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Pictures of the newest DIY speaker project (Usher 2-ways)

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#1 of 26 Guest_Anthony_Gomez_*

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Posted April 09 2003 - 05:56 AM

Here are the Usher TM's. They are based off of the designs of Dennis Murphy at www.murphyblaster.com

In 2 weeks, I should have a matching tumult sub. These speakers are the realization of my original rendering

click awayPosted Image


#2 of 26 OFFLINE   Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson


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Posted April 09 2003 - 06:04 AM

Looking very nice Tony! What kind of wood did you decide to go with?
Kyle Richardson
Acoustic Visions

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#3 of 26 Guest_Anthony_Gomez_*

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Posted April 09 2003 - 06:06 AM

That would be walnut. no fancy cuts....that would have turned the "budget" project into a rather expensive one!
Posted Image

#4 of 26 OFFLINE   Pete Mazz

Pete Mazz

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Posted April 09 2003 - 07:19 AM


#5 of 26 OFFLINE   Cam S

Cam S


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Posted April 09 2003 - 07:59 AM

Man, those are some nice looking speakers Anthony! I love how the Wood contrasts with the black, very nicely done. What kind of drivers are those speakers using, and what size, they look like Dynaudio or something like that. I can't wait to see the sub when it is done! BTW, what are you doing with the Ego's?

#6 of 26 Guest_Anthony_Gomez_*

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Posted April 09 2003 - 08:01 AM


The Drivers are Ushers. I got them at Euphase. Zalytron will soon be carrying them as well.

The tweeter is 1" and the mid/woofer is 7".

The EGOs will not go wasted Posted Image not sure how I will use them though....maybe 7.1...maybe 2 seperate systems...not sure Posted Image

#7 of 26 OFFLINE   Jonathan M

Jonathan M

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Posted April 09 2003 - 09:42 AM

Very nice job, Anthony.

What is the black finish you've used there - looks really good with the roundover on the MDF. The speakers look great on the stands as well - just an MDF rectangular tube for the upright? Did you fill them with anything or are they heavy enough on their own?

A really nice design - I like them a lot. Looking forward to seeing the sub now!
"Price and quality are not correlated"

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#8 of 26 Guest_Anthony_Gomez_*

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Posted April 09 2003 - 10:27 AM

The black is Duplicolor Truck Bed Liner. The MDF was prep'd with black primer. DO NOT USE CRAPPY PRIMER!!!! Posted Image
The stands pretty much are rectangular tubes. They currently are unweighted, but if I choose to add weight, then are set up for 1 or 2 lead bricks (26lbs each).

#9 of 26 OFFLINE   Dave Crigna

Dave Crigna

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Posted April 09 2003 - 11:33 AM

That is it Tony, if you get your tumult before me I will be pissed offPosted Image Great work as usual. I hope you will demo them at the bass list meeting.

#10 of 26 Guest_Anthony_Gomez_*

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Posted April 09 2003 - 11:45 AM

Posted Image

that would be funny....but I doubt it. at best, I will get my tumult shipped in the same lot as you did.

"supposedly" (according to a phone call to adire), the pallet arrived on tuesday afternoon and the tumults would ship out on wednesday. My PR's come in tomorrow though (thanks john and kyle!).

They will be at the meeting for sure, though I am not sure if I will bring the stands.

#11 of 26 OFFLINE   Chris Tsutsui

Chris Tsutsui


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Posted April 09 2003 - 09:12 PM

Those do look very much like Scan-speak drivers. The speakers don't look as DIY as some of the others out there, they turned out pretty good.

I'll have to hear them this friday so they better be broken in. Posted Image

#12 of 26 OFFLINE   Hank Frankenberg

Hank Frankenberg


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Posted April 09 2003 - 11:16 PM

Tony, those are beautiful! Good work, man! Nice, different contrasting look, and the stands are very complimentary.
Tell me about the drivers, especially the mid-woof. It sure looks like a Scan-Speak clone.

#13 of 26 OFFLINE   Jeff Meininger

Jeff Meininger

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Posted April 10 2003 - 01:09 AM

People seem to really like the Usher 7".


#14 of 26 OFFLINE   Seth_L



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Posted April 10 2003 - 02:55 AM

"supposedly" (according to a phone call to adire), the pallet arrived on tuesday afternoon and the tumults would ship out on wednesday.
Why aren't they shipping them directly from the build house as stated?


#15 of 26 OFFLINE   Michael Hartwig

Michael Hartwig

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Posted April 10 2003 - 03:42 AM

Nice looking project! What is the height of the speaker?

#16 of 26 OFFLINE   Al Garay

Al Garay

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Posted April 10 2003 - 04:24 AM


How does the Usher 2-way compare to your set of Egos?


#17 of 26 OFFLINE   Greg Yeatts

Greg Yeatts

    Second Unit

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Posted April 10 2003 - 04:31 AM


I really like your design with the truck bed liner and the wooden cheecks. Like many good ideas I see, I'm gonna copy it (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). I hope you don't mind. I have been threatening to completely rebuild my Audax HT kit because it looked a little bland with the bed-liner only. Now I think I'll add some wooden cheeks to dress them up a bit.

