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Top Albums of 2003

Discussion in 'Music' started by Scott DeToffol, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Scott DeToffol

    Scott DeToffol Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2000
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    Here are my choices for the top albums of 2003. Actually, these are my favorite albums, not necessarily the best releases, in no particular order:

    Josh Rouse - 1972
    Ryan Adams - Love is Hell
    Robinella & the CC String Band
    Kathleen Edwards - Failer
    Tim Easton - Break Your Mother's Heart
    Gillian Welch - Soul Journey
    Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music
    Scott Miller - Upside Downside
    Bonnie Prince Billy - Master and Everyone
    Warren Zevon - The Wind
    Emmylou Harris - Stumble Into Grace
    Lucinda Williams - World Without Tears
    Rosie Thomas - Only With Laughter Can You Win
    Steve Earle - Just An American Boy
    Drive-by Truckers - Decoration Day

    Honorable Mentions:
    Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Greendale (brave concept album)
    Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (very talented, but not something I'd listen to often)
  2. Peter Mazur

    Peter Mazur Well-Known Member

    May 7, 2001
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    I will wait until after Christmas to do my complete list because I have a few cd's on my wish list. As of right now though my favorite so far is:

    Arena - Contagion

    Others I've liked are:

    Zwan - Mary Star Of The Sea
    Jane's Addiction - Strays
    A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
    Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death
  3. Tony Mirra

    Tony Mirra Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2000
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    My Top 30 of the year. Great year for new artists for me.

    1. Nina Nastasia - Run to Ruin
    2. Matthew Sweet - Kimi ga suki
    3. Frog Eyes - The Golden River
    4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
    5. The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
    6. Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
    7. Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
    8. Xiu Xiu - A Promise
    9. Bonnie Prince Billy - Master and Everyone
    10. Sufjan Stevens - Greetings from Michigan
    11. Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic
    12. Super Furry Animals - Phantom Planet
    13. Cat Power - You Are Free
    14. Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere
    15. Beulah - Yoko
    16. Tomahawk - Mit Gas
    17. White Stripes - Elephant
    18. The Books - Lemon of Pink
    19. British Sea Power - The Decline of
    20. The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair...
    21. Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People
    22. Songs Ohia - Magnolia Electric Co.
    23. the Decemberists - Her Majesty
    24. Mu - Afro Fingers and Gel
    25. The Fire Theft - s/t
    26. Twine - s/t
    27. Pernice Brothers - Yours Mine and Ours
    28. Starlight Mints - Built on Squares
    29. the Wrens - Meadowlands
    30. Murder By Death - Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them
  4. Ron Reda

    Ron Reda Well-Known Member

    Jul 27, 2001
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    Whoa, I haven't heard of three-quarters of these...where have I been?
  5. Mike Broadman

    Mike Broadman Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2001
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    In no order, except the first one:

    1. King Crimson- The Power To Believe
    A powerful set of bold, evil sounding music from my favorite band of all time.

    2. Dream Theater- Train of Thought
    So heavy. So good.

    3. Radiohead- Hail To the Thief
    A nice progression from the sometimes inspiring, sometimes boring experimentation of their previous two albums.

    4. Dave Holland- Extended Play
    A nice long double live album from my favorite current jazz group.

    5. Steely Dan- Two Against Nature
    The boys do it again.

    6. OutKast- Speakerboxx/The Love Below
    Not as together (logistically and musically) as their earlier albums, but a lot of great material and finally gets then the mainstream acceptance they deserve.

    7. Spock's Beard- Feel Euphoria
    Sans Neil Morse, but still rockin'

    8. Warren Zevon- The Wind
    A 10/10 on the poignancy scale.

    9. Van Morrisson- What's Wrong With This Picture?
    The only post-mid-70s Van album I have, but glad I got it.
  6. Nick Sievers

    Nick Sievers Well-Known Member

    Jul 1, 2000
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    1. Elephant - the White Stripes
    2. A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
    3. The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow

    Those were the 3 major stand-outs for me this year.
  7. JordanS

    JordanS Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2002
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    Radiohead "Hail to the Thief"

    Steely Dan "Two Against Nature"
  8. Lee Scoggins

    Lee Scoggins Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2001
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    Real Name:
    1. Van Morrison - What's Wrong With This Picture?

    2. Steely Dan - Everything Must Go

    3. Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Rainbow Body

    4. Various - Four Generations of Miles

    5. Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll

    6. Eleanor McEvoy - Yola

    Reissue mentions (tie)

    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon
    Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

  9. Rob P S

    Rob P S Well-Known Member

    Mar 22, 2002
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    Real Name:
    Ryan Adams - Rock n Roll
    Steve Earle - Just an American Boy
    Paul Westerberg - Come Feel Me Tremble
    Grandpaboy - Dead Man Shake
    Cracker - Countrysides
    The Ataris - So Long, Astoria
    Eve 6 - It's All In Your Head
    Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers
    The Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music
    Josh Rouse - 1972
    Chris Smither - Train Home
    Scott Miller & the Commonwealth - Upside Downside
    John Hiatt - Beneath This Gruff Exterior
    Pete Yorn - Day I Forgot
    Guster - Keep It Together
  10. Angelo.M

    Angelo.M Well-Known Member

    Aug 15, 2002
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    • shine daniel lanois
    • want one rufus wainwright
    • stumble into grace emmylou harris
    • what's wrong with this picture van morrison
    • bach concertos hilary hahn, margaret batjer et al
    • face a face: duos for violin & cello renaud and gautier capucon
    • schubert: piano sonatas, D958, 959, 960 murray perahia
    • let it be...naked the beatles
    • the fine art of self destruction jessie malin
  11. Tony-B

    Tony-B Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2002
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    Wow! 2003 was a kickass year for music! I have really different tastes than most of you, so my list will reflect that. So, enjoy my picks for the top albums of 2003!

