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Pioneer Service Question

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Ramone, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Ramone

    Ramone Member

    Dec 4, 1999
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    According to Pioneer, I need to have the sub video module on my Elite PRO510 replaced to eliminate an intermittent white flash on the display. Cost $650 for the module + $290 for installation. The set's just over three years old.

    Ouch! Anybody else have this problem? Your cost to fix?
  2. Khaled_H

    Khaled_H Member

    Jan 2, 2001
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    I know this one is an old thread, but just found it through searching. I have the exact problem on my three year old PRO610. The picture washes out with what appears to be increasing brightness on its own, and then flashes back to normal. Ramone, did you ever get your TV fixed? Also, wondering if this is a normal issue with PROX10 RPTV's.
  3. James K. Michal

    Jun 17, 1999
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    Be real careful guys.

    I'm a Pro-510 owner, too (mine has an Oct.1999 manufactor dated stamp). For the past couple of weeks I've been having a similar problem to what has been described above- without touching the set or the remote control the whole screen increases in brightness, flashes a bright blue, then settles back into a normal picture. The whole process takes 2-3 seconds. This might happen once every 3-5 minutes or once every 15-20 minutes or sometimes not at all.

    Called an authorized Pioneer service center, who then contacted the Pioneer tech center in New Jersey. They told the service guys to replace the whole video processing board. I went ahead and had the repair done last Thursday(June 3rd). Afterwards the RPTV was doing the same thing. The tech and I noticed while moving the set around, when bumped moderately hard on it's side it would produce the blue flash. Upon further diagnosis the tech determined that the blue picture tube is shorting internally and needs to be replaced.

    I called Pioneer's customer service to see if they'd be willing to help me out a bit, since the RPTV is only about 4 years old and has been calibrated to the best of my ability using VE and AVIA. So far I've only been given the run around- basically, "Sir, the set is out of warranty so it's not our problem, it's yours". When I asked the service rep (his name is Henry) how long Pioneer rates the tubes to last in their RPTVs he flatly stated, "We don't do that".

    The tech guys at the service center are doing what they can for me to see if they can get me a new blue CRT, but have advised me to contact Pioneer customer service again and see if I can talk to someone else. I'm gonna give this a shot Monday and will keep an eye on this thread to see what's happening with you guys.

    Right now I can't say I'm a very satisfied Pioneer customer.

    Jay Michal[​IMG]

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