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SPL meter software for a laptop

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Tony-B, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Tony-B

    Tony-B Producer

    Jun 30, 2002
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    I was just wondering if there is a freeware or trial program that I could install onto a laptop that would do the same thing as a RadioShack SPL meter. I do have an internal mic on the laptop, but I also have an external mic that I can use.

    I wasn't sure if this post should have gone in the Computer/HTPC area of the forum or not. If an admin wants to move it to the correct section, go right ahead. Thanks!
  2. Roman Ortega

    Roman Ortega Extra

    Dec 8, 2002
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    I was recently wondering the same thing; I downloaded a free trial of cool edit 2000 and notice a level meter in the bottom of the screen, which can be set at 75, 90 and 120 dB, but as it also depends on which microphone you’re using I’m not sure if it will work.

    I’m sure some one here can be more helpful than me


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