    Top Metal/Nu-Metal/Hardcore albums:

    1. Chimaira - The Impossibility of Reason
    2. Spineshank - Self-Destructive Pattern
    3. Lamb of God - As the Palaces Burn
    4. Hatebreed - The Rise of Brutality
    5. Blood Has Been Shed - Spirals
    6. Mushroomhead - XIII
    7. Metallica - St. Anger
    8. Ill Nino - Confession
    9. Superjoint Ritual - A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred
    10. KoRn - Take A Look In The Mirror

    Top Alternative Rock/Punk/Hard Rock/Pop-Punk albums:

    1. AFI - Sing The Sorrow
    2. Less Than Jake - Anthem
    3. The Offspring - Splinter
    4. Blink-182 - Blink-182
    5. Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
    6. Jet - Get Born
    7. Alien Ant Farm - TruANT
    8. Forces Of Evil - Friend Or FOE?
    9. Gob - Foot In Mouth Disease
    10. Cold - Year of the Spider

    Special mentions for...
    Outkast - Speakerboxx/The Love Below
    Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverance.

    I applaud their originality in the rap genre! Bubba is the first rapper I know of to combine Country with Rap, and it actually sounds good!

    2004 will be a big year with the new Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory, downthesun, Slipknot, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and hopefully Reel Big Fish and Meshuggah albums. Can't wait to see what else 2004 has in store! [​IMG]
  12. Rachael B

    Rachael B Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Knocksville, TN
    Real Name:
    Rachael Bellomy
    Derek Trucks Band's JOYFUL NOISE
    Friends Of Dean Martinez ON THE SHORE
    Suitcase Pimps LOVE IS GRAND
    Colleen Sexton GREATEST FIND
    David Sanborn TIMEAGAIN
    Will & Rainbow HARMONY

    All in all Derek be da man!
  13. David Lawson

    David Lawson Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2000
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    Favorites, in no order:

    Fountains Of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers
    The New Pornographers - Electric Version
    Idlewild - The Remote Part
    The Dandy Warhols - Welcome To The Monkey House
    Stars - Heart
    The Pernice Brothers - Yours, Mine And Ours
    Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There To Come Back

    Identity crises, with mixed results:

    Guster - Keep It Together
    Wheat - Per Second, Per Second, Per Second...Every Second
    Jay Farrar - Terroir Blues

    Really need to hear more than the radio singles:

    South - With The Tides
    Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People
    The Twilight Singers - Blackberry Belle
    Eisley - Laughing City EP, Marvelous Things EP
  14. Raine Linton

    Raine Linton Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2001
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    Ashok-The Electric Eyes of Man
    Redshift- Siren & Wild
    Navigator-Oceanic Empire
    In this order!
  15. Marvin

    Marvin Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 1999
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    I can't say that I bought a lot of CDs this year but I couldn't let this thread pass without putting in a mention for "The Well's on Fire" by (who else?) Procol Harum. In this order.
  16. JasonK

    JasonK Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2000
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    Here's some of my favorite albums of the year:

    1. King Geedorah - Take Me to Your Leader
    2. Styles of Beyond - Megadef
    3. Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain
    4. Madlib - Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note
    5. Prefuse 73 - Extinguished
    6. Herbaliser - Herbal Blend
    7. Outkast - Speakerboxxx/Love Below
    8. Kid Koala - Some of My Best Friends are DJs
    9. Jaylib - Champion Sound

    And I just today received a Pete Rock set and PBWolf/Charizma: Big Shots cd. Both of those could make their way into the list.
  17. Thomas_Berg

    Thomas_Berg Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2001
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    Real Name:
    no particular order here...

    Dream Theater - Train of Thought
    Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
    Opeth - Damnation
    A Perfect Circle - 13th Step
  18. BobSmith

    BobSmith Active Member

    Jul 24, 2003
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    A Perfect Circle- 13th Step
  19. Nick White

    Nick White Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2001
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    The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
    Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Streetcore
    OutKast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
    Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning
    The Postal Service - Give Up
    Cursive - The Ugly Organ
    Mars Volta - De-loused In The Comatorium
    Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
  20. Dave Bennett

    Dave Bennett Well-Known Member

    Aug 11, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Mike and Jordan,
    I take it you meant Everything Must Go, as Two Against Nature was released in 2000 [​IMG]
    Everything Must Go is definately my favorite new release of the year. Though in reality most of the music I bought this year didn't come out this year (and alot of it not even in the past decade).

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