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PS Audio Ultimate Outlet

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Shane-M, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Shane-M

    Shane-M Active Member

    Mar 9, 2004
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    Has anyone used the PS Audio ultimate outlet with their LCD projector? I am contemplating purchasing one to provide my panny with filtered AC.....it's currently on a dedicated 20 amp A/V circuit.

    I look forward to your feedback on this product.

  2. John Kotches

    John Kotches Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2000
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    I use one to feed my Sanyo PLV-Z2.

    I can't say what the projector looks like without using the UO, as it has always been feeding the projector its power. For some reason, when I was doing my electrical inspection, I missed checking the ceiling for the power outlet for the projector, so I have the UO attached to the ceiling and a longer power cord goes from the UO to the wall.

    I will say that I've had no issues with video noise whatsoever.


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