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FS Philips 55" Widescreen Digital HDTV Big Screen RPTV

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Tim Dogg, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Tim Dogg

    Tim Dogg Active Member

    Mar 4, 2004
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    Philips 55" Widescreen Digital HDTV Big Screen RPTV. Bought new about 1 year ago and is in a smoke and kid free home.Stunning picture on HDTV,DVD and Digital cable.Condition 10 out of 10.Like Brand New.E mail me at tim@alarmsonthesound.com for complete specs and pictures. Model number 55pp9753 size 52.6"W x 57"H x 25.6"D Retailed new over $2000 must sell $1200.00 , Local pickup only.I am located in SE Connecticut.call 203-619-3653 9 to 6 E.T. Here are some description from philips.

    Philips 55PP9753 55" Digital Widescreen HDTV Monitor enables you experience better detail, better texture, better resolution, and more high definition like images even from non-HD sources by utilizing Pixel Plus Resolution Enhancement Technology. The Philips 55PP9753 55" Digital Widescreen HDTV Monitor also features Digital Natural Motion Technology which eliminates motion judder from film based sources such as DVD’s for distortion free, natural viewing. With the Philips 55PP9753 55" Digital Widescreen HDTV Monitor, you can enjoy the crisp and natural pictures from any type or quality of source!


    Pixel Plus™
    Digital Natural Motion™
    Philips HD Optics™
    Active Control™ Plus
    APAC™ – Automatic Phosphor Aging Compensation
    Auto IntelliSense™ Focus
    HD DVI and Component inputs
    Dolby® Virtual Surround – 30 Watt RMS

    Screen Size 55"
    Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
    HDTV Display Capability 480p, 1080i
    HD DVI and Component inputs DVI supports High Definition Copy Protected digital video input for connection to compliant set-top boxes. HD Component connection (Y Pb Pr or RGB +HV) offers color purity, crisp color detail, and reduced color noise.
    S-Video (2 rear, 1 side)
    AV connections (2 rear, 1 side)
    Standard Component Video (1 rear)
    AV output (1 rear)
    Headphone (side)
    Subwoofer output (1 rear)
    Center channel input (1 rear)
    UPC 0 37849 93321 3
    Product dimensions 52.6"W x 57"H x 25.6"D
    Product weight 190lbs
    Carton dimensions 57.5"W x 59.5"H x 32.3"D
    Ambient operating temperature +41 to 113°F (+5 to +45°C)
    Mains voltage AC 110V ±10%
    Power consumptions 180W average
    Stand-by power

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