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So, anyone heard of or using MusicGiants.com ?

Discussion in 'Music' started by RichardK, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. RichardK

    RichardK Second Unit

    Apr 27, 1999
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    This is a new music site, supposedly catering to the 'audiophile' with high bit rate lossless downloads. The site is brand new, like within the last month or less...here is a quick blurb from stereophile magazine regarding. I DL'd the software and installed. They require a $50 license fee to start, but it basically translates to a $50 music credit.

    I'm looking for reviews or opinions...sorry, I'm not going to the first.. :b

    stereophile music giants article

  2. Herschel

    Herschel Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 30, 2004
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    There's probably no way to convert their WMA lossless to something that I could put on a portable audio player, like FLAC, right?

    I also can't figure out the "high definition" thing that they keep mentioning. That would usually mean 24/96k or something like that, but all they talk about on their site is that it's lossless and a higher bitrate. And speaking of that, "Our Windows Media Audio (WMA) Lossless format plays as high as 1100 kbps" just makes me want to stay away if they're talking about poor lossless compressability as a selling point, and implying that music that losslessly compresses to a smaller file size is somehow not as high quality...

    The funniest part is the bitrate comparison chart where they put "pirated music" in the 48-96 kbps range. From what I've seen "pirated music" is usually a higher bitrate than what's available at online stores, if not available losslessly.

    Anyway, part of me is glad to see lossless online music stores, but their site just doesn't make me interested in signing up at all.
  3. Bobby T

    Bobby T Supporting Actor

    Mar 13, 2001
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    For their prices you can buy the CD with liner notes and artwork and full resolution.

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