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Upgrading HT system

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Luke Girardin, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Luke Girardin

    Luke Girardin Auditioning

    Jul 25, 2013
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    I'am looking at upgrading my system in the next month or so. The room is 18x11x8 with a large window on the 18' wall. I have an Onkyo 818 that I will be running my system and would like to keep it at 5.1 at this point. My usage will be about 75 HT 25 music

    The speakers I am leaning towards are paradigm studio 60 for the mains, 20 or 10's for the rears, 590 center, and the sub hasnt been chosen as of yet. The sales guy was telling me about definitive tec for a sub, but from what I have been reading I am considering SVS 13 Ultra. I have a Polk PSW 125 in my current system that I was considering using with the new system if the budget doesn't allow for a new sub right away. How do you think this will work with the new speakers.

    Any other ideas with speakers in this price range. I like the idea of buying Canadian made products and thats what steered me away from PSB as they have gone totally off shore.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions|!
  2. Type A

    Type A HW Reviewer
    HW Reviewer

    Apr 7, 2007
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    Portland Oregon
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    Welcome to the forum Luke :)Have a couple of thoughts... I recently did a complete upgrade to the Paradigm Studio line (specific models in my signature) and I think youll be impressed with their performance. Researched the crap out of them before hand and from everything Ive read the 690 center is a worthy upgrade over the 590, assuming you can fit its width and afford its price tag. I think you would be fine with 10s for your surrounds.That Polk will work fine for now but an SVS will bring the experience to a whole new level. SVS is an excellent choice and comes highly recommended but for what they cost I would rather get a lesser pair of Hsu subs (VTF2 or VTF3 perhaps??) or a pair of Outlaw subs for the same money. Running dual subs does make a significant difference, do some reading on the benefits.
  3. Robert_J

    Robert_J Lead Actor

    Aug 22, 2000
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    Look at Nathan Funk for a custom sub - http://www.funkaudio.ca

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