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Went to Sears for a Pricematch, got bs'ed, help!

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Daniel Hawl


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Posted January 15 2003 - 03:39 PM

Today I went to sears to get a price on the 55" Philips that I've been eyeing. It is model 55PP9352 and is available online from many sources from $1750 to $2000. I knew ahead of time that Sears has this set for $2299, and from reading posts on this forum, I was anticipating them to pricematch + 10% of the difference. Really anything in the $1800 range that would allow me to walk out for $2000 with tax included was what I was hoping for. Note that I am not buying today, but in a month when my tax return arrives (whee).

I arrived at Sears with my girlfriend and baby, and walked to the TV section. I got a good 3 seconds in front of the philips when the salesperson started his sell. I informed him of my desire to purchase the set, and inquired about their price matching policies. I asked if they price matched online stores, and he replied with a 'no we do not.' I informed him of the many people that have informed me of otherwise and he responded by asking me very harshly "who told you that? who?" I was almost getting the feeling he wanted to break some legs. I informed him of hometheaterforum and asked him what kind of deal I could get without a pricematch online.

The salesman informed me that they could take $100 off the price of the tv, and that would be an excelent deal. I told him that I had no intention of buying the set for $2199 if I could easily buy it online for hundreds of dollars less. He agreed that that would be smart of me and continued to try to get me to budge on the $100 offer (whoopdie doo!). He told me that they wouldnt price match anything with that much of a difference in price, and couldnt believe it was that cheap online. He said "one hundred, maybe two hundred difference, but four to five hundred dollars? We cant do that." My girlfriend then proposed a scenerio in which Best Buy had the tv for five hundred dollars less, and inquired to if they would price match that. He reponded "yes." Are we sensing a bit of bullshit on his part? I was. I asked to see his printed policy on price matching online.

He informed me that he indeed had a manual that listed no online pricematches.

Mr. Employee brought out his manual, and things got heated. He opened up to the pricematch section, and told me it said something about nothing online. I read over his shoulder, and found the section before he did. It read as follows:

"Stores in Peurto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii do not accept price matches from online vendors."

He soon found the same section and said "see here, we can't do it."

Now, I'm a nice guy. I'm very nice. I also hate stupid people, and people that try to bullshit me. Keep in mind, I'm a 20 year old, and dressed in casual work attire, so maybe he thought I was a complete moron. I responded by asking him how he perseeves a line quoting three areas that are thousands of miles away as pertaining to this orange county, California store. He responded that Orange County has the same regulations. Bullshit. I informed him that common sense clearly implies that if they mention three territories, the comment only applies to those territories. He blew it off and walked over to his manager.

"Do we take online price matches?" asked the employee
"Nope, well, depends, but no" responds the manager

Im fuming.

The manager informs me that they can only accept price matches from local brick and mortor stores websites. I ask him to show me proof of this and he pulls out a binder. He finally comes to a page dates OCT 1, 2002 that quotes "Price matching from online stores will be allowed from local stores websites." Thats all it said and I told him I'd find a local online store and bring in the printout.

In short, they changed their stories repeatedly. It went from "no price matches" to "local price matches." And the salesperson went from not being able to justify a $500 difference in any case to agreeing it was fine as long as it was a brick and mortor. I think I was given a complete run around, and simply because I hate to be force fed bullshit from employees, I am eagerly anticipating screwing them for the difference in cost. Anyone work for Sears or know the ins and outs of their policies? What should I do at this point?

My main theory is that showing up with $2000 in cash, a stack of online printouts and phone numbers, and an altimatum are my best, and most fun bets. "Give me the tv for $2000 with tax included, and its sold." I would end up paying more that way than a real pricematch at $1750, but thats fine.

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Scott Tucker

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Posted January 15 2003 - 04:55 PM

I feel sorry for the Salesperson that had to put up with your "Bull***." Instead of you telling Sears what their policies and proceedures were, why didn't you just tell them what you would pay? If they met your price great. If they didn't fine.
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Posted January 15 2003 - 05:10 PM

Upon reflection and input, I think I overreacted last night to this thread. Please continue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Posted January 16 2003 - 12:27 AM

Did Best Buy have it and how much? Right now they are also offering 24 months no interest. So if you got it for $2000, tax included, it would only cost you $83.33 per month. The hot deal would have been to have gotten it at Best Buy last weekend, (Preferred Customers 10% discount). With a sales price of $1886.50 (this comes to $1999.69 at 6% tax), then they would have taken 10% off the sales price, thus, $1697.50 plus tax (est. 6%) = $1799.72.

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Posted January 16 2003 - 06:34 AM

I pricematched an online store with Sears a little over a year ago, but if I recall, Sears stopped this practice beginning in January of 2002. (The high overhead of operating a B&M store versus an Online store cuts into profits.) So...you may be out of luck.

(Your writing of your "adventure" sounds like you're a little on the antagonistic side. (Maybe you weren't, but it "sounds" like it from your writing style.) Perhaps, being a little more patient and condescending with the salespeople will get you a better deal. (It seems like they were moving in the right direction to get you a lower price.)

