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DVD Distortion or Damaged Tweeters?

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#1 of 17 OFFLINE   Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker


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Posted May 27 2003 - 05:33 PM

Well, as my title indicates, I am concerned with what sounds like tweeter problems.
My speakers are new about 6 weeks old. With regards to music they perform nicely and I hear no audible distortion in the highs that I would consider originating from damaged tweeters. However, when I play DVDs everything from Spiderman to older Star Trek I hear distortion (AT TIMES) these times are ONLY with dialogue and usually when someone is yelling but not always. Also volume itself doesnt REALLY seem to impact it. Often I scan back to the part where I heard the distortion and find it is still there at varying volumes.

So, does anyone witness the same situation with their systems?
Is this normal for dvds or do you feel my tweeters are in fact the culprit.

The speakers are Paradigm studio 80s and they are under warranty but geeez what a pain. I took one of them and the service dept put it on a tone generator while I was there and said it checked out fine.

So I bring it to the experts here at the forum.

#2 of 17 OFFLINE   Jack Briggs

Jack Briggs

    Executive Producer

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Posted May 27 2003 - 05:52 PM

When you say "music" do you mean music played on another machine (a dedicated CD player, say) or on CD when played on the DVD player? If on a separate machine, I'd suggest the process of elimination points to your DVD player being an issue.

Are you perhaps hearing and noticing more clearly pronounced sibilants in speech, however?

#3 of 17 OFFLINE   Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker


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  • Join Date: Mar 29 2003

Posted May 27 2003 - 06:02 PM

Good point, my mistake for not being clear.

It is only noticeable on DVD MOVIEs I use the player for dvd audio (no prob) SACD (no Prob) I also have a seperate cd player and no problem there.

#4 of 17 OFFLINE   Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker


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  • Join Date: Mar 29 2003

Posted May 27 2003 - 06:05 PM

As far as sibilants... I am not sure. I mean it REALLY sounds like distortion. But the fact that I cant create a similar distortion in music play back causes the confusion.

The dvd player is a pioneer 47ai elite.

#5 of 17 OFFLINE   Kirk Mango

Kirk Mango

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 28 2003 - 01:35 AM

I went round and round about this same issue when I first purchased my HT. Found through testing, (playing same part of DVD on other systems, turning volume down and listening closely to same scene, etc.) that it is in the DVD itself. Yes, I also noticed that it happened most of the time in dialogue and when someone is screaming. However, I have also heard it in some CD's, but you have to listen much more intensely. It is a function of whoever mixed the CD or DVD at the Mixing board. Sometimes they just push things past the limits of the DVD at the mixing board itself.


#6 of 17 OFFLINE   Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker


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  • Join Date: Mar 29 2003

Posted May 28 2003 - 03:41 AM

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking along those lines as well. Just was hoping I wasn't alone on it.
I think I will get some headphones as well and compare.

#7 of 17 OFFLINE   Sal Conigliaro

Sal Conigliaro


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Posted May 28 2003 - 07:26 AM

Is the distortion there on analog and digital inputs?

If it's only present on one signal type (analog/digital), try a different piece of gear (like a STB). That will tell you if it's the DVD player or the receiver.

My 4802 is in repair right now for something similar (any digital input makes it sound likes there's crickets in the background of any sound output. The same source material over analog sounds crystal clear).


#8 of 17 OFFLINE   Geoff L

Geoff L


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Posted May 28 2003 - 08:59 AM

Some players have a line level volume control. I've seen players overdriver the audio signal output going to the Analog and even Digital receivers input. Causes the same simalar complaint you speak of...

Dose the Elite have a line out volume control on it, if so try bumping it down a touch and see what happens. Some only affect analog outs, others will control both analog and digital line level out.

This usually is noticed on very hot and or dynamic recorded material, both CD and DVD.

Dose it do it on every disc or just certain ones?
~{ Speak of what you know, listen to what you don't.! }~  

#9 of 17 OFFLINE   Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker


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Posted May 28 2003 - 11:22 AM

Thats a great idea. However, i dont think it will apply because I have a seperate cd player and it puts out a much hotter signal than the dvd player and I dont hear the same distortion as I am complaining aboput with the other unit.
As far as which sources it seems to happen on just about each movie somewhere along the movie. So it is very specefic to DVDs and very consistant.
All these replies have been helpful thus far atleast to help eliminate other possibilities.

#10 of 17 OFFLINE   Jonny K

Jonny K

    Second Unit

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Posted May 28 2003 - 01:33 PM

Just to contribute, when I play the first Lord of the Rings movie on DVD, there are lots of female vocals that come from the surround speakers, and I hear distortion in them. I though I had blown them. But then I don't get any trouble in any other movies.

I guess I just have cheap surrounds that don't handle high frequencies nicely, but for the most part it's not a problem.

Jonny K. Posted Image

#11 of 17 OFFLINE   Geoff L

Geoff L


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Posted May 28 2003 - 03:00 PM


Have you tried a different cable or digital input on the receiver.

Also if using Tos connection, you might try RCA digital if the Pioneer has it. Vice ah Versa if using RCA-Digital out now.

Very strange for sure,,,, and just stabbing here for something else to try.

Could you grab a "different player" and see if the problem persist. It would make things even stranger if a different player solved the problem (hooked up the same way)....

At least you'ed know it's not all the DVD's them selves, Receiver, or Speakers this way and the problem is with-in the player.

Your movie problem would drive me absoluty crazy for sure! Posted Image Posted Image

~{ Speak of what you know, listen to what you don't.! }~  

#12 of 17 OFFLINE   Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker


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  • Join Date: Mar 29 2003

Posted May 28 2003 - 05:08 PM

Yeah Geoff it DOES drive me crazy, thats one of the reasons I wanted to post here because I figured SOMEONE would be able to relate to the problems I am having. All the ideas including yours are great and I am planning on trying them ALL

#13 of 17 OFFLINE   Brian Henchey

Brian Henchey


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Posted May 29 2003 - 04:44 AM

I have a similar problem, but with a completely different set of components and speakers--dialogue on certain DVD's (usually when a character is raising their voice or yelling) creates a "fizzing"-kind of distortion behind their speech. This distortion only occurs in the center channel, but I have ruled out a problem with the speaker. Here are my current theories:

1. Room problem at a specific frequency. Solution--plan to purchase room treatments, but probably not for a while.

2. Center speaker location--currently, the center speaker (rear ported) is on a short stand immediately in front of my Mits TV with not a whole lot of room between the back of the speaker and the TV--may cause resonance or vibration in the TV screen or frame. Solution--new entertainment center is being constructed which will move the speaker to the top of the TV.

3. "Brightness" of receiver--Sony DA5ES acting as a preamp to a B&K Reference amp. No EQ or special surround modes engaged. Solution--eventually switch to a different preamp (possibly a B&K Ref 50).

4. Interconnects--new, high-quality interconnects ordered to replace the Radio Shack Gold currently in use.

Maybe these help (at least for moral support),
"Build a man a fire and you will warm him for a night; set fire to him and he will be warm for the rest of his life."

Terry Pratchett

#14 of 17 OFFLINE   Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker


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  • Join Date: Mar 29 2003

Posted May 29 2003 - 03:32 PM

yeah, moral support is always welcome. Well, I do have great inter connects and if i didnt I would likely blame them. But the distortion sounds similar to yours that your describing.
One of the ideas mentioned above was that maybe the dvd was recorded a bit hot and that was kinda what I was thinking and that is the kind of distortion I am experiencing.

#15 of 17 OFFLINE   SopRage



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Posted April 11 2009 - 01:44 AM

THANK GOD!!! I thought it was just me and that I was going crazy.

I've tried everything - different DVD players, two receivers, upgraded interconnects, and now I even have a dedicated amp. The speakers, Ascends all around, sound WONDERFUL on music, but "shouted" dialogue in the center channel distorts at times. It's even worse on some Xbox 360 games.

Man, I even tried running analog to the receiver, forcing a stereo mix instead of Dolby, you name it. Every test someone could throw at me.

So, at least ONE other person has the same problem. Maybe I'm not crazy after all.

The speakers, Ascend CMT-340 SEs tend to be very unforgiving. Is this part of the problem, I wonder? What sort of setup are you using, OP?

#16 of 17 OFFLINE   Robert_J


    Lead Actor

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Posted April 12 2009 - 12:28 AM

Originally Posted by SopRage
What sort of setup are you using, OP?
It is always good to look at the dates in the thread you are responding to. The OP hasn't logged onto HTF in almost four years.


#17 of 17 OFFLINE   Lorenzio



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Posted May 05 2009 - 12:25 PM

I'm having exactly the same problem with my Denon 2808. Treble distortion is terrible in some of the movies I watch with high pitched sound.

Anybody here knows how to fix this kind of thing? Do I need a trip to the nearest Denon service center?