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New Computer, want to play 360 with it

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by tckenney, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. tckenney

    tckenney New Member

    Mar 7, 2009
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    Can anyone help me out, I recently got a new dell xps all in one 24'' computer. I tried to hook up 360 to it with originally with the wires provide but it wasn't compatible. So I bought a A/v connector that goes down to a VGA with two audio cords, funny thing is I don't have a vga connector on my new pc... so I bought two things to try and make it work so far with no luck.

    a startech USB to DVI Adapter usb2dive

    and trendnet KVM switch TK-207

    anyone a whiz that can help me firgure what i am supposed to plug into what and how to select it with my computer to be able to play on this nice big screen.
  2. mattCR

    mattCR Well-Known Member
    HW Reviewer

    Oct 5, 2005
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    Overland Park, KS
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    This is very confusing.. are trying to connect to the PC or the monitor? If you're trying to connect it to your PC so you can record your gaming, you'll need a Video Capture card. If you're trying to go to the monitor, you can get an HDMI->DVI adapter

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