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Regarding the Yamaha YHT-196 connection to sony Bravia EX42 and tata sky HD set top box.?

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by borsaniasushant, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. borsaniasushant

    borsaniasushant Auditioning

    Apr 3, 2013
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    Hello all,I have purchased the YAMAHA YHT – 196 recently and want to connect it to my TV (Sony Bravia EX 42 LED tv - conyains 2 HDMI) along with my set top box (Tata sky HD - contains only 1 HDMI already used to connect to TV).
    Please help me out how do I connect all 3 so that I can get excellent sound effect. If possible let me know the setting or the frequency to be used in amplifier for better sound quality. I want my TV sound through the YAMAHA speaker only. I listen mostly music channel and movie.
    I also do have blue ray player, can I connect that also simultaneously?
    If I connect HDMI port to TV it doesn’t provide any sound through the Amplifier. (This I came to know when I connected Amplifier directly to TV via HDMI cable)
    I am bit new to this home theatre world so please bear with my questions.
    Kind regards
    Sushant b.
  2. schan1269

    schan1269 HTF Expert
    HW Reviewer

    Jul 4, 2012
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    Chicago-ish/NW Indiana
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    connect your Tata box to the Yamaha...it will send the video to the TV.
  3. jiboyv

    jiboyv Auditioning

    Apr 11, 2013
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    As u have a AV-REceiver YHT 196, it has 3 HDMI inputs. Use this to get all inputs into the Yamaha. Connect the HDMI from Blu-ray and Tata sky HD into the HDMI -in ports of YHT-196.Take the HDMI out from YHT 196 to the Sony HDMI-in port. Now u can have all signals coming from taat sky and blu-ray come thru yamaha and all audio will be amplified in YHT 196 and sent to speakers that are connected to YHT196. No need to connect tata sky directly to TV here. u need to make use of the HDMI ports on YHT 196.

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