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Help! Aspect Ratio On 55PP9352 Is Off

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Bill Geiger, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Bill Geiger

    Bill Geiger Well-Known Member

    Feb 8, 2002
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    The 55PP9352 is a Philips TV. I love the TV but have encountered some problems that are minor, but still bother me. I am hoping an ISF Tech might have some advice. I tried the different Philips boards and groups. Hope someone can help. Here is my situation.

    I notice that when watching 2:35.1 material, the top has the
    larger black bar then the lower half. Obviously, things
    should be equal at the top and bottom, correct? Also, while watching Trial And Error, which is 2:10.1, had bar on the top, none on bottom:



    **I added red blotches to show in picture.** Sorry about the flash and lines on the screen....TV is actually perfect
    (sort of)!

    My question is, can I fix this within the service menu? I am a big time rookie when it comes to working inside the
    service menu. Any instructions, codes and what-have-you would be great! I have an RP62 Panasonic DVD player as well.

    Also, I am still seeing the "moon" effects while watching anything on DVD on my TV during dark scenes. It is throughout the top portion and it looks as if someone is flashing a flashlight through it making about 3 or 4
    crescent moons. I was told this was called Moire.. but that was it. I thought moire was throughout the screen.. I could be wrong. I am hoping that if I can adjust my aspect ratio, it might fix these "moon or moire" problems. Any help there would be great to.

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