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PS4 set to outpace XBox One by at 2:1 ratio?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Kevin Collins, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Kevin Collins

    Kevin Collins Owner, from The Other Washington

    Jan 14, 2007
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    Seattle, WA
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    Kevin Collins
    Analysts from Leadsift expect sales of PS4 to outstrip those of XBox one by a ration of 2:1.

    Leadsift came to this conclusion by using social media, in particular doing analysis off the tweets for what console users were planning on purchasing.

    253K tweeted bout PS4, while 145K tweeted about XBox One, with 7K saying they were going to purchase a PS4, wile 4K stated they would buy a XBox One. In light of this XBox One received about 2X as many negative comments compared to PS4.

    I guess this is a good test to see if social media analytics can actually result in useful predictions. Time will tell.

    XBox on ships in 11 days (11/22/13) and PS4 ships a week later on 11/29/13.

    What camp are you in? Or are not in either? :)
  2. Edwin-S

    Edwin-S Well-Known Member

    Aug 20, 2000
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    I thought the PS4 was out on the 15th. Futureshop was opening early on that day specifically for the PS4. Did something change in the release date?
  3. Morgan Jolley

    Morgan Jolley Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2000
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    PS4 is out in 3 days.

    I've read that the sales of both will be very similar between now and the end of the year. Either way, they will sell better than most consoles have at launch in the past.

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