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Really irritating problem on the Silence of the Lambs and Terminator Sp Eds

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Richard Hardbattle, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. Richard Hardbattle

    Richard Hardbattle Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2001
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    Really irritating problem on the Silence of the Lambs and Terminator Sp Eds
    Both of these MGM discs have already released in the UK. From what I can tell, Region
    1 will be exactly the same discs. In which case, you guys are gonna be fuming....
    On both discs, they have removed all text in the film, and replaced it with a subtitle
    equivalent that is produced by your dvd player.
    For example, in Silence of the Lambs, all of the place names in that rather cool font have
    been removed, and instead you get massive block capital subtitles.
    This is only a minor irritation compared to what they have done with the Terminator....
    The whole introduction to the film, you know, the whole screen of text, is now
    reproduced, one line at a time, over the start of the future war sequence...... again,
    massive block caps etc.
    Has anybody else found this to be a pain in the ass!!!!
    I think this is so MGM can release the disc in other, non English speaking areas, and still
    use the same pressing.
    What do you guys think?
    Isn't this amending what the director would have wanted?
  2. Vince Maskeeper

    Vince Maskeeper Well-Known Member

    Jan 18, 1999
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    MGM is known for this. They ahve done thsi on a dozen other titles so far (originally Spinal Tap was to be released with no subtitles until a HTF member with an advanced review copy pointed out the error)
    Thought I'm pretty sure it was stated by Van Ling at somepoint that the region 1 Terminator disc would have the original titles.
    I've never actually seen a quote from him- but have seen other mention it.
    I'm not at all suprised that MGM did this to Silence of the Lambs.
    Again- MGM is known for this. Search MGM and subtitles- you'll probably see it mentioned a dozen time!
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    [Edited last by Vince Maskeeper on August 16, 2001 at 09:45 AM]
  3. RobertR

    RobertR Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 1998
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    The Digital Bits said that they specifically asked MGM about this issue, and MGM said that the Region 1 Terminator would not have the player generated subtitles.
  4. Joel C

    Joel C Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 1999
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    According to the review of the R1 version at DVDfile, it does NOT substitute player generated sub for the original burned in titles. Thank goodness.
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  5. Richard Kim

    Richard Kim Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2001
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    For region 1, I believe both the Terminator and SOTL have the original burned in subs. DVDFile has a review of SOTL, and they don't mention anything about player generated subs.
    By the way, I noticed a local store selling the MGM SOTL, but it was only availible in pan n scan only. [​IMG]
    [Edited last by Richard Kim on August 16, 2001 at 09:50 AM]
  6. DannyS

    DannyS Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2001
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    It's only available in anamorphic 1:85.1 here in the UK
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    [Edited last by DannyS on August 16, 2001 at 09:57 AM]
  7. YANG

    YANG Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 1999
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