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ER - 4/24/03

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#1 of 10 OFFLINE   Patrick Sun

Patrick Sun

    Studio Mogul

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Posted April 25 2003 - 12:31 AM

Nooooooooo!!! Sweeps month has started, so, of course, Abby's whacked family shows up again andn again and again... I'm sad that Grams passed away, and Carter had to face it alone after a very stressful day in the ER. Kovach did seem like another person with the Croatian surgeon in the house. Susan's storyline is just dumb. Looks like Pratt is moving on after this season. Will Deb follow (besides her protestations)? Rocket Romano is slowing losing it as a doc, and his arm might be next.
"Jee-sus, it's like Iwo Jima out there" - Roger Sterling on "Mad Men"
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#2 of 10 OFFLINE   todd s

todd s

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Posted April 25 2003 - 02:16 AM

The one thing I don't like when they cast big names for secondary roles (like Carter's parents Mary McDonnel & Michael Gross) is that it is hard to get them back to do subsequent episodes they might need to be in. For example the death of Grams.
Bring back John Doe! Or at least resolve the cliff-hanger with a 2hr movie or as an extra on a dvd release.

#3 of 10 OFFLINE   Ivan Lindenfeld

Ivan Lindenfeld

    Second Unit

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Posted April 25 2003 - 03:11 AM

For the record, I gave up on this show 3 seasons ago. My wife likes it though. Can someone tell me how the fuck Romano gets away with the things he does? Forget everything else in just last night's episode, practicing cutting on a not dead yet person is enough to put him in prison. Forget about being fired, brought up on internal charges, whatever. I like the storyline ... nah, I just don't. I worked in a hospital for a year. They run that one like a MASH not a hospital, even if it is the indigent inner city hospital in Chicago. Anyway, had to bitch about that Romano bit. I know you're supposed to hate him, but I actually hate the writers, producers, director and actors now, too. Except Mekhi Pfieffer, he's aight.
Ivan Lindenfeld

#4 of 10 OFFLINE   Nathan_F


    Second Unit

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Posted April 25 2003 - 03:56 AM

Just heard an interview with Michael Gross last week and he seemed to confirm that he was going to be doing another episode. Apparently a milestone episode that will be airing during sweeps. I am really truly sick of Abby's family. I was really hoping her brother was dead. Now we'll have to deal with him for a month again. Agree that Susan's storyline is really lame. The only thing they've done for her at all since her return has been the innuendo they placed with her and Dr. Greene during his relapse. Definitely would like to see more of Susan. Can't wait for Romano's total collapse. As bad as things have been, I'm just waiting for him to totally go haywire. I suspect that Elizabeth will be there to prop him up...

#5 of 10 OFFLINE   Chuck C

Chuck C


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Posted April 26 2003 - 05:40 AM

I'm surprised no one has brought up Thursday's ER. anyway, it was a good one. It started with a view of the world depicted by a schizophrenic man on the brink. Some of the scenes of chaos were disturbing. Carter's beloved nana died, and Abby's brother returned. Carter became frustrated at Abby when she wouldn't go with him to the funeral. Meanwhile, Susan and the aptly named flight medic Chuck were seen "boffing" in a vacant room (actually there was a cadaver in it). Luka had a visit from an old Croation med school class mate. She mentioned how Luka always played jokes on the class and you could hear his laugh booming from everywhere. Gallant and Pratt were handed their residency assignments ...County and Northwesten U. respectively. Dr. Romano was a handful...he had a group of eager med students perform operations on a critical patient, and when Carter saw this, he got PISSED...he manhandled Romano nicely. Speaking of which, Romano's arm is necritizing and in danger of amputation as was suggested by Corday. I don't think we saw the last of the paranoid schizophrenic patient. Also, I think Luka will have a new lease on life with the entrance of his former classmate. Carter and Abby seem to be growing apart due to external factors. Is Mekkhi Pheiffer leaving the show?

#6 of 10 OFFLINE   Patrick Sun

Patrick Sun

    Studio Mogul

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Posted April 26 2003 - 11:08 AM

Chuck, I've merged your ER thread with the one started a couple of days ago. Re: Mekhi Pfeifer:
I believe this is his last season, and most likely Chen (Ming Na) is leaving too after this season.

"Jee-sus, it's like Iwo Jima out there" - Roger Sterling on "Mad Men"
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#7 of 10 OFFLINE   Chuck C

Chuck C


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Posted April 26 2003 - 01:37 PM

oh man, didnt even see it! cool

#8 of 10 OFFLINE   WillG



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Posted April 28 2003 - 10:11 AM

It was an okay episode, but strange how they introduced that schizo guy and gave him his own point of view only to have him escape. Wonder if he will be back. Romano seems to have mellowed out a bit from last episode, I guess a beating will do that to you. I'm hoping that Pratt does not go as he is one of the more interesting characters, but the previews for next week suggest that some plotlines will revolve around him next week, so it could be one of those turning point things for him to stay at county I really for the life of me can't fathom why they love to focus on Abbey's family. So sick of it. I guess the ratings really respond to it, but why? Hopefully, we won't see Sally Field, they probably would have hyped up her return already if she was coming back. I thought Carter was kind of a Dick the way he responded to Abbey needing to get her brother. I know "Gamma" Died, but it was still kind of rude the way he reacted because he could not handle the arraingments by himself. But if people think that is bad, I fear for the season Finale SPOILERS AHEAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I read that it is going to be a 2 part cliffhanger season finale that will have only Carter and Luka doing that volunteer thing in the Congo. Great!! Episodes that foucs on limited characters out of the E.R. always stink with the 1 exception of Anthony Edwards' last episode

STOP HIM! He's supposed to die!

#9 of 10 OFFLINE   Win Joy Jr

Win Joy Jr

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted April 28 2003 - 11:32 PM

I can understand Carter getting mad at Abbey. The only person he truely considers his family has died, and she is off AGAIN to pick up the pieces of her grown brothers life... It just proves that she will never be there for him when he needs her. The relationship is doomed...

#10 of 10 OFFLINE   Craig S

Craig S


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Posted April 29 2003 - 02:18 AM

That figures. Just as I'm starting to like Pratt, they pack him off. Sorry to hear Ming-Na is leaving again, but I'm not surprised. After the pregnancy storyline a couple of years ago, she hasn't really been given much to do. Same applies to Sherry Stringfield - after two years, I'm not sure what the point was of bringing her back. Alex Kingston has been almost invisible this season, but at least she had a strong storyline the previous year. Other than the occasional outburst from Carrie, the writers have really had an Abby-fixation the last two years, and it's hurt the other female characters.
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