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Need Advice - Rotel RSX 972 or RSP 976?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dan Woodworth, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. Dan Woodworth

    Dan Woodworth New Member

    May 24, 2001
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    Am about to purchase my first home theater processor and am considering either the Rotel receiver or their Pre-Amp with an outboard power amp. As far as I can tell, the processors, features, etc. in the two units are nearly identical with the difference that the RSX-972 receiver(list $1300)gives you a 5x75WPC power amp vs. the RSP-976 preamp (list $1100). My home theater system will be using very small monitors in the front due to space limitations, so a higher power amp is probably not necessary. I will also be using the unit to feed a second zone and power amp with Dynaudio speakers in my living room. The RSP 976 would allow for more flexibility in the future, albeit at a higher cost. Any thoughts from people familiar with these models? Am I gaining anything besides flexibility in spending the extra 800 bucks for the pre/power combo? Thanks.
  2. Andrew Pratt

    Andrew Pratt Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 1998
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    honestly I really like Rotel gear but I can't recomned their pre amp. They have had quite a few problems with DTS on these models and from what I was told they haven't changed much on the latest units. If you can wait a little longer the Outlaw pre amp will offer a ton more features and ought to be a solid buy.
  3. Phil A

    Phil A Premium

    Oct 1, 2000
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    Central FL
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    If you want a receiver, I would wait for the RSX-1065 (45 days?). It will be more flexible and have a bigger amp. I think it is on their website atwww.rotel.com. I am not sure about the receiver pricing but there will be a new $1,500 preamp that will include EX and DPLII.
  4. Alex_Aqui

    Alex_Aqui Member

    Jul 1, 2001
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    I just purchased the Rotel RSX-972 and I am extremely pleased with it. I am not concerned about the 'new' models coming out with the newer features.. this receiver has plenty to offer. I would say the best part of it is the sound and ease of configuration and setup. Do a search on the internet (google search) and you fill find many very positive reviews on this unit.
    As for waiting, as is the case for all electronics, the longer you wait, the better/more featured/etc. you can get. As of right now, in my opinion, the RSX-972 is fantastic. Currently I am driving Tannoy S8 floorstanding speakers as my mains which can eat power and the amp has no trouble driving them.
    Good luck!

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