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How bad is glass really?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by DanielSmi, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. DanielSmi

    DanielSmi Well-Known Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    In the next few minutes I am going to start taking down a wall of glued on mirrors in my HT room. The mirrors are on the back wall and take about 65% of the wall. My question is what sort of effect will my removing of the mirrors have audio wise in the room? I heard that mirrors weren't that great for audio. Also two of the walls are block (cinder) and the other two are drywall; the mirrors are on one of the drywalls. The back and the right walls are drywall and the front and the left walls are block. I have a carpet floor and the room is 11x13. Thanks in advance.

    Daniel Smith

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