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Lionsgate Press Release: Stories We Tell

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Ronald Epstein, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Ronald Epstein

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    Jul 3, 1997
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    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Heralded by The New York Times as "the kind of experience that has the power to alter your perception of the world," Stories We Tell is equal parts "genius," (Vanity Fair) "engrossing" (Vogue) and "riveting" (The Washington Post). In the latest film from Academy Award® nominee Sarah Polley [/font](Best Adapted Screenplay, Away from Her, 2007) we discover the truth depends on who is telling it. Stories We Tell arrives on DVD, Digital Download and Video on Demand September 3 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]In this inspired new documentary, Polley investigates the secrets kept by a family of storytellers. She playfully interrogates a cast of characters, eliciting refreshingly candid though mostly contradictory answers to the same questions. As each relates their version of the family mythology, present-day recollections shift into nostalgia-tinged glimpses of a mother who departed too soon, leaving a trail of unanswered questions. Polley unravels these paradoxes to reveal the essence of family - always complicated, warmly messy and fiercely loving.[/font]
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"] [/font]
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]An official selection of the Sundance, Toronto, Venice and Telluride film festivals and winner of Best Documentary at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards, Stories We Tell is at its core a deeply personal film about the nature of truth and memory, and how personal narratives shape and define both individuals and families. Stories We Tell will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $19.98.[/font]
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"] [/font]
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]PROGRAM INFORMATION[/font]
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Year of Production:[/font] 2012
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Title Copyright:[/font] Stories We Tell © 2012 National Film Board of Canada. Artwork & Supplementary Materials © 2013 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Type: [/font]Theatrical Release
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Rating:[/font] PG-13 for thematic elements involving sexuality, brief strong language and smoking
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Genre:[/font] Documentary; Drama
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]DVD Closed Captioned:[/font] English
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Subtitles: [/font]English and Spanish
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]Feature Run Time: [/font]108 minutes
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]DVD Format:[/font] 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left"]DVD Audio Status: [/font]5.1 Dolby Digital


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