BTW, were you able to buy the walnut in large pieces like that? I haven't seen any in my area.

#18 of 26 Guest_Anthony_Gomez_*

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Posted April 10 2003 - 05:20 AM

The midwoofer is debatably a SS clone. it looks like a SS (uses same vender for parts), but according to Joseph D'Appolito and Usher, they are different beasts in terms of the inner workings.
Not sure how much more info you want besides what was posting in my original message. If you go to the MAD forum and search the archive under USHER, you will find MANY MANY threads talking about them.


Michael, the stands (including the rubber feet an nubs between the speakers and stands) are 24.75" tall. The mid sits at 32.24" and the tweeter at 38" This is the height they were designed for (24" stands) according to the designer Posted Image

Al, comparisons with the EGO's will happen...eventually. Without doing a real head-to-head, I can predict that the EGO's will have a wider dispersion in the way upper registers, a better midrange, a more laid back step(less baffle step in the design), and requiring a sub. The Ushers do sound great, just probably not as good in the mid and the awesome bass responce means you don't have to worry about integrating a sub for music, and can XO the sub lower for HT. These designs were not ment to compete with each other 1:1. They were designed with different goals in mind. DO NOT just add the cheeks to the surface of the bedliner..any cupping will possibly delaminate. You will want to glue the cheeks directly to the MDF. ..just my advice Posted Image

Greg. copy away Posted Image My design was inspired by some stands I saw somewhere but don't remember where, Kyles HE10.1's, and John J's TMM towers.

The large walnut pannels are actually 3 boards joined together.

#19 of 26 OFFLINE   Chris Tsutsui

Chris Tsutsui


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Posted April 10 2003 - 07:15 PM

How does the Usher 2-way compare to your set of Egos?

Hey, they may be for different purposes but they can easily be compared by a chump like me.

The egos are brighter, more artificial sounding in the highs than the Ushers. The Egos have a soundstage that sounds crisper than the Ushers but the sounds of the highs like cymbals just arn't as convincing. With his setup, the Egos sounded like someone turned up the treble and didn't sound as full as the Ushers. When A/B comparing voices, the Egos had an amplified signature to them as if you can tell there was a microphone involved while the Ushers had a more convincing illusion and realism.

Vocals sound accurate with the Ushers, though the sound-stage is slightly broad (not pinpoint) with the midrange, even if set to nearfield and aimed at the ears. Cymbals and sibilants (S & Sh noises) were more focused than the mids. Fast percussion and electric guitars sounded more accurate than on GR Research speakers, as if the Ushers are meant for playing rock music. It was just that sometimes, I thought I could hear the Onkyo receiver holding back on the sound of them.

The Ushers are very close to sounding natural like the GR-Research AV speakers which means they are probably friendly with most electronics. It's a pretty close comparison, but if you prefer a speaker that's a bit more accurate and clear at louder volumes then go with the Ushers. If you want a speaker that has a smooth and pleasing midrange, go with the GRs.

A difference I noticed was the "left to right" sound-stage is very linear, something that's different than the GR AVs where their L/R soundstage has somewhat of an arc shape with the center image slightly behind the speakers. This could be due to room acoustics as both of our rooms are treated with absorbent panels with bass traps/resonators, only my listening room is more controlled and dead.

The first song I auditioned was an unmarked test CD I accidentally grabbed that had Avril Lavigne "I'm with you" as track 1. During the part when she says

"It's a damn* cold* night*,"
"trying to figure out* this* life*..."

They repeat 3 bass notes at each word with a "*". What was funny is Anthony's room had a huge bass reinforcement on the middle notes and bass suck-outs (nulls) on the last notes.

This had me believing the speaker was unable to play the last note because it was too deep, and that the speakers were designed to boom at one note. After moving the listening position a few feet we found that the volume of those 3 notes changed drastically and they were much closer in volume behind the seat.

That just shows you how much the room has an effect on bass, even if you have treatments.

I should also mention that the Egos definitely are not voice matched but they are close in sensitivity with the ushers. I just don't think it will affect Tony's HT surround sound experience. hehe

Your Ushers look a lot better in person Anthony, those pictures really don't due them justice due to the bad lighting. The craftsmanship is much improved over your egos Posted Image, I just noticed that they are pretty big and the drivers look like they were made with paper-mache. What's funny is when ppl come over and you tell them you made the speakers yourself... They will look at the woofer and say "I believe you".

#20 of 26 OFFLINE   MarkDesMarais


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted April 11 2003 - 12:23 AM

Be a careful gluing wide expanses of solid woods to engineered substrates. The solid wood will move as the humidity changes, sometimes quite a lot (varys by species as well as cut), while the MDF or plywood or chipboard will move at a different rate (usually much lower).

For instance in a raised panel door, the center panel is floating, usually just tack glued in one spot. Or a table top, where you mount the top to the legs using slotted holes and screws to keep it from tearing itself apart.

I'm not sure what your construction looks like, but you may have some problems as the seasons change. Or do you live someplace where that isn't a concern? Here in New England, its a fact of life.


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