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can you turn a stereo receiver into a power amp to use for a guitar cabinet?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by murdoc4846, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. murdoc4846

    murdoc4846 Auditioning

    Jul 6, 2012
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    Alright so i have this older stereo receiver and i would like to use it as the power amp. Currently i have my guitar plugged into a pedal which then runs into the cd player input and it sounds fine, what i want to do is take all this other stuff (hardware not being used) and get rid of it. Is it possible?
  2. schan1269

    schan1269 HTF Expert
    HW Reviewer

    Jul 4, 2012
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    Chicago-ish/NW Indiana
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    Anything is possible. It would help to have a service book on it.
    It would probably be easier to take out the amp section and build another case just for that. Whether anything of that nature(support material) would survive removal is a different story...
    IE, it would be simpler to remove the "least stuff" than it would be to gut it. Somewhere around here, I have an amp that a service center in Indianapolis made for me years ago from the amp section of a Marantz 2245. The Marantz could have been saved, but upon a rebuild only 30% of its original self(not counting the case, I sold that for almost as much as it cost to make the "mutt" amp) would have been left.
    They basically were given the switch gear(which Marantz switch gear at the time was still worth something) in exchange for making me an amp(I still paid some money...but them getting the switch gear netted a 50% savings).
    It would help to know what old receiver this is. If this receiver has a pre-in/out section it would make it tons simpler to "perform a gutting".
  3. Robert_J

    Robert_J Lead Actor

    Aug 22, 2000
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    But a guitar amp add color to the sound. You will be losing that piece of the puzzle. Now, if you had one of those Behringer sound shaper thingies that emulates both a guitar amp and cabinet then you could run your guitar through any stereo and it would sound exactly like it should.

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