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Problem with new Philips DVD Recorder: HDRW 720/17

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Dan Hinson, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Dan Hinson

    Dan Hinson Well-Known Member

    Jul 13, 2002
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    Dan Hinson
    I recently purchased a Philips HDRW 720-17 DVD Recorder with Hard Disk. I am using the unit with a Mitsubishi 65” widescreen HDTV via component video cable. The progressive scan is on and the unit has been updated with software version CF2.6.

    When viewing (store-bought) DVDs, tiny random red “dashes” can be seen on-screen. These red dashes are most noticeable in dark images, and can easily be seen in the “black bar” area in DVDs that have black bars.

    Does anyone know what the problem might be? Is it possible my unit is defective? (I have not noticed the red dashes during playback of programs that were recorded on the hard disk.)

    Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  2. WilliamS.

    WilliamS. Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2004
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    Hey Dan,

    Did you end up finding out what was up with that? I'm curious, as I'm in the market for a dvd recorder with a HDD.
  3. Amano Ai

    Amano Ai Active Member

    Nov 19, 2002
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    I'll have to check my philips to see the dashes. Haven't had a problem otherwise except there was a static pop sound on a recorded program on the hdd after using the search buttons (I had heard of this prior). The latest firmware is 3.2 I believe.

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