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Major issue with DIY speaker

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Ryan Peddle, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. Ryan Peddle

    Ryan Peddle Well-Known Member

    Nov 28, 1999
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    I have assembled my first pair of speakers and they do not sound the way I expected or want. They sound very thin and non-robust.

    Here is the link to my speaker thread.


    Here is the story

    Basically I am using a 5.5 inch (Silverflute W14RC2508 8 ohm) woofer with an FS of 44hz and a QTS of .35 with a one inch domed tweeter (Peerless 80DT2608 ). They are used in an 11L box with a prot tuned to about 55 hz The xover was designed at 3000 hertz, in a second butterworth configuration using a 4.7uF cap and a .62mH inductor. All parts are purchased from Solen in Quebec.

    The capacitors are Solen FAST CAPACITORS METALLIZED POLYPROPYLENE 250Vdc/150Vac PA470 4.7mF.

    The inductors are Solen HEPTA-LITZ AIR CORED INDUCTORS PERFECT LAY HEXAGONAL WINDING L16 1.21 mm Ø (7 x .40 mm) 16 AWG (7 x 26 AWG) L16.62 .62 mH .36 14x29x57.

    My comparison speakers are the ones I am trying to replace which are a pair of Paradigm Atoms. The sound difference is overwhelming an not in a good way. My speakers sound very thin. They sound a lot like satelite speakers. The confusing part is, is that there is some low bass in the 50to 90 Hz range, but there seems to be a lull in the 100 to 300 hz range where a lot a music and voice is.

    My comparison method is hooking up on channel to my speaker and have a pair of jumpers to connect and disconnect the Atoms to see what my speaker is missing.

    Originally I had the full 2nd order xover installed and the sound was so quiet and dull compaired to the Atom.

    When listening to different scenes in LOTR EE editions, I am missing so much information. When a booming voice echos in a hall, my speakers, they only seem to play the booming voice and misses out on the echo. The main ththing that seems to be missing is depth of the musical score.

    So I decided to simply try a first order. It helped a little and boosted to overall sound, but I was still missing the above mentioned sound info.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before. Please help.
  2. ThomasW

    ThomasW Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 1999
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  3. Mark Hayenga

    Mark Hayenga Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 1999
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    Can you post the schematic? .62mH on the woofer sounds small, probably needs a lot more baffle step compensation and tweeter padding.

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