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The Dark KNight Marathon July 19th --- tickets on sale june 11!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by TheBat, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. TheBat

    TheBat Well-Known Member

    Aug 2, 1999
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    I know that there is a thread for dark knight rises. This is for the dark knight marathon. The Marathon includes Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark knight rises. that is 3 movies back to back. Cinemark is doing a regular and also xd screening of the marathon. there is no 3d or imax marathon. Here are the following theater links for AMC and Cinemark. I have heard that Regal will also be doing it but I have not seen any official info as of yet. If other find out about other theatres playing it. please post the info as well. I am doing this as a favor to all movie and batman fans. I just want share with others the info so they can attend if they want.
    UPDATE: CINEMA WEST (FOLSOM, PETALUMA) http://www.cinemawest.com/pta.html **
    ** Free all you can eat popcorn for the dark knight marathon!
    BIG UPDATE: AMC Will have IMAX dark knight marathon. see link below.
    thank you
    UPDATED: IMAX MARATHON: http://go.amctheatres.com/tdkr-imax#jumplocations

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