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The Best Of Youth

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Dave B Ferris, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Dave B Ferris

    Dave B Ferris Supporting Actor

    Apr 27, 2000
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    'The Best Of Youth', a six hour (!) Italian film (apparently originally conceived as a mini-series for Italian TV) received an absolute rave review from Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times on Friday. Motivated by Turan's review, I embarked upon an online search for international DVD releases of the film. Here are my findings:

    Italy (dvdonline.it) - available (or soon to be available), but without English subtitles.

    France (Amazon) - available, but without English subtitles.

    U.K. (Amazon) - unreleased.

    Australia (ezydvd.com) - unreleased.

    Spain (dvdgo.com) - available, in the right running time (360 minutes), 4:3, and - lo and behold - with English subtitles.

    I've ordered from Spain; I hope to receive the package this coming week.
  2. MichaelPe

    MichaelPe Screenwriter

    Feb 22, 1999
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    How is the Spanish edition? How is the transfer... is it really 4:3?

    I currently own the Ocean release (with French subtitles), however I would much rather own a copy with English subtitles.

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