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Sony installed and activated public software on my new computer without my permission!

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Paul Hillenbrand, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Paul Hillenbrand

    Paul Hillenbrand Screenwriter

    Aug 16, 1998
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    Paul Hillenbrand
    Do you wonder why your fan is running when your computer is idle? FYI: Found a program running on my Sony VAIO VPCF2190X laptop that Sony installed without my permission to use my computer publicly when I'm not.:angry: It is called "World Community Grid". What gets me very upset is that NO ONE ASKED MY PERMISSION to activate it! :angry: Found this link to Sony Computers to install BOINC (WCG) on new Computers. Others seem to have the same concern:
    Would like to hear comments and opinions. Thanks, Paul
  2. Clinton McClure

    Clinton McClure Casual Enthusiast

    Jun 28, 1999
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    Central Arkansas
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    After Sony's notorious rootkit debacle back in 2005, I abandoned them for all my consumer electronics products. It seems they have not changed their business practices much over the years.

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