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Interesting Observations on Leave it to Beaver DVD's Maybe some are edited?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jack Platt, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Jack Platt

    Jack Platt Well-Known Member

    Sep 17, 2005
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    Hey Guys,
    On a positive note, the Leave it to Beaver Season DVD's are stunningly beautiful! It is amazing how a show from the 50's-60's did so well on its DVD transfer! Remember that considering the way that TV shows were preserved, NOT! in most instances of early television, users should be thrilled as they are seeing Beaver episodes with such clarity, that was not possible, even with the old TV's and rabbit ears during the shows' first run.
    The episodes for the most part APPEAR to be unedited. But over at Sitcomsonline, some Beaver authorities are justifiably question some of the shorter times on certain episodes. For the time period, any Beaver episode should run AT LEAST 25:30 to 26 minutes, uncut and commercial free. A few episodes, most notably in Season 3 and in Season 6, run just about or under 25 minutes. Here are some instances where we believe something is missing:
    "June's Birthday" The episode where Beaver buys June the loud blouse for her birthday. A user claims that a line is missing where there is a brief sequence where Ms. Lander's tells the class that they are going over to Mrs. Harrison's house to sing for her Mother's club meeting. He remembers the line only being about 20 seconds. But all prints just pick up with the class asking questions about the trip. The user claims that there is a line spoken by Ms. Landers that indicates that they are going to Mrs. Harrison's to sing, which he claims has been lost for years.
    "Wally's Sweater": A scene in the episode where Wally and Beaver talk about burying a gopher they find in the yard. There is no mention of a gopher anywhere else in this episode.
    Not to blame Universal or Shout Factory, as the cleaned up the prints from the master negatives, but if there were no back ups made, as in the case of The Brady Bunch, where they had to go into the vaults to get some lost footage, and there are still mild cuts on a few episodes, if "Beaver's back up prints could not be found or were never made, we may never see the possible missing footage ever again. If these episodes on the DVD are uncut, why does Season 3 and some episodes have only 25 minute run-times?

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