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LDs, DVD box sets, Disney OOP, Criterion, etc

Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by Dave Danek, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Dave Danek

    Dave Danek Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 16, 2002
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    DVD For Trade/Sale. Prices include USPS First class shipping, if you want tracking add $1 extra and only shipped on Saturday. +9, Gold shortly on the other forum, and loads of + feedback on eBay under hobbes4444 . . .

    ---NOTE: Items without prices are trade preferred. Those with prices are sale or trade. Sorry for the confusion. Not looking to solicit cash offers for those with no price. . . But I did add a few prices.

    Battle Royale (Tartan UK R0 PAL 2 disc LE TIN with film cel) RARE and OOP $50 (everything in mint condition)
    Band of Brothers (sealed)
    Disneyland USA (sealed #129,133 of 150,000, couple of small dings on front of tin) $25
    Six Feet Under (sealed) $50
    Larry Sanders Show Season 1 (sealed)
    Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse (sealed) $40
    E.T. The Ultimate Gift Set (sealed)
    NYPD Blue Seasons 1 & 2 (sealed)
    Spongebob Squarepants Complete 1st Season (sealed)

    Seven Samurai (Criterion, mint, not the recalled first pressing, sorry) $22
    The Blond (Korean (18+) R0)

    Beyond Jurassic Park (Universal bonus disc, mint)
    Halloween (2 disc LE, sealed #27525)
    Nightmare on Elm Street Encyclopedia (mint, bonus disc from box set)
    Earthquake (Goodtimes R1, mint)

    Black Hawk Down (3 disc set) (sealed) $27
    Gettysburg (mint)
    From Russia With Love (mint)

    Lawrence of Arabia (Superbit)
    Schindler's List (WS, sealed, BB limited edition with picture book)
    Howards End (mint, OOP)
    Much Ado About Nothing (original issue, sealed) $7

    WDW exclusive: 100 Years of Magic & The Walt Disney Story (theme park only, not the free vacation video; sealed OOP) $25
    Pixar's Finding Nemo (2 disc CE, sealed)
    Disney's Atlantis (2 disc CE, sealed)
    Disney's Lady and the Tramp (sealed) $35
    Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (2 disc CE, mint)
    The Muppet Movie (Sealed) $10
    Battle of the Planets Vol 1 (mint) $10

    Open Range (Sealed)
    True Romance SE (2 disc sealed)
    Fight Club 2 disc SE (sealed) $15
    Secretary (sealed) $12
    Vulgar Unrated (sealed) $10
    After the Fox (sealed) $9
    Valley Girl (SE, mint) $9
    Punch Drunk Love (Superbit, mint, 2 disc) $13
    About a Boy (mint, bilingual cover) $7
    American Pie Beneath the Crust Vol 2 (mint) $5

    Slap Shot (original issue, mint) $6
    Enemy of the State (mint) $6
    Zoolander (mint) $6
    Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (BBV, no insert, disc nr mint, will include in regular case) $5

    American Wedding "Stifler style T-shirt" (from AW gift set, still sealed in plastic bag, size Large) $10.

    Paypal preferred for payments. Will ship only to confirmed addresses.

    While somewhat limited in wants, feel free to send offers for DVDs not listed here as well. . .
    Wants: **=higher wants, ****=really really want [​IMG]

    NFL Films Archive Collection **
    NFL Films Super Bowl 1-9 **
    Speed Racer Collection Signature Edition (5 disc LE set) ****
    The Pink Panther Collection

    I Know Where I'm Going
    Oliver Twist
    Great Expectations
    The Vanishing
    Fishing with John

    Ed Wood R1 (withdrawn SE)
    Shadow of a Doubt
    The Right Stuff (2 disc, SE)
    The Mission (2 disc, SE)
    Short Circuit R1 SE (original issue, not the re-release)

    Chapelle's Show Season 1

    Home Alone
    101 Dalmations (Disney animated)
    Baby Einstein: Baby Shakespeare
    Belle's Magical World (Disney D2V)

    100th Anniversary of the New York Yankees **
    Ken Burns' Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

    Non-Region 1 titles:
    Cracker (R2 complete series box set)
    The Pink Panther Collection R2
    Universal Monsters Collection Coffin (Brazil set)
    Office Space (Brazil R4 anamorphic)
    Elvis '68 Comeback Special (Brazil R0 cheapie)
    Elvis One Night With You (Brazil R0 cheapie)
    David Bowie Serious Moonlight (Brazil R0 cheapie)
    Paul McCartney Get Back (R1 or Brazil R0)
    Brazil (Brazil R4 anamorphic)

    LD For Trade/Sale:
    Dr. No (exc/mint), From Russia with Love (nr mint, one slightly bent corner, discs exc), Goldfinger (nr nimt) Criterion CAV versions, will trade/sell as a package only -- $200 for all three includes postage and insurance.

    Looney Tunes Assorted Nuts (2nd hand, w/price tag, one bent corner, minor marks on disc) $20 includes shipping

    MGM Forbidden Hollywood Collection (2nd hand, price sticker on box, otherwise box nice, discs mint) $135 includes USPS shipping and insurance

    North by Northwest (Criterion CAV sealed) $40 includes USPS shipping and insurance
    Pocahontas (CAV box set, sealed) $35 includes shipping and insurance
    Gary Cooper Adventure Collection (discs and box mint)
    The Little Mermaid (CAV, THX, AC-3, sealed)

    LD wanted:
    The Frighteners Signature Collection box *******
    Rebecca Criterion CAV box
    perhaps other Criterion sets . . .
    Heroes (Henry Winkler, Sally Field Discovision title)
  2. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone Lead Actor

    Jun 21, 2000
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    How much are you looking for for the Bond sets?
  3. AlexanderS

    AlexanderS Second Unit

    Oct 26, 2003
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  4. alan halvorson

    alan halvorson Screenwriter

    Oct 2, 1998
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    MGM Forbidden Hollywood Collection : What is your price on this?
  5. keith*m

    keith*m Agent

    Mar 5, 2004
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    I wouldn't mind seeing prices on each piece.
  6. JeremySt

    JeremySt Screenwriter

    Aug 19, 2001
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    If youre selling, you have to list a price. Theres a couple Im interested.
  7. Drew_W

    Drew_W Screenwriter

    Jul 2, 2003
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    "---NOTE: Items without prices are trade preferred. Those with prices are sale or trade.

    Kinda too bad, there's some priceless stuff I'd inquired about too [​IMG]
  8. Dave Danek

    Dave Danek Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 16, 2002
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    As I noted in my edited thread, those items without prices are for trade, not sale. Should have included that in my original post. Sorry for the confusion. Since I was asked for prices on a few items, I did add those. I am primarily interested in making trades, not just selling off everything. . .

    Bond set, $200 including shipping/ins
    Forbidden Hollywood, $135 including shipping/ins
    North by Northwest $40 including shipping/ins
    Pocahontas $35 including shipping/ins

    Seven Samurai $22 including shipping
    Black Hawk Down $27 including shipping

    Any that remain without a price are for trade only. Will also consider part trade part $ for items with prices.

  9. Guest

    Hey. What region is Superbit Lawrence?
  10. David Norman

    David Norman Premium

    Oct 12, 2001
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    Charlotte, NC
    Not a record, but dead for 5 years is pretty close.

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