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Which 3D solution for Mitsubishi 73737? 3DA-1, 3DC-1000, DLP-Link, etc.?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Colin Dunn, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Colin Dunn

    Colin Dunn Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 1998
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    I have a Mitsubishi 73737 TV (73" DLP, 2009 model year). It is "3D ready" but doesn't have a built-in 3D decoder. I'd like to add 3D capability but don't know a lot about the pros/cons of various options. Here are the options, as I see them: 1) Get a 3DA-1 3D adapter without emitter (about $100) and add 2 pair of DLP-Link glasses (about $60/pair). Total of about $220-$250. 2) Get a 3DC-1000 starter kit, which has an adapter/emitter combo and IR glasses. This would cost about $275-$300. I'm leaning toward a DLP Link solution, as I may want to upgrade my FP setup (currently a Panasonic AE-3000U) at a later date to a 3D-capable DLP (once 1080p 3D DLPs come down in price, say 2-3 years from now). Will DLP Link still be around as a 3D solution by then? Or will it be supplanted by some new standard? Anyone know about the pros / cons of these solutions, and why I should choose one over the other? Besides the 20% price difference?
  2. WesleyHester

    WesleyHester Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2002
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    Selma, AL
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    John Hester
    D-Link glasses do work. In this "mode", the HDTV alters blacks to a greenish tinted color. When using the D-Link glasses and my WD-92840, the blacks showed through the glasses as greenish unless I was looking perfectly straight and level. Any movement and blacks appeared greenish. I was using the True Depth DLP-Link 3D Glasses with the black frames TDLPLINK2. They have good reviews on Amazon so take what I said with a grain of salt: YMMV. With the WD-73638 I had before, I used the Mits 3DC-1000 kit with emitter and the combination worked great. Good quality image. Also, the True Depth 3D Glasses with blue frames TD3D4 worked great with the WD-73638 and 3DC-1000 also. They are very light and I liked them very much. They are for 2010 and earlier HDTV models. I replaced the WD-73638 with the WD-92840 and now use the Mits 3DG-X103s made for 2011 (and from now on) HDTV models. They are IR also and I like them too.

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