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What are the cheap or expensive features in a TV?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Thik Nongyow, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Thik Nongyow

    Thik Nongyow Well-Known Member

    Jun 3, 2002
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    Thanks to the gentlemen on answering whether the picture-in-picture feature is expensive, I seem to get an idea that adding features will increase the price of a television set. Now, we know that TVs have many features that range from comb filters to V-chips. I am curious on the price of these features:

    a) V-chip
    b) Comb filter from "glass" to 3D Y/C.
    c) Invar shadow mask
    d) Scan Velocity Modulation
    e) 3:2 pull-down
    f) Subwoofer output jack
    g) Component video jacks
    h) S-video jacks
    i) Composite video jacks (video and audio)
    j) Built-in HDTV tuner
    k) Close captioning decoder
    l) BBE
    m) Side or satellite speakers
    n) Coaxial RF input
    o) Flat picture screen

    Anyone have any ideas of what each of these common TV features cost?

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