 - 06:03 AM

Some slight corrections and additions I'd like to make.

First, on Bill Williams' statement on "Close Encounters"...the Criterion version has the original cut as the primary version, but in addition to the brief UFO shadow shot lifted from the "Special Edition", it is minus another 25 seconds of trims seen in the original 1977 version that Spielberg wanted out of the film's context. As I've explained elsewhere on the net, this includes a bit of Roy driving the truck in the tunnel; a brief shot of the neighborhood after Roy Neary's wife has left him (while "Days Of Our Lives" is playing on TV in the background); and Roy, Jillian, and a reporter running in Devil's Tower vicinity (after Lacombe's line "it is an event of socialogical"). The sequence where Lacombe is getting applause is from the SE and can be programmed to play the SE (albeit a different SE edit, as I also explained elsewhere) with the applause in its proper context.

And Patrick McCart, the first letterboxed VHS release of the "restored" workprint to "...Mad World" had a ratio of 1.77:1, not 2:1. All early TNT and TCM broadcasts of this were presented as such. It was only after the VHS was reissued years later that the full 2.55:1 Super Panavision/Cinerama ratio was presented (a new video master apparently was originated from the LD release).

Other corrections: the "work-in-progress" and original theatrical versions of "Beauty And The Beast" on LD were in the VistaVision negative ratio of 1.66:1.

The now out-of-print "E.T." DVD contains the documentary "E.T.--A Look Back", which is really a condensed half-hour version of the feature-length LD documentary "The Making Of E.T." (found on the Signature Collection LD edition).

The LD of "Gettysburg" contains the longest cut released thus far, about a half-hour longer than the theatrical cut currently represented on DVD. This cut was supervised by the director himself.

And "Fantasia"'s LD box set (one probably not mentioned on your original list) contains the 50th Anniversary re-release, which technically is the general release version minus the interstitial extensions recently restored in the "roadshow version re-creation" now on DVD, but it does contain Deems Taylor's original narration tracks instead of Corey Burton's redubs now seen on DVD. It also has the TV "making-of" documentary hosted ty Michael Tucker ("L.A. Law").

I guess that's about it from me for now.

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Posted September 03 2003 - 06:37 AM

Gas Pump Girls, from Vestron. An important movie because it was filmed in Sacramento. I've shot some recent video of the location as it is today for any eventual DVD release though! And of course, Smoking: How To Stop.
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