Maybe you could find a friend who works at Sears and they could get you a discount. Or tell you how online pricematching now works. Maybe you could try another Sears store with a "gentler" approach?

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Patrick Sun

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Posted January 16 2003 - 06:49 AM

I've read accounts of people buying RPTV's at Sears as of the fall of 2002 where Sears would price-match online prices, but they'd factor in the delivery charge into the final price for the price-match.
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Posted January 16 2003 - 08:24 AM

In April 2002, I bought a Yamaha receiver from Sears and got them to pricematch with an online vendor. Things had gotten a little more complex in my case as the local Sears had run out of the model (it was on clearance) and it was only available at sears.com.

Ironically, it was a lot more difficult to get sears.com to figure out how they would match an online retailer than my local Sears. But after a few phone calls, I was able to get someone in that department and he went on the website I was talking about while I was phone, confirmed the price and just asked me to order the receiver from sears.com and that he would refund me the difference immediately after the order was placed - which he did. The only issue that later came up was that the price of the other vendor had included shipping but he had not factored that in. After an email they refunded me the exta $12 Sears had charged me for shipping as well.

FWIW, I found an even lower price on the same receiver about a week after (at another online vendor), and I took the printout to my local Sears and they refunded me the extra difference (since they have a 30-day price-matching policy).

At no time was I told that Sears would not pricematch. However, I was not given an extra 10% over the difference.

I am not sure if sears.com sells big-screen TVs but if the local Sears does not work, this might be worth a try. Note that there are some sites that Sears has blacklisted and won't pricematch with. Hope this helps.

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Posted January 16 2003 - 09:29 AM

Right after Christmas I bought my 32" Sony Wega TV from Sears. They had the TV on sale for 699.00. When confronted by a salesmen I asked him was that there best price, because I am buying a TV today whether it be from you or someone else. By the time it was all said and done about 15-20 min later. I had a 32" Sony Wega with a free stand(had a sign up saying free stand with 32" or bigger TV's)for 579.00 Posted Image. But I most say this, he thought I needed delivery which I did not. That cost him 95.00 bucks. So he told me that what delivery charge would be. But I was very nice about screwing him over :b never got mad or anything, I think he did. So next time walk in there with cash or let him or her know that you are buying it today and what is the best they can and let them know you can always go elsewhere...they same to hate that.

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Posted February 17 2003 - 10:14 AM

I went into a Sears in Fort Worth yesterday and they couldn't tell me enough times that they would price match. I don't know if the salesman was just really hungry for some sales (I did notice there were several sales persons there for such a small electronics area) but then again it is a holiday weekend.

#10 of 21 Eric Stuckey

Eric Stuckey

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Posted February 17 2003 - 12:05 PM

Here in Indiana, We have a store called ,H.H Gregg & they are the biggiest bullshit feeders you have ever SEEN.
I hate even getting change for the pay phone from them.So I know what you mean about salesman like that.

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jim lupi


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Posted April 18 2003 - 02:54 AM

sears policys can vary from store to store. You must feel them our. Im in NY and the closest sears (newberg) would only pricematch my toshiba 50h82if i included shipping. Anouther sears (nanuet) price matched + 10% of difference no questions asked. saved a good 400+ dollers.

officially their policy is they will pricematch internet prices from local stores.

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Posted April 20 2003 - 02:12 PM

My local Sears will price match but only after the shipping is added in.

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Posted July 09 2003 - 10:06 AM

I went to Sears to buy a TV for my bedroom HTS and found the TV I wanted. The price was pretty low and I had my doubts on the specs since the label on the shelf said the TV had Component video, S-video and Composite video inputs. I asked the sales person to turn the TV around and lo and behold, no Component video inputs. They were very apologetic and I actually bought the same TV elsewhere for 50 bucks less than the Sears price. I hate it when they try to pull the wool over your eyes.

Circuit City explained to me that they will price match ANY online store as long as it belongs to a major store like Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, GoodGuys, etc. CC has a 500 watt Sherwood RD-6108 A/V Receiver for sale at their stores that has a $159.00 price tag. I found the same unit at www.outpost.com, Fry's Electronics online store, for $79.95. I went ahead and bought it. My Dad wants the same receiver and I walked in to CC with the Outpost.com invoice and they couldn't believe that Outpost.com could sell it at that price, but said they would definately match the price. BTW-The unit I bought from Outpost.com is NOT refurbished.

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Posted December 28 2008 - 03:19 PM

Sears does, indeed price match, though in my experience you need to prove to them that they do. Their policy is pretty clear, and pretty fair. In a nutshell (and this is my interpretation of their policy, not theirs), they'll match any local competitor's advertised price for an in-stock item that isn't advertised as only available in limited quantities/clearance/"while supplies last" and isn't a doorbuster sale, plus an additional 10% of the difference. They will likewise match any price found online from a local competitor's website, provided that the local competitor honors its online prices in the local store.

Same rules if you purchase online for delivery or pickup in store -- local (to your home location) competitor match, but the price can be available online from the local competitor.

What does "local" mean? They define it as the same market and/or within a reasonable distance, at their discretion. Within 25 miles is a fair rule of thumb in relatively urban areas. If you live out in the boonies, maybe a bit more.

Here's a the URL for their current policy, as well as some fairly comprehensive FAQ's. You'll note that the revision date is quite recent, so it's definitely a current policy. I recommend bringing a printout with you when trying to get a price match, as the probability of anyone in the department, or even some of the store managers, knowing their own policy is, again in my experience, slim.

Craftsman Tools, Fitness Equipment, Kenmore Appliances, Lawn & Garden - Sears.com

Also note that you get 30 days after the purchase to do the match. Again, quite fair -- actually, even better than fair.

I've matched a number of electronics items at Sears. I've found getting the match done by the online folks to be no problem, and getting it done in the store to be a hassle-and-a-half. Again, one man's experience, but I've been given the wildest made-up reasons why they won't match in the store (not local, when it's down the street; not an authorized dealer (which wasn't true, and isn't in the policy anyway); they don't price match; they don't price match if the difference is too large; the store cited "isn't a competitor" because it doesn't come up in their competitor pick-list in the register, etc.). I strongly recommend printing out the policy and bringing it with you to show, along with the competitor's ad, as a start. Then, getting the store manager if you don't get anywhere (note: not the first person that comes over and identifies him/herself as the store manager, but the actual store manager), and as a last resort, online customer service.

Which does also raise the question, given the hassle of getting the price match and assuming that 10% of the difference is a fairly small number, of why bother with Sears at all and why not go directly to the competitor? My own answer is that I trust Sears and they're much closer to my house than the other competitors, and that they do tend to stand behind their merchandise. Others might make a different determination.

Good luck--


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Posted December 29 2008 - 04:01 PM

You're responding to a complaint from 5 years ago. Posted Image

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Posted January 08 2009 - 02:24 AM

Yeah, but it comes up as a top result when you google "Sears Price Match", so I figured may as well keep it up to date. Posted Image

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Posted November 20 2011 - 01:59 PM

Here it is. crystal clear. They do go through employees and few of them are lawyers... From the Sears website: (Rev. 09/20/2010) Retail Competitors If you find a lower price on an identical branded item with the same features (in Consumer Electronics identical brand and model number) currently available for sale at another local competitor retail store, Sears will match that price plus, give you 10% of the difference. Just bring in the original advertisement to a sales associate at the time of, or within 14 days after, your purchase. Online Retail Competitors If you find a lower online price (including shipping, handling and delivery) on an identical branded item with the same features (in Consumer Electronics identical brand and model number) currently available from a local competitor retail store honoring its own online price and the item is currently available for sale and delivery in your area, Sears will match that total price Plus, give you 10% of the difference. Just print the ordering page, including shipping, handling and delivery, and bring it to your Sears store at the time of, or within 14 days after, your purchase. If you are purchasing the item from sears.com, please fill out a Price Match form. Sears Holdings If you find a lower price on an identical item (in Consumer Electronics identical brand and model number) currently available for sale and delivery in your area from another Sears Holdings retail format or website, Sears will match that price, but will not provide the additional 10% of the difference. Sears will not price match limited time “Online Only” events, “Special Online Price”, conditional “Online Only Special Offers” on our websites, Sears Outlet, or searsoutlet.com. Only items listed as Sold by Sears or Sold by Kmart are eligible for price matching on our websites. All other rules for qualification apply. Exclusions Sears will not price match competitors’ items that are limited in quantity, offered for sale for less than six hours during a day, or offered for sale during Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the Monday after Thanksgiving. Sears will not price match competitors’ or our websites bonus or free offers, special offers, bundled offers, rebates, financing offers, coupons, clearance or closeout prices, or prices on used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise. Sears will not price match services. Sears will not match typographical errors or competitors’ prices that result from a price match. Photo copies of advertisements or receipts will not be accepted as verification of competitor pricing. Price Protection Policy Buy with confidence from Sears. If an item you have purchased from Sears goes on sale for a lower price within 14 days of your purchase, Sears will refund the difference. To claim a Price Protection Policy adjustment, go to your original Sears store where the purchase was made with your receipt. If your purchase was made on Sears.com, please fill out a Price Protection form . You will be given a refund for the difference of the original selling price and the current advertised/reduced price. Apparel clearance merchandise and conditional “Online Only Special Offers” do not qualify for Price Protection Policy adjustments. Unless otherwise stated, promotions with a specific time window such as early open specials, one -day sales or “Online Only” events will be honored under the Price Protection policy only if the receipt is presented during the promotional time window. Deferred interest financing is not a price, and is not subject to the Price Protection Policy.

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Rich 66


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Posted November 20 2011 - 02:10 PM

It's 10 % of the difference in addition to matching the price. Not match the price plus 10 % off of that.

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Posted November 20 2011 - 02:38 PM

Just a reminder...that most of the posts in this thread--up to this point--are several years old.

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Posted November 20 2011 - 02:39 PM

No, but it does mean an online company that provides local pickup (like HomeDepot, Lowes, etc.) but they won't honor an ad from say, NewEgg or Amazon or OneCall.. where there is no local place to pick the item up.


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