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FS: HD-DVD's movies

Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by Leo, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Leo

    Leo Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 1999
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    All disc are in excellent condition.

    Price includes USPS First Class or Media Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation if sent within the CONUS.

    Accepting PayPal only - sorry no trades

    12 Monkeys [HD DVD] $5.00
    Alexander Revisited - The Final Cut [HD DVD] $7.00
    Batman Begins [HD DVD] $7.00
    Blade Runner (Five-Disc Complete Collector's Edition) [HD DVD] $9.00
    Born on the Fourth of July [HD DVD] $4.00
    Breach (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD] $7.00
    Casino [HD DVD] $5.00
    Dawn of the Dead (Unrated Director's Cut) [HD DVD] $5.00
    Dune (1984) [HD DVD] $6.00
    Eastern Promises (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD] $6.00
    Face Off [HD DVD] $5.00
    Hot Fuzz (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD] $7.00
    Inside Man [HD DVD] $5.00
    Jet Li's Fearless (HD DVD Combo Format) $6.00
    King Kong (HD-DVD) $4.00
    Lucky Number Slevin [HD DVD] $5.00
    Miami Vice (Unrated Director's Edition) (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD] $5.00
    Ocean's Thirteen (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD] $5.00
    Payback - Straight Up - The Director's Cut [HD DVD] $4.00
    Serenity [HD DVD] $6.00
    Shaun of the Dead [HD DVD] $6.00
    Shrek the Third [HD DVD] $4.00
    Sleepy Hollow [HD DVD] $4.00
    The Bourne Supremacy [HD DVD] $6.00
    The Bourne Ultimatum (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD] $7.00
    The Chronicles of Riddick - Pitch Black (Unrated Director's Cut) [HD DVD] $5.00
    The Deer Hunter [HD DVD] $4.00
    The Frighteners (Peter Jackson's Director's Cut) [HD DVD] $9.00
    The Italian Job [HD DVD] $4.00
    The Kingdom (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD] $6.00
    The Mummy [HD DVD] $4.00
    The Mummy Returns [HD DVD] $4.00
    The Rundown [HD DVD] $4.00
    Transformers [HD DVD] $4.00
    Tremors [HD DVD] $5.00
    U-571 [HD DVD] $5.00
    V for Vendetta [HD DVD] $7.00

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