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Recommendations needed on selecting Component Coaxil Cables.

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Derek B, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Derek B

    Derek B Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 11, 2001
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    I need some good Component cables, but I do not want to spend more than I need to. I know Monster is very expensive, but there has to be another brand that is as good or even better for cheaper.

    I think 6ft cables would serve me best for compatability of component placement. If you strongly disagree with getting the 6ft becuase of impedance/noise issues, then please let me know.

    Also, I have a nice Pioneer VSX-35TX and need to know if I should run my video through it. I have been using it so far and have not noticed any problems, however I have not been using a High Def TV or source. The only reasons I can come up with for not using the receiver for video switching are that maybe the quality might diminish with the Receiver interface and the fact that my HD TV I am getting will save different video settings for each input and when using the receiver only one input will be utilized on the TV.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Iver

    Iver Second Unit

    Sep 23, 2002
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    Circuit City sells GE component cables, pretty fairly priced. If you need the length, go with the six-foot but otherwise use the shortest cable possible (shouldn't be any qualitative difference between 3 and 6 foot cables).

    I would connect your sources directly to the video display unless there's some reason you want the switching capability in the receiver.

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