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Lions Gate announces 2nd wave of Blu-Ray Movies

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Harminder, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Harminder

    Harminder Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2003
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    Courtesy of The Digital Bits:

    Total Recall in high definition would be sweeeeet. But overall another dismal line up.

    "DTS HD High Resolution ES"? Is that DTS-HD or a prettier way of saying DTS-ES? If it's true DTS-HD than I think it's safe to assume that these movies will be on 50GB Dual-Layer Blu-Ray discs to support the extra space needed for DTS-HD?
  2. RobertR

    RobertR Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 1998
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    Not necessarily. That would be true only if DTS-HD takes up more space than uncompressed LPCM. I’m not sure it does.
  3. Ed St. Clair

    Ed St. Clair Well-Known Member

    May 7, 2001
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    The EC of Stargate has video inserted with film. There are artifacts on the DVD, that you don't see in the theatrical version. The video also lacks the detail of film. Sure, hope they also included the film only sourced cut of this movie. Otherwise I'll just hang on to the SE SD DVD.

    This title should be a real joy ride, if done correctly!

    Anyone up for buying Total Recall, again??? ;-)

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