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Need help with DVD/Digital Cable/Receiver connections

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Pat_DiLella, May 22, 2003.

  1. Pat_DiLella

    Pat_DiLella Member

    May 19, 2003
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    Looking for some help with connections from my dvd player and cable box to my receiver

    Here is what I have

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-D711 ( bought used on Ebay about 2 months ago). Has 2 digital coax inputs and 1 optical input
    DVD: Apex 1200 3 disc changer with 1 digital coax and 1 optical output
    Cable Box: Digital Cable with 1 coax output
    JVC 56” RPTV

    Right now I have it connected as follows

    Digital cable box to receiver via coax cable, regular audio outputs patch cords to the tv
    DVD to receiver via optical cable

    I am having problems getting the sound from the DVD player. I programmed the receiver to reflect the DVD sound coming in via the optical input and changed the sound settings on the DVD player to SPF/RAW like it says to do in the instruction manual. If I play a CD in the DVD player the sound cuts in and out and if I put in a DVD I get no sound at all. The receiver switches in and out of digial mode when this is happening What could be causing this to happen? Could it be a bad optical cord or something? Also do I have to connect the red/white audio patch cords to the receiver also or is the optical or digital coax connection all I need to get sound from the dvd?

    The other problem I am having is when I put on the music channels on the digital cable I can get the sound through my receiver fine. However if I change the channel to a non music channel on the cable box I get no sound at all through the reciever.


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