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Effect of receiver on TV

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Posted July 29 2003 - 05:10 AM

My TV is connected to my receiver via composite output from TV to TV input on receiver. I noticed that when I turn on the receiver the picture becomes brighter and a bit clearer. Not that I'm complaining. Can someone please explain to me how this happens? Thanks.

#2 of 8 OFFLINE   Ted Lee

Ted Lee

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Posted July 29 2003 - 07:20 AM

your picture becomes brighter and clearer when you *on* the receiver? that's trippy.

how is your tv getting it's signal? over-the-air antenna? cable? dish?

the only thing i can think of is that your receiver is somehow emitting some sort of rfi (magnetic?) interference. maybe it's acting as some sort of antenna boost? but that should only work if you're using an antenna.

#3 of 8 OFFLINE   Lew Crippen

Lew Crippen

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Posted July 29 2003 - 08:17 AM

A question for you Karl: ‘why are you running a video output from your TV to an input on your receiver?”

It is possible that there are alternate methods of connecting your video gear.
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Posted July 29 2003 - 08:43 AM

Karl,unless you don't have many inputs for your tv to support all your gear.I would hook all my dvd players sat box etc. directly to the tv.This way you will know you will be getting the best picture possible.Only if I didn't have enough inputs on your tv would I start connecting gear through my video on the receiver.If you have enough inputs on your tv do this for the best pic possible from your dvd player laser disc etc.

#5 of 8 OFFLINE   Karl_C



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Posted July 30 2003 - 05:29 AM

I actually just tried connecting the video output from the TV to the input on the receiver.The TV was formerly connected using the audio out. I'm using cable by the way. The picture was better so I stuck with it. In fact, the color improved. If the receiver is turned off, red bleeds a little. When the reciver is turned on red is balanced. The way it should be. DVD is conncted directly to TV via S-vid cable. Thanks for the inputs guys.

#6 of 8 OFFLINE   John Garcia

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Posted July 30 2003 - 07:24 AM

Connecting the video OUTPUT to the receiver should make absolutely no difference whatsoever, since nothing is being fed back to the TV. If you had it the other way around, there *might* be a difference.

It sounds like what you have is some kind of ground loop or poor grounding issue, that inadvertently makes your picture look better to you. Have you calibrated your TV using Video Essentials or Avia?
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#7 of 8 OFFLINE   Jack Briggs

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Posted July 30 2003 - 08:22 AM

Because of this same confusion I elected not to try to answer this question late last night. Your video outputs to the receiver's video inputs basically do nothing, lead nowhere.

#8 of 8 OFFLINE   Karl_C



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Posted August 01 2003 - 06:00 AM

Yeah that's why I'm a bit confused. I used the THX optimizer to calibrate. Thanks anyway guys.Posted Image