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using VGA and TV out with different resolutions(long)

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#1 of 5 Kyle


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Posted April 10 2003 - 06:39 AM

Ok here is my setup:
Windows media center pc
Nvidia Geforce 4 with tv out
Toshiba 57hdx82
RF wireless keyboard and mouse
I am using a transcoder to use my 57hdx82 at custom resolutions with powerstrip. 848X480 (540 timings) 960X540p and 1280X720p
Everything is working great...

This is what I want to do:

From the tv output on the nvidia (s-video)run into a RF modulator to run out to the rest of the tvs in my house. (Multimedia server if you will)

My problem:
I can run svideo only at 640X480 or 800X600 but then it kills my toshiba display and powerstrip settings. The toshiba won't do a custom resolution with powerstrip after that. It just gives a black screen. (and sometimes locks up)I'm thinking its trying to run the toshiba at 800X600 also. I am using Clone mode in the nview setup. Extending the desktop makes it worse.

I tried to set it to 640X480 with both connected and it won't do it, it wants to go to 720X480. This started to work. Both outputs were at 720X480. I could see MCE on all of my tvs in the house on channel 4. Great! right? Not really. I still want to go 848X480, 960X540 and 1280X720 on just the toshiba but yet keep the svideo output at 640X480, 720X480 or 800X600.

Any ideas on how to straighten out my mess????

I have tried avs forum with no help.

Kyle out-

#2 of 5 Matt DeVillier

Matt DeVillier

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Posted April 11 2003 - 01:01 AM


most likely you need two video cards. You might try turning off clone mode (since that pretty much locks the ties the two outputs together), but I suspect that won't do the trick. Pick up a cheap ATI radeon PCI card w/tv-out and you'll be set. BTW, the TV-output is always downconverted to ~640/720x480, interlaced, no matter what the setting on your desktop.

#3 of 5 Ben_Hud


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Posted April 11 2003 - 03:27 AM

matt sounds like hes right on it downconverting the image ... so there is no way of improving the image past that point? what good would a new video card do if it got down converted too?

i have a geforce4ti. i used to know how to clone the desktop but i can't seem to do it anymore, so i keep it on extended desktop mode. i found that i could get a better picture to the tv by using extended desktop mode.

i don't understand everything but if the the problem is computer side i might be able to help.

i don't understand what the transcoder is used for
is it because your using a HD tv?

the video card does seem to switch resolutions automatically depending on the ouput thats being produced, and when it switchs it might be conflicting with the powerstrip or transcoder.

you could try is setting the Svideo as your primary output (and see if it will proccess the svideo at a higher lvl output to primary image at a higher lvl)

what software are you using for displays? are you wanting to display the desktop and stuff, or are you wanting to play a movie or play a PC game on your tv?

#4 of 5 Vince Maskeeper

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Posted April 11 2003 - 05:47 AM

1280X720 on just the toshiba but yet keep the svideo output at 640X480, 720X480 or 800X600.

Most downconverters for TV will only bother to downconvert up to 800x600 to 480i, because beyond that you're losing so much detail, it's a waste of time. All the output coming from the TV out is 480i regardless.

Since you're trying to serve both masters (A HDTV and Standard)-- you might be SOL trying to do it with one machine. You might look into a downconversion box for HD to SD, then you could just feed the full 1280x720 out of the PC to your set and to a better downconversion tool.

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#5 of 5 Kyle


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Posted April 11 2003 - 07:55 AM

Hey thanks for the info everyone.

Ben_Hud,The Transcoder converts vga out to component. I tried the dvi connection but it didn't work. I am using windows media center edition with a haupauge pvr250. This is for PVR, listening to mp3's, watching dvd's and displaying pictures.

Basically I think the problem is the Toshiba is a widescreen using custom resolutions and the svideo is a standard 640 x 480 or 800 X 600 and the Nvidia card can't do both at the same time.

The pci card it interesting though, using 2 seperate video cards should work if windows media center edition will allow it.

Thanks all!

Kyle out-