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Lionsgate Press Release: Counting Cars Season One

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Ronald Epstein, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Ronald Epstein

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    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein

    Most people in Las Vegas bet with chips, but Danny "The Count" Koker and the team at Count's Kustoms bet with cars. HISTORY®'s hit series, Counting Cars: Season 1arrives for the first time on DVD April 16 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The "Pawn Stars" spin-off program follows Danny Koker, a Sin City legend, as he and his team restore, customize and sell cars in record-breaking time. The 2-disc collection set featuring 12 episodes also includes bonus footage never-before-seen on TV. The Counting Cars: Season 1 DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.98.

    [font="Arial; text-decoration: underline; "]DVD SPECIAL FEATURES[/font][font="Arial; "]*[/font]
    [*] [font="Arial; "]Bonus Footage Never-Before-Seen On TV[/font]
    [/list] [font="Arial; "]*Subject to change[/font]
    [font="Arial; font-size: 11pt; text-decoration: underline; "]PROGRAM INFORMATION[/font] Street Date: April 16, 2013
    Title Copyright:Counting Cars, Cover Art and Design © 2012 A&E Television Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Counting Cars, HISTORY and the "H" logo are trademarks of A&E Television Networks, LLC. Distributed by LIONSGATE® under license from A+E Networks Consumer Products™.
    Type: TV on DVD
    Rating: Not Rated
    Genre: Action/Adventure; Reality; TV Series
    DVD Closed Captioned: English SDH
    Subtitles: Spanish
    Feature Running Time: 324 minutes
    DVD Format: 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)
    DVD Audio Status: 2.0 Dolby Digital

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