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What can you get for less than $1500

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Posted May 06 2003 - 03:00 AM

Hello, I must admit I have not kept up with TV tech. I want an HDTV, but don't know where to start. Can you get a good 42"-50" HDTV for under $1500. What's the difference between the HDTV capable, ready and so on? What do I need if I will be connecting to a DirecTV HD receiver or the cable companies cable box? Every single TV seems to have the same specs. Is there something specific to look for? What brands are best?

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Posted May 06 2003 - 12:34 PM

Well, that's a mouthful of questions that get asked all the time. Posted Image

I guess for starters, you have a rather short list of 42-50" HDTVs in your <=$1500 range. Maybe if you wait for the upcoming summer releases, you might see more, especially if you feel a need for DVI/HDCP input to help future-proof the TV.

As of now, your best choices are probably the Tosh's, Panny's and maybe Mits(?), but none of them offer DVI/HDCP for that price, except maybe the Tosh 42HDX82, if you can actually find one for $1500.

HD-ready TV is basically an HDTV w/out built-in HD tuner. HDTV capable probably refering to the same thing. For HD cable or sat service, you don't need anything special other than the HD box/receiver plus service right now. However, in the future, the service providers may choose to limit content availability and/or HD resolution availability via DVI/HDCP or whatever other copy protected video interface. DVI/HDCP seems to be the frontrunner for this now, so it's probably best to get an HDTV w/ DVI/HDCP input if you can do so. I'm assuming you're not the type to upgrade every few years. Otherwise, this is less of an issue.

Also, if you're doing HD sat service, you should know that you'll likely still need OTA reception for all your local HD broadcasts for the forseeable future since they will have a hard time offering it due to bandwidth issues and other issues like dealing w/ local affiliates. Right now, DirecTV offers ZERO local HD broadcasts while Dish offers CBS HD only in select areas served by CBS-owned affiliates and nothing else. Generally, the HD sat receiver you get can also do OTA HD reception (via regular antenna, but most likely UHF) although the Dish one may require an upgrade. To find out what OTA broadcasts are available to you and roughly what type of antenna you'll need, check www.antennaweb.org.

For other issues that you really should consider, I suggest doing more homework around here and also at the Keohi site (http://www.keohi.com...ihdtv/index.htm), especially if you're not already well versed on the fundamentals of TV performance, features and such. Might also want to read through many relevant threads from the past month or two to get you upto speed, including one survey thread started by John CW to collection summary/capsule "reviews" from HTFers of our personally owned TVs